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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 17

So, here it is, the 2012 NFL season comes to an end. We saw Peyton and Adrian make amazing comebacks, the Colts get back into the playoffs, a shocking 4-0 Cardinals team lose nine in a row, oh and the replacement refs who can forget them? Three rookie QBs have led their team to the playoffs (technically only two, Skins aren't in yet) and last years rookie sensation has dropped off. Who will be gone on Black Monday? Arizona has made no secret about firing Wisenhunt, will Reid be gone too? Rex? Whoever coaches the Raiders? Turner is finally going to be booted from San Diego, only five years too late.
The road to the Super Bowl won't involve the defending champs. They need three teams to lose to even get in. Who will jump to the front of the AFC? NFC? Ravens and Packers, Colts and Seahawks? Texans and 49ers? The AFC spots are full, just seeds on the line. The NFC is missing one division winner and has the 6 spot open. The East is coming down to the last game once again and Dallas is again in a position to grab it. The Vikings need only to beat the Packers who are hoping on the last bye spot. Let's get to it....

Baltimore Ravens (10-5) at Cincinnati Bengals (9-6)- The Ravens have the North and the four spot locked up but the Bengals can move from 6 to 5 with a win and a Colts loss. I think the Ravens carry over from last week and rock out a 26-17 win.

Chicago Bears (9-6) at Detroit Lions (4-11)- There was a point when Chicago was 7-1 and in cruise control for the division. Now, they need a win and a Vikings loss to be a six seed. One part should happen...well, both actually. Lions are done, they should bring Reid in to coach this team next year, they have tons of talent and bad leadership. Chicago does their part and gets a 24-21 win.

Philadelphia Eagles (4-11) at New York Giants (8-7)- This may actually be a meaningless game..okay, it is. The Giants need a win and three teams to lose; Chicago, Minnesota, and Dallas. They stink. From 6-2 to third in the East. They no show again 31-7 Eagles.

Houston Texans (12-3) at Indianapolis Colts (10-5)- I picked Houston to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl but I don't know, they need to show me something to prove they aren't one of those teams that are always good in season but not in post season. They can lock the top spot with a win here, lose and they could fall as far as three. Indy is in playoffs at the five spot now but could drop to six if they lose and Cinci wins. I'm taking the Colts in this rematch 28-26.

Kansas City Chiefs (2-13) at Denver Broncos (12-3)- I can't see any way that Denver isn't a 13 win team. 24-6.
Green Bay Packers (11-4) at Minnesota Vikings (9-6)- A first round bye is up for grabs and all the Packers have to do is win. The Vikes are holding the last playoff spot for now. I am enjoying this little miracle run the Vikes are on but I think it ends here. I have to say, of all the possible six seeds they deserve it the most. No record for Adrian and no playoffs for Minnesota. 23-17 Packers.

Miami Dolphins (7-8) at New England Patriots(11-4)- As hard as it is to believe the Dolphins could finish at .500. The Pats need two teams to lose to grab the top spot but they are in and that's all that matters. Pats take care of business 35-20.

Arizona Cardinals (5-10) at San Francisco 49ers(10-4-1)- A no show last week has put the Niners in a spot where they could lose the division. I don't see any circumstance where they don't come to play today. The Cards stink and have no QB. 24-10 Niners.

St.Louis Rams (7-7-1) at Seattle Seahawks (10-5)- Thanks to the replacement refs the Seahawks could be the two seed. If they win and the Niners and Packers lose the Seahawks win the West and get the tie breaker over Green Bay due to that "win". Right now they are in the five and should stay there even with a good win today.Lots of defense keeps it close, the Rams are not spineless. 20-17 Seattle.

Dallas Cowboys (8-7) at Washington Redskins (9-6)-Once again the Cowboys are playing for the division in the last game of the year, if they lose they have no playoff hopes while the Skins could still get in with help if they lose. I'm going to take Bob Griffin to win it, he's already more clutch than Romo. 27-23 Skins.

That's it, let's see how the playoff picture has changed from last week...

1.Houston Texans (South winner)
2. Denver Broncos (West winner)
3. New England Patriots (East winner)
4. Baltimore Ravens (North winner)
5. Indianapolis Colts (clinched berth)
6.Cincinnati Bengals (clinched berth)

Every seeding except the Ravens can change today in the AFC

1.Atlanta Falcons (clinched 1 seed)
2.Green Bay Packers (North winner)
3. San Francisco 49ers(clinched berth)
4.Washington Redskins(not clinched)
5.Seattle Seahawks (clinched berth)
6.Minnesota Vikings (not clinched)

Dallas Cowboys (need to win)
Chicago Bears (need win and Minnesota loss)
New York Giants (need win and Dallas, Minnesota, and Chicago loss)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week 16

As I did last week I'm only talking about games that mean something.
The one seed is still up for grabs in the AFC the NFC has the Falcons on top while San Fran and Green Bay are both looking at two. The NFC East is in a three way tie, with Washington in the drivers seat right now. Chicago has dropped from near division winner to seventh in the NFC, and the Giants have lost a three game division lead to sixth and last wild card. The Steelers might miss the playoffs, and Luck looks to punch Indy's ticket. Going to be a great last two weeks of football.

New Orleans Saints (6-8) at Dallas Cowboys (8-6)- Dallas can win the East, with help and basically need to in order to make the post season. The Saints are not playing for nothing. They don't want a losing record. I don't think Dallas is good enough or clutch enough to win this game. They are a talented team with less than great leadership. If they lose they better hope the Skins and Giants do too or they are done. Saints win a somewhat close game 31-24.

Tennessee Titans (5-9) at Green Bay Packers (10-4)- Remember when the Packers looked inconsistent? Seems like a whole season ago. Packers roll and hope for a Seahawk win (ha, imagine that) to tie for second in the NFC. 27-10.

Indianapolis Colts (9-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (2-12)- Win and you're in. A year after they sucked for Luck the Colts are looking to enter the post season. Only Sarge saw this coming. The Chiefs stink and have no QB. Colts 24-13.

Washington Redskins (8-6) at Philadelphia Eagles (4-10)- Well, Bobby has gotten his team to the top of the NFC. I say enjoy it fucker, that high school option play doesn't work forever, how does Cam look now? The Eagles have nowhere to go. Reid is out, Vick is out, defense is in shambles but they would still love to ruin the playoffs for a rival. Still, I'm taking the Skins 24-20.

Cincinnati Bengals (8-6) at Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7)- I have a real hard time picturing the playoffs without the Steelers but I think it ends here. Cinci has the motivation and the heat to win and clinch, and even play for the division if Baltimore loses today. Bengals knock out Ben 28-26.

New England Patriots (10-4) at Jacksonville Jaguars (2-12)- The Patriots have gone from near one seed to the current three, and Denver isn't losing today. The Patriots should easily handle the Jags but is a first round bye out of the cards? Could be, but after how they've handled the Texans and Broncos this year, who cares? 38-14.

Minnesota Vikings (8-6) at Houston Texans (12-2)- The Vikes could climb into the playoffs without a Quarterback, amazing. They need help, as of now the Giants are six and the Vikes are seven. While Houston is in that AFC tie up, they can lock the top spot with a win. The real story today is Adrian Peterson looking to break the single season rushing record, not happening in Houston, but he'll get close enough to finish it off next week. I'm taking the Texans to clinch home field 30-21.

Cleveland Browns (5-9) at Denver Broncos (11-3)- We've been thru what this game means already so just cut to the chase. 33-21 Denver.

Chicago Bears (8-6) at Arizona Cardinals (5-9)-The Bears are cold as ice and lack tie breakers, bad combination. For years they have needed help on the offensive line and still stink. They have to win, and should get a few good turnovers to help. Bears break slump 23-14.

New York Giants (8-6) at Baltimore Ravens (9-5)- Two cold teams. One has a playoff spot but wants to win the division, the other has given up their spot and is about to be knocked out totally. I don't see the Giants breaking out offensively today. This once explosive offense looks terrible, but so has the Ravens. I see the Ravens having more fire today and the champs hoping that Minnesota and Chicago both lose to stay in it. Ravens 27-17.

San Francisco 49ers(10-3-1) at Seattle Seahawks (9-5)- The Seahawks have a chance at more than a wild card spot but I don't know. Both of these defenses get pressure and turnovers, but SF has the better QB. I'm going with the Niners to win the West and make that wild card more interesting going into next week.

Crazy stuff. So, if the playoffs were today here's what we'd see..

1. Houston Texans
2. Denver Broncos
3. New England Patriots
4. Baltimore Ravens
5. Indianapolis Colts
6. Cincinnati Bengals

1.Atlanta Falcons
2.San Francisco 49ers
3.Green Bay Packers
4.Washington Redskins
5.Seattle Seahawks
6.New York Giants

Let's see how much that changes today....Oh, and notice the NFC wild card game Giants at Packers, how bad does Green Bay want that?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last photo I've stolen from Facebook for today....

Religions purpose isn't to criticize? When did that start?

One more on the NRA

They waited a week out of respect...how about just keeping your mouth shut altogether?

Dear NRA,

Dammit. On to plan B...how do you feel about tanks in schools?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shut the f**k up!

I'm so tired of these fucking assholes posting this bullshit about God not being allowed in schools in relation to the massacre in Newtown. This is the same shit that the ass clowns at Westboro Hate Church peddle.
If you want religion mixed with education you have three choices: homeschool your kids, send them to Parochial, or move your Theocracy ass to fucking Iran!
Otherwise, shut the fuck up because you just sound like a fucking moron.

That is all.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Need more guns?

It's like 2010 again....

Another year the Giants have started 6-2 and are scurrying for a playoff spot. Last year they went from 6-2 to 7-7 and somehow won their last two games to eek into the playoffs as winner of a terrible division.
Now, after being 6-2 and leading the East by as much as three games they are in a three way tie at 8-6 and have no tie breakers in the division!

In 2010 this team was going to Green Bay to play for the would be tie breaker and didn't even show up. The week before they blew a 28 point lead in 7 minutes to the Eagles to blow the division. The Packers and Giants both finished 10-6 but Green Bay got the last spot as the 6th seed and won it all.

Now, here they are again..a chance to almost lock up the division and they get absolutely massacred by the Falcons. And they go into Baltimore next week to play a team trying to clinch their division, then play an Eagles team that would love nothing more than to make the Giants miss the playoffs.
At least fans of suck teams know what they're going to get, they don't have hopes and dreams of winning. But for a team with this much talent to suck so bad in the second half of the year consistently drives me nuts!
I know I'm spoiled, I've seen these guys hoist the Lombardi twice in five years but just once I'd like to see a dominant season.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week 15

Boy, it's been a while. That's not entirely true because I've written posts that never posted, they are in my drafts. Whatever. We are in the thick of maybe the most competitive year in recent memory, we have six games with playoff bound teams playing each other, this year 115 games have been decided by 8 points or fewer and twenty have gone into overtime, we even had a tie (and almost another). Can the Vikes make some wild card noise? Will Indy lock up a spot? Is Chicago a wild card team or division contender? We shall see...

New York Giants (8-5) at Atlanta Falcons(11-2)- The Giants are in a tough spot, they lead the East by one game with three to play and have a very though stretch while the Redskins have an easy run. The Giants also don't have a tie breaker advantage so they have to stay ahead. The Falcons are coming off a though loss and have one weakness that favors NY, that offensive line. Although, the best front four in the NFL hasn't been great this year I expect a breakout today. Close game, but I'm taking the Giants 24-20.

Green Bay Packers (9-4) at Chicago Bears (8-5)-The Bears have their backs against the wall, they are close to not even being a playoff team but can reignite their hopes with a win today. I know I always pick a split with division games but I don't know. I'm hard pressed to go against the Pack here....I'm taking the Packers to lock up the North with 27-23 win.

Washington Redskins (7-6) at Cleveland Browns (5-8)- Bobby is injured wahhhhhhh. Haha. I like the hot Browns to cool the Redskins jets here. 21-17.

Minnesota Vikings (7-6) at St.Louis Rams (6-6-1)- Have to give credit to the Vikings for winning games with no QB but that could stop here. I really like the Rams here. They have the better coach and QB, equal on defense. Close, low scoring game keeps the Rams barely in the wildcard race. 17-14.

Denver Broncos (10-3) at Baltimore Ravens (9-4)- Big game for the Ravens, they need to regroup after last weeks bust in Washington. The Broncos are red hot and should walk out with a win. 28-23.

Indianapolis Colts (9-4) at Houston Texans (11-2)-Against all odds the Colts are on the verge of locking up a playoff spot. The Texans were absolutely destroyed by the Pats last week and will come out looking to prove they are still the top AFC team. These teams play each other twice in the last three weeks and I'm giving round one to the Texans 31-23.

Seattle Seahawks (8-5) at Buffalo Bills (5-8)-The Seahawks won't score 58 but they should win in Buffalo. Cross country and an unfamiliar opponent will make it though. The wild card gets harder for Dallas and Washington as the Seahawks get to nine wins. 20-16.

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6) at Dallas Cowboys (7-6)-The Steelers are barely hanging on to a wild card spot, the Cowboys have to win their last three games and hope the Giants lose one to get a playoff spot. Well, or hope the Redskins, Bears, and Seahawks lose two and they win three. The Steelers are better in this spot, the season on the line. Steelers 29-24.

San Francisco 49ers(9-3-1) at New England Patriots (10-3)- What a match up for Sunday night this week. These teams were just a fumble away from meeting in the Super Bowl last year and some think this will be a preview of this years big game. The Pats have had a hard time with though defenses in the past but I don't know...I'm leaning on the Pats to get this done, should be a close one. Pats 26-24.

Those are the games that matter this week, nobody cares about Chiefs and Raiders or the Cardinals.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I've finally solved my internet issue

Only three games left and I'm back in time for playoffs...
Let me just do a quick recap of what I've missed.

So far the most surprising team on the rise has to be Indianapolis, most surprising team on the decline is Philadelphia. I'd say the Saints but they aren't going to be a sub .500 team next year, where Philly is about to rebuild.
Comeback player could be Peyton Manning or maybe Adrian Peterson.

If I were to rank the teams now I'd have to put New England on top right now, with Atlanta and Denver battling for second. Both have big games this week with Atlanta hosting the champs and Denver in Baltimore.
I hope to have picks up by tomorrow morning.

What a mess...

In the aftermath of the shooting at an elementary school here in Connecticut I have seen many reactions; some logical, some not. I've seen outrage at the gunman, outrage at the victims, and outrage over guns (pro and against). I've seen people praying for victims, I've seen people angry at people for praying for victims when action is needed. The question is what action?
We all have to deal with the fact that there is nothing we can do to prevent crazy people from doing crazy things.
Armed guards at schools? Well, why stop there? We had a mass shooting at a movie theater so why not guards everywhere? Guards at every mall entrance in the country, at every school, at Wal Mart, at the library, where do we draw the line?
I've seen demands that school administration be armed. That would be great, just what I want, my kids school full of guns. Maybe we should require former military to become teachers and carry AK 47s to gun down any intruder. Maybe keep an Uzi in every room.
Now, I'm against automatic guns, I've been clear about this in the past but I do support every citizens right to keep a pistol to protect their home. What we have here is not a killer that stockpiled weapons and ammo but took his mothers protection and killed her with it, then went on a rampage.
We also had a person in China kill 20 students with a knife. A daycare was destroyed in the federal building in Oklahoma City. I don't think armed teachers would have helped there.
What if an armed guard goes nuts? Do we get guards to watch the guards?
Crazy people will do crazy things and there is nothing we can do about it but hope it doesn't happen to us.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am missing posts!

Something happened last week...I'm missing posts. Damn you blogger! Anyway....the election is finally over and Mittens is gone. I already fear the scary person they send us for 2016. I'm not saying Obama is the best President ever but Romney is a scary choice. I'm not even sure he shouldn't be in jail. Romney is the face of business corruption and we are all better off without him.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote Romney!!!

Because everyone was right about Muslims taking over and Christians being locked up. Oh, and because I had to spend time in jail for not having insurance. That was bullshit

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Football

I really hate Thursday football, but whatcha gonna do?

Tampa Bay Bucs(2-4)at Minnesota Vikings(5-2)- The Bucs were close in beating the Saints, but the Vikes D is way better. On the other hand they don't have Brees......still say Vikes 21-20

Monday, October 22, 2012

Heating up in Connecticut

We have a big race for Senate this year in CT, Congressman Chris Murphy versus fake wrestling tycoon Linda McMahon. Most of the mud slinging has been coming from Linda, not shockingly. She has tried to distance herself from the WWF but uses it as her 'experience'. All her commercials say she (yeah, she...nothing about Vince and his family that actually started the WWF) built a billion dollar company here in CT and she's not a career politician like Murphy and blah, blah, blah.
She is an idiot, and just the kind of person we don't need in Senate. It really is getting to the point where I don't trust any Republican politician to not go Teabagger once they get into office. Look at Romney.
Years ago when he was Governor of Mass he wasn't some ultra conservative asswipe like he is now. That's why he can't remember where he stands on anything, because he has had to change his thoughts to appeal to the Baggers.
Anyway, in polls Murphy and McMahon are in a dead heat. This will go down to the wire. Linda has stepped down as CEO of fake wrestling and had all YouTube vids of her fake fighting taken off the internet. She made billions promoting violence and the degradation of women and now she wants to represent our state in the Senate? How would the Repubs react if a Dem did that? They'd be beside themselves with how morally corrupt she is, promoting half naked women fighting while Jerry Lawler yells "puppies! Show those puppies!" Personally, I don't care what business she does, I'd support Larry Flynn running for Pres if I liked his views. But Linda has classic millionaire mind, her first everyone else last. That's how she and Vince treat their employees and she would be the same in Senate. Screw the middle class workers and the Union, what can I do for me?
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 7

Last Week: 7-6
Season: 54-35

I can't believe the season is almost half over! The NFL has the longest off season of any major league sport and the least amount of games. We wait from February until September for a mere 16 games, 10 playoff games and a 1 game Championship but it makes every game mean so much more. There are 3 loss teams right now that are only 3 or 4 losses away from being eliminated from the playoffs, is Pittsburgh (2-3) one? New Orleans (1-4)? Green Bay (3-3)? You never know...

Tennessee Titans(2-4)at Buffalo Bills(3-3)- I don't know what to expect from either team at this point, but I picked Buffalo to be a wild card team so I'm sticking with them. Buffalo wins a close one 24-20.

Cleveland Browns(1-5)at Indianapolis Colts(2-3)- The Brown are coming off of win 1 (as I predicted) and here is win 2! I like Trent Richardson versus the Colts, this guy is a game changer 110% and in a few years could lead the Browns back to glory. Luck and Wayne can have a very nice day, but sorry Sarge I'm taking the Brownies. 27-20.

Green Bay Packers(3-3)at St.Louis Rams(3-3)- The Rams only have one thing to lean on here, defense. They cannot keep up with Rodgers and co. They need to rush, rush, and rush to eat up clock and keep Aaron off the field. Can GB's run D be good in back to back weeks? Sure, why not. The Pack is back and chasing Chicago with a 31-21 win.

Arizona Cardinals(4-2)at Minnesota Vikings(4-2)- You have been exposed Arizona! The Vikes will get to 5-2 in a defensive bounce back game. Vikes 16-10.

New Orleans Saints(1-4)at Tampa Bay Bucs(2-3)- Tampa at home against a weak Saints team? No matter, it is still Brees and the Saints. Bucs play a aggressive defense and are vulnerable down field. Saints 35-21.

Washington Redskins(3-3)at New York Giants(4-2)- The Skins put up big points against a good Vikes defense last week, meanwhile, Eli picked apart a Niners D that is better. Okay, he had help with only needing 15 yard drives two or three times, but still. Is this a let down game for NY? A perfect trap game? After a big upset and a huge trip to Dallas next week the weak opponent in between becomes a trap. Nah. Bob Griffin may put up some points, but not like Eli and Cruz. New York football Giants 30-24.

Dallas Cowboys(2-3)at Carolina Panthers(1-4)- After week 1 the Cowboys looked like title contenders, now they look like girls. Romo is in the hot seat as he has more INTs than TD's but so does Cam. Dallas can run and the Panthers don't play D at all. Ware and Lee vs. Newton? Don't think so. Cowgirls 24-21.

Baltimore Ravens(5-1)at Houston Texans(5-1)- The black birds have had the close game mojo this year, the Texans are expected to be AFC powerhouse but looked sub par two weeks in a row against a shitty Jets team and the Pack. Ravens have no more Ray Lewis, the defensive quarterback. Do not doubt the importance of a very good LB. Texans 28-21.

Jacksonville Jaguars(1-4)at Oakland Raiders(1-4)- Well, there is no suck for Luck this year...is the suck prize USC's Barkley? Eh, we shall see...anyway, I'm taking the Raiders to build off a "good" loss to the Falcons. Is there a good loss? Yes. Sometimes. Rarely. Silver and Black is back! Not really, but they win. Jags suck. 27-17.

New York Jets(3-3)at New England Patriots(3-3)- How are the Jets 3-3?? They stink! How are the Pats 3-3?? Brady is a fag. Oh, wait...I never go with points or the spread or anything but the Pats are a 10.5 point favorite. Make that 14 for me. Pats 28-14.

Pittsburgh Steelers(2-3)at Cincinnati Bengals(3-3)- In my years of doing these picks I have never spelled Cincinnati correctly without using spell check, that doesn't mean anything just sayin'. Pitt kinda sucks this year but not because of Ben who's completing 65% with 10tds to 2ints they have rushing issues and injury problems. Mendenhall is questionable, if he plays, lights out Cinci. Rapistburger is 7-1 lifetime in Cinci or is it Cincy? Whatever. Steelers 29-24.

Detroit Lions(2-3)at Chicago Bears(4-1)- Sweet home Chicago! The Bears can stay a half step ahead of the Vikes with a Monday Night win. The problem is that shitty offensive line and a diva QB. Maybe it isn't all Cutlers fault...meanwhile, Stafford has one target and while Chicago can't shut Megatron down, they can keep the non existent running game non existing and double Johnson most of the night. Chicago can also run wild with Forte and Bush to keep the Lions offense off the field. Time management is key in this divisional game and the Bears do that. Chicago 23-17.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nothing gets by Bill

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Greatest pot roast ever

As you all know I'm a New Englander, I love autumn and classic New England food. One of my favorite dinners is New England Pot Roast or Yankee Pot Roast. Your basic pot roast recipe; cook all day with white potatoes, onions and carrots. I am now a changed man.
My wife found a pot roast recipe that I thought sounded insane, after all pot roast can only be prepared one way, right?
Here's what I was told to do...

Melt a stick of butter and put into crock pot, add a packet of Au Jus gravy mix (ok, sounds good so far), add a packet of Ranch dip mix (????), add the roast and roll in the liquid, then...ready for this? Then add a jar of pepperchini peppers! Are you kidding me??! Italian salad peppers on my pot roast! Inconceivable!! Cook in crock pot for 8 hours.

My friends, let me tell you something...I am a changed man. That was easily the most fucking delicious pot roast I have ever eaten in my life. The meat was like butter, I cut into it with a spoon! A spoon, I say! It may be the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my life. And the peppers? Amazing. It was juicy, buttery, flavorful, tender and beyond words. Dust off your crock pot and try that one!
Oh, and it wasn't incredibly spicy so don't worry about that. I don't find Italian peppers that spicy to start with but this was even less than that. Just a nice kick.
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Alyssa in glasses

Yeah, I have a problem....
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Look who's walking

I haven't had many personal posts lately or updates on the kids. Abby Rose turned 1 on the 19th of September and although she still crawls occasionally she is also walking.
There is Devin in the background, he will be 5 on November 27th and is in Kindergarten.
Alyssa is 10 now, in 5th grade and in glasses that make her prettier than she was before. Ugh, I think I need to invest in a shot gun. I'll get recent pics of her up after this.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thanks to J.O.B for the reminder...

Yeah, I know, I suck.

Seattle Seahawks(4-2)at San Francisco 49ers(4-2)- The Seahawks coming off and upset win and the Niners off an upset loss. I am going San Fran to feel the pressure to get right. Niners 27-17.

Lots of changes in the top 10 this week
Top Ten

1. Atlanta Falcons (2)
2. New York Giants (9)
3. Houston Texans (1)
4. San Francisco 49ers (3)
5. Baltimore Ravens (6)
6. Chicago Bears (8)
7. Minnesota Vikings (4)
8. Seattle Seahawks (unranked)
9. Arizona Cardinals (5)
10. Green Bay Packers (unranked)

I put Atlanta at top mostly because they are undefeated. I put the Giants ahead of Houston because the Texans haven't really beaten any good teams yet and failed miserably against the Packers after looking not too good against the Jets the week before. Arizona and Minnesota had big drops and I expect the Cards to be off by next week after they play the Vikes. I just didn't have someone to replace them with.
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Week 6!

Last Week: 10-3
Season: 47-29

Another good week, but I start 0-1 this week with the Titans upsetting the Steelers. After the Ravens,Patriots and Texans who is an AFC Playoff team? Chargers?? Well, they host the Broncos this week so I guess we shall see...

Oakland Raiders(1-3)at Atlanta Falcons(5-0)- The Falcons are going to blow an easy one at some point, but not against the Raiders. The Falcons have a 4 game lead in the division only 5 games in, who saw that coming? Hotlanta stays hot, White and Jones are as nasty a WR combo as the NFL has, Falcons 29-20.

Cincinnati Bengals(3-2)at Cleveland Browns(0-5)- The Bengals coming off a shocking loss and the Browns coming off 3 quarters of a beatdown. Finally seeing Trent Richardson play was a treat for me last week, even if he was killing my Giants defense. The Bengals had to score a lot to beat them the first time and division rules apply (RM's rule #1- Divisional games have no rules). I'm taking the split. Browns 24-20.

St.Louis Rams(3-2)at Miami Dolphins(2-3)- I like the Rams, not to be a 10 game winner but to be a thorn in the side of winning teams. But, surprisingly enough the Phins are being a bit of a thorn themselves. These teams can bother each other for a while but the Rams will be .500 and should win 23-17.
Indianapolis Colts(2-2)at New York Jets(2-3)- I don't know how the Colts will carry over after a huge upset last week, but they are facing a good Jets secondary (even without Revis). Meanwhile, the Jets offense stinks. They are beyond stink. I think Indy pulls out another close one 17-16 Colts.

Detroit Lions(1-3)at Philadelphia Eagles(3-2)- The Eagles have kept it close, the Lions are somehow missing in action. They look nothing like the playoff team from last year. Vick looks horrible, throwing picks and fumbling the ball. The defense and McCoy have been carrying this team but I think the Lions will have their number. Lions 27-24.

Kansas City Chiefs(1-4)at Tampa Bay Buccaneers(1-3)- The Chiefs offense is pretty crappy, and the Bucs have been non existent. Taking the Bucs just because they can score. Bucs 20-13.

Dallas Cowboys(2-2)at Baltimore Ravens(4-1)- This could be closer than it should be. The Cowboys can play and keep up with the Ravens and might even win by a FG, if the right Romo shows up or the right D shows up, or the right O line shows up. Too many questions in Dallas...Ravens 26-21.

Buffalo Bills(2-3)at Arizona Cardinals(4-1)- Traveling cross country is hard, especially against an unfamiliar team. Cards 20-17.

New England Patriots(3-2)at Seattle Seahawks(3-2)- Sure, Seattle is a tough place to win and they are a gritty team. I'm banking on the Pats experience to get this done. 28-17.

Minnesota Vikings(4-1)at Washington Redskins(2-3)- The Vikes D is back and Ponder isn't bad. I believe Bob Griffin will be playing after suffering a concussion last week, but the Skins d is a major weakness. The Vikes have also been stopping the run, a strength of the Skins, I'll take the Vikes to pull out a close game. 29-27 Vikings.

New York Giants(3-2)at San Francisco 49ers(4-1)- A NFC title rematch, a highly improved Niners offense against a not as good Giants defense. The Giants have the best D line in the league (on paper) but have failed to get to the QB this year. Meanwhile the Niners and Giants are racking up the points and NY will need all it can to beat San Fran. I see a high scoring game, not at all like the great NFC Championship. Also not like the title game, the Niners take this one. 29-27 49ers.

Green Bay Packers(2-3)at Houston Texans(5-0)- I picked this matchup for the Super Bowl, but the Pack aren't looking so super these days. They are one dimensional and it is costing them big time. The old rule still applies, running and defense wins Championships. But, the Texans looked very unsuper themselves last week in NY and I am seeing an upset in the works. Packers air it out for a 30-28 win.

Denver Broncos(2-3)at San Diego Chargers(3-2)- These are the teams that will fight for the West and I'm giving Manning the first advantage. I just don't trust Norv to coach a win after an upset, he doesn't motivate like Fox does. To me, that's what it comes down to, the better coach. Denver 24-20.

There ya go, I'm hoping I'm wrong about the SF/NY game...
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Friday, October 12, 2012

My van

Decided to post a picture of my work van, why not?
I did contact an attorney, three days after the accident. The entire engine is gone, it was pushed into the cab. The best safety on that van is the steel platform on back. It is welded to the frame and took the blow from the rig hitting me, the worse impact was in front. I was pushed into another rig. My back still hurts but could have been worse.

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Tat fever

Sometimes it is caused by a friend getting a tattoo and sometimes it just comes from absolutely nowhere, but I have it. Tat fever.
I currently don't have an artist, the one we have used is missing....hmmm
I have two from another person but we have lost touch.
I do need to add one for Abby since I have one for the other two kids, and I wanted a marriage one. Lately, I've been considering another Pearl Jam one but just a quote, it is a good one to keep in mind

"They say knowledge is a tree, it's growing up just like me"

A reminder than no matter how big you are or how grown, you are still learning even if it slows as you age. The full verse is "I remember when, I swore I knew everything, they say knowledge is a tree, it's growing up just like me" but that seemed kind of long for a tattoo. The song is called "In My Tree" so maybe a picture of a tree with the words above and below it. Maybe a shoulder one...I have considered covering my first tat on my left arm. And what to do for Abby? Hmmm...

The fever grows hotter...

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Football

Why do I keep forgetting this?

Pittsburgh Steelers(2-2)at Tennessee Titans(1-4)- The Steelers should dominate this game. The Titans are yet to do anything impressive and they can't run. I think Pitt makes this game tougher for themselves than it should be. Pittsburgh 23-17.
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What's been going on...

I never wrote a blog about what's been going on with me lately, and I'm not sure why.

I am currently out of work due to a vehicle accident at work.
On September 25, I was coming down I-95 in West Haven and traffic came to a stop. I had plenty of time to stop behind a truck but then looked in my sideview mirror and saw a tractor trailer coming up behind me and not stopping. He drove right into me and pushed me into the truck in front of me. I drive a van with a bucket on it and my cab was crunched, the van is totally destroyed.
I was somehow fine, at first anyway. The cab was full of dust from the airbags and stuff was thrown everywhere but I managed to find my phone. I called my office and my wife to tell them about the accident then tried to get out. Both doors were twisted and would not open, so I had to wait for the fire department to cut the doors open. I was pulled out and put right into an ambulance and taken to Yale to be checked out.
I was okay that day but have had a lot of back pain since. I'm out of work on comp and starting physical therapy to exercise out my muscle strains. I hope to be back in mid November.
That's basically it. I have some pics of my van but was debating whether or not to put them on here. The officer who brought my reg and license back to Yale for me said the truck that hit me never even hit his brakes, he thinks he was sleeping or something.
I guess I'm lucky to even be walking but as Ron says, shit happens.
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Recap and Top 10

Had some expected wins and one huge upset. We are now well underway in the season and going into Week 6 the Saints and Packers are under .500 the Conference Champs are each only 3-2, and non playoff teams from last year like Minnesota, Arizona, and San Diego are leading the way.

The top ten is hard. There are teams that are 4-1 but not as good as 3-2 teams. Right now there are two 3-2 teams that may have the best offenses in the league, and are defending conference champs. But, the Giants have lost to Philly so can NY be on there and not Philly? Eh, we'll see...

1. Houston Texans (1)
2. Atlanta Falcons (2)
3. San Francisco 49ers (4)
4. Minnesota Vikings (5)
5. Arizona Cardinals (3)
6. Baltimore Ravens (7)
7. New England Patriots (10)
8. Chicago Bears (unranked)
9. New York Giants (unranked)
10. Philadelphia Eagles (8)

We have two newcomers, the Giants and Bears. The Eagles are dropping and the Chargers have been knocked off. I think the Cards will continue to drop now, and it will take a big Packer win over the Texans to even get close to the 10 spot.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Week 5

Last Week: 11-4
Season: 37-26

Had a very good Week 4, I'd love to get 11 wins this week since there's only 13 games. Well, there are 14 but I missed the Thursday pick.

Miami Dolphins(1-3)at Cincinnati Bengals(3-1)- The Bengals aren't a great team but they always beat the teams they are supposed to beat. The Dolphins have gone to OT in two straight weeks and have played better than I expected this year. Still, Bengals beat the bad teams. Bengals 27-17.

Green Bay Packers(2-2)at Indianapolis Colts(1-2)- Luck may have some luck against the Packers defense but they can't handle Rodgers. 35-20 Packers.

Baltimore Ravens(3-1)at Kansas City Chiefs(1-3)- KC is a tough place to play but the Ravens are rolling along and continue to do so. 23-19 Ravens.

Philadelphia Eagles(3-1)at Pittsburgh Steelers(1-2)- The battle of Pennsylvania. The Steelers haven't been exactly stellar, and the Eagles are 3-1 but they've squeaked by everyone. They don't get so lucky this time. Pitt 28-21.

Cleveland Browns(0-4)at New York Giants(2-2)- The Giants have lost another divisional game and have to stop counting on Manning magic to win them a game. Even with Nicks gone the Giants should put up some points against a weak Browns defense. Giants should roll 31-17.

Atlanta Falcons(4-0)at Washington Redskins(2-2)- I am taking the upset. I just have that feeling that the Skins will be better prepared, no real reason. Skins 27-26.

Seattle Seahawks(2-2) at Carolina Panthers(1-3)- The Panthers are not building on last year, and Seattle is all over the place but they play a solid defense. Both are counting on young arms to lead the way and Newton is better than Russell but not much better. I'll take Seattle 23-20.

Chicago Bears(3-1)at Jacksonville Jaguars(1-3)- A laugher. Chicago should roll on the Jags easily. 29-10.

Tennessee Titans(1-3)at Minnesota Vikings(3-1)- These cross conference games are always tough to pick, two teams that aren't very familiar with each other and play each other only once every four years. At this point I thought the Titans would be much better and the Vikes much worse. What ever happened to Chris Johnson? Does he still play? The Vikings seem to have that defensive mojo working again after sucking last year. Vikes 20-17.

Denver Broncos(2-2)at New England Patriots(2-2)- Manning vs. Brady once again. I think Tom missed Peyton last year, and didn't like the Manning that replaced him as a rival. It seems that Brady usually wins this matchup but there is something weird happening in New England this year. Manning should have another good game but I expect the Pats to bring it to the Denver D. Patriots 38-35.

Buffalo Bills(2-2)at San Francisco 49ers(3-1)- That Niners defense will destroy Fitzpatrick, he makes a lot of mistakes, just like the Bills did in giving him a big extension. SF may have another shutout. SF 26-7.

San Diego Chargers(3-1)at New Orleans Saints(0-4)- I shouldn't but I'm taking the Saints. Coach Payton will be in the audience and that will inspire them to win. 30-27.

Houston Texans(4-0)at New York Jets(2-2)- Not a head scratcher. The Jets can't score and now don't have their best WR for the season. Texans 28-13.

Next week there are two huge games to look forward to; NY at SF and GB at Houston, going to be a great Sunday Night battle.
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Thursday, October 4, 2012


I never posted my Thursday pick or top ten, quickly on top 10. Lots of newcomers as all the division leader will be on the list and that eliminates quite a few. But how long will leader stay on??

1.Houston Texans (2)
2. Atlanta Falcons(1)
3.Arizona Cardinals (3)
4. San Francisco 49ers (4)
5. Minnesota Vikings (unranked)
6. San Diego Chargers (8)
7. Baltimore Ravens (6)
8.Philadelphia Eagles (unranked)
9. Cincinnati Bengals (7)
10. New England Patriots (unranked)

I don't expect Minnesota to stay on there long or the Packers to stay off for too long

Quick on Thursday Night, eh too late its 2nd quarter. My bad.
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 4

Last Week: 9-7
Season: 26-22

Things are moving right along in the NFL, I'm off to a 1-0 start again this week and the refs are back. There was one somewhat questionable helmet to helmet call on Thursday but otherwise the refs were on.
We have three teams going for a 4-0 start; the Falcons, Texans, and Cardinals. The Browns lost again last night and are the only 0-4 team but the only other winless team (Saints) travel to Green Bay this week. Hard to believe we only have two winless teams, and after Week 2 there were 22 teams that were 1-1, goes to show you never know who will win in the NFL these days. Okay, here we go into Week 4

Carolina Panthers(1-2)at Atlanta Falcons(3-0)- The Falcons are on an absolute roll and the Panthers just don't look up to par. Cam Newton says his team is better than they looked against the Giants, we shall see. I'm liking ATL to get to 4-0 with a 27-23 win.

New England Patriots(1-2)at Buffalo Bills(2-1)- The Bills look better but won't have C.J. Spiller, Fred Jackson may be back and playing with Choice. The Pats don't look right, they definitely don't look like the AFC Champs from last year. Buffalo will give that NE defense a problem, they have a hard time holding leads. Brady will have to be on point and his receivers perfect, the Pats need 30 points to win. I'm taking the Pats to pull it out 33-27.

Minnesota Vikings(2-1)at Detroit Lions(1-2)- Have the Lions slipped back into mediocrity? Are the Vikes an upset special? Maybe both are true. Christian Ponder has better numbers than Stafford this year. Not in yards but in completion percentage and he has 0 ints to Stafford's 4, Ponder also has 4TD's to Stafford's 3. I guess the Vikes are better than we all thought. They just beat the Niners but how much trust do I put in them? I still think they can't score like the Lions can, but can play a somewhat decent defense..ugh. I'm still taking Detroit 26-20.

San Diego Chargers(2-1)at Kansas City Chiefs(1-2)- San Diego is coming off a beat down from what may be the best team in the NFC and the Chiefs just beat a former great NFC team. The Chiefs D doesn't look how it has in recent years but the offense looks better than it has in a while. The Chargers are still a question mark, and I don't really know the identity of either of these teams. Winning in Arrowhead is hard and the Chargers don't travel well, Chiefs 21-16.

Seattle Seahawks(2-1)at St.Louis Rams(1-2)- I'm somewhat impressed by both these teams. I know the Rams have just one win but they don't look awful, and Seattle should have one win but they did hold Dallas to 7 and GB to 12. I'm thinking Seattle in a ugly win. 17-16.

San Francisco 49ers(2-1)at New York Jets(2-1)- I just don't see the Jets winning this at all. San Fran had a hard time running last week but they'll be fine against the Jets porous line. The Jets don't have Revis and that's big, it changes how they can blitz and will make the LBs drop into coverage. Meanwhile, the Jets have no offense and the Niners are a nasty defense. Could be low scoring but SF won't need a lot of points. SF 23-12.

Tennessee Titans(1-2)at Houston Texans(3-0)- Texans will be 4-0, they won't get lit up like the Lions did. It is a divisional game, so rules are out the window but Texans prevail. 30-24.

Oakland Raiders(1-2)at Denver Broncos(1-2)- Manning's return hasn't been great but he's had to face three tough defenses. I like this matchup better. Meanwhile, Palmer has not delivered for Oakland. Division game..Manning...eh Broncos 28-20.

Miami Dolphins(1-2)at Arizona Cardinals(3-0)- The Cards are 3-0?? This could be a fast start/slow finish team but this defensive unit has something going. Part of me sees an upset, hey, why not? Against my gut I'll take Arizona to also be 4-0 but don't be shocked if the Cards end up a 7 win team. Cards 24-13.

Cincinnati Bengals(2-1)at Jacksonville Jaguars(1-2)- Jones-Drew is back on a roll and he has a perfect opponent to run against. The Bengals have been horrible at stopping the run but can score and fortunately for them the Jags aren't a good team outside of Jones-Drew. I like the Bengals 26-21.

New Orleans Saints(0-3)at Green Bay Packers(1-2)- Who saw this matchup being like this? We all expected to see two 3-0 teams here. The Packers did nothing on offense last week, and the Brees has had the Saints moving the ball but he can't do it all. They need a coach, a real coach, and without one they can't beat the Packers. Green Bay offense wakes up 38-31.

Washington Redskins(1-2)at Tampa Bay Bucs(1-2)- The Redskins are racking up points and yards but so are their opponents. The Bucs aren't exactly tearing things up but I saw them move the ball well against the Giants. I'll take the Skins to rack up some points and win 29-17.

New York Giants(2-1)at Philadelphia Eagles(2-1)- Vick has been his old sucky self so far this year, showing again that he's not a very good QB. Maybe hits and age are taking their toll. The Giants have secondary issues, Corey Webster will play but with a cast on his broken right hand so don't expect and INTs from him. I like the JPP vs Vick matchup, Jason is one of the most destructive defensive ends I've ever seen. I think it comes down to mistakes, and who makes the most of them. If the Giants defense plays with the same intensity they did against the Panthers they will romp the Eagles. Close game, but Giants win 28-24.

Chicago Bears(2-1)at Dallas Cowboys(2-1)- Both team have been inconsistent, both have looked great at offense one week and horrible the next. Complete coin flipper here....let's say Chicago, why not? Bears 24-20.
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Football

Knick knack the refs are back! All it took was for the Packers to lose a game on a bogus call. What a nightmare. Well, this Thursday we have what looks like another snoozer game in which one team is far and away better than the other...

Cleveland Browns(0-3)at Baltimore Ravens(2-1)- The Ravens won a wild one at home against the Pats and the Browns, well, they are still the Browns. I just can't see a huge battle here, maybe Cleveland hangs tough for a few quarters but if the Ravens get out to a fast start forget about it. I've seen the Browns lay up some points against another division rival and these games are always close but the Ravens are just too good. Ravens 30-20.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recap and Top Ten

The top 10 was very hard to do this week. We know the top three is still Atlanta, Houston, and San Fran but where does it go from there? The Patriots have to come off because they are 1-2 and I need room for newcomers like NYG, Cincy, and Seattle.

Now, as far as Seattle goes...I know they are truly only a one win team, but you have to give huge credit to this defense for shutting down the Packers. The record says they are 2-1 but c'mon really. Unfortunately because of how bad they looked and the fact they didn't win I have to take Green Bay off the list for now. Can a win over the 0-3 Saints get them back on? We shall see.

1. Atlanta Falcons (2)
2. Houston Texans (3)
3. Arizona Cardinals (10)
4. San Francisco 49ers (1)
5. New York Giants (unranked)
6. Baltimore Ravens (7)
7. Cincinnati Bengals (unranked)
8. San Diego Chargers (4)
9. Seattle Seahawks (unranked)
10. Dallas Cowboys (8)

Teams on the cusp: Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings

It was hard to place the Niners, I still feel they are the team to beat in the NFC but the Cards are undefeated and just crushed the Eagles. I had to just edge the Giants over the Ravens because the only loss NY has is to another top ten team and the Ravens lost to a unranked Philly team, and just slid by a falling New England team.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Close, no cigar

I think they actually called this against the Patriots last night
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Good stuff

I don't know if Sam Adams is sold nationwide but great stuff. Bought the Harvest Pack with Sam's Octoberfest, love it.
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That's more accurate

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week 3

Last Week: 10-6
Season: 17-15

I'm off to a 1-0 start thanks to an absolutely dominating performance by the New York Giants. Offense, defense, special teams; New York just kicked the Panthers asses all over the field. Its been a long time since NY has given their fans a laugher and this was a great team to have one against. The NFL Network has had two absolute non games so far and next weeks Ravens/Browns shouldn't be any different. I'm just so pumped at how has Eli continually made no name receivers look like stars, really. What is Boss doing now? Manningham? Smith? Ballard? Year after year I've seen tight ends and wide outs going for big money after Eli made them big names and they never work out on other teams. Here's a tip: it isn't you, it is Eli, stay in NY and win.
Okay, on to Week 3

St.Louis Rams(1-1)at Chicago Bears(1-1)- The Rams gave the Lions a hell of a time, then beat the Skins. The Bears are coming off a beat down at the hands of the Packers. Both of these teams were questions coming in and still are. I like how the Rams came back against the Skins, and maybe I'm nuts but I going to take them to upset da Bears. Rams 23-20.

Buffalo Bills(1-1)at Cleveland Browns(0-2)- The Browns have a shot in this game, they can move the ball with Richardson but the secondary and linebackers are sketchy at best. I'm thinking Buffalo has an offense that can move easily in the air past the Browns. Bills 27-21.

Tampa Bay Bucs(1-1)at Dallas Cowboys(1-1)- Dallas is already too up and down, per usual. Week 1 they kicked the Giants ass, week 2 they let the Seahawks beat them down. The Bucs looked excellent against Carolina and in the first half against the Giants but they do have holes. Toss a coin as to which Dallas team shows up...heads. Dallas 30-27.

Detroit Lions(1-1)at Tennessee Titans(0-2)- Remember when Chris Johnson was a great running back? The Lions haven't looked very impressive yet but they will this Sunday. They need to beat up a team and get that mojo from last year back. The Titans are rebuilding and have taken steps back, the Lions have to pounce on that. Lions 31-20.

Jacksonville Jaguars(0-2)at Indianapolis Colts(1-1)- Jags are not a good team, Colts are on the rebuild. Jacksonville can give the Colts more trouble than they should, Jags may even lead at the half or with 5 mins to play. Close game but Colts 17-14.

New York Jets(1-1)at Miami Dolphins(1-1)- Either the Phins shocked me last week or the Raiders did. I don't think this is a big game, I still think NY is at most an eight win team and Miami has already won more games than I thought they would all season. The Jets are better on paper, but Miami always gives them an absolute fit. Jets 20-19.

San Francisco 49ers(2-0)at Minnesota Vikings(1-1)- What can I say? SanFran will be 3-0, they are right now the best team in the NFL, they play all three phases better than anyone. SF 28-13.

Kansas City Chiefs(0-2)at New Orleans Saints(0-2)- Okay Brees, let me down again and I'm done picking your team. (S)aints 28-17.

Cincinnati Bengals(1-1)at Washington Redskins(1-1)- The Skins have some injuries on a weak defense right now, and it showed in the second half against the Rams. They can move the ball, Bob Griffin has shown that, but he can also be stopped. The Bengals are not a bad team, they aren't great, not even contenders for a title but they are good. I think the Skins just caught the Saints at the right time, and they have a very good coach, but I'm taking Cincy. Bengals 33-27.

Philadelphia Eagles(2-0)at Arizona Cardinals(2-0)- Neither team is as good as their record shows, and Vick looks just awful (haha). Could Philly fall into the trap and overlook the Cards in anticipation of their shot at the champs next week? I think the Pats did last week, brushing off Arizona and looking at Baltimore. The Cards have the home field and the focus. Cardinals 24-21.

Atlanta Falcons(2-0)at San Diego Chargers(2-0)- Nice looking matchup here as the Falcons continue their tour of the AFC West. I have to admit, I don't know a lot about the Chargers they were on nobody's radar and its only two games in but they look good. The Falcons seem to be as close to the full package as you can get, they have a good QB, HB, and WR plus have a pretty good defense. I think they can hang with the Niners, and San Diego? I still don't trust Norm Turner. ATL wins again 30-21.

Houston Texans(2-0)at Denver Broncos(1-1)- The Texans are very good the Broncos have not looked good defensively. Houston should be able to run very well on them and eat a lot of clock. The Texans know Manning and know how to beat him, I think Denver is just out muscled here. I expect a better game from Peyton but Houston is too good. Texans 28-23.

Pittsburgh Steelers(1-1)at Oakland Raiders(0-2)- I really wanted to see the Raiders make an impact this year but they just don't look like they are building on last year. Maybe they wake up this week looking at an 0-3 start. Pitt is banged up on defense but I think they can handle Oakland. Steelers 23-17.

New England Patriots(1-1)at Baltimore Ravens(1-1)- Both teams are coming off upsets, the Pats more surprisingly than the Ravens. Brady does not often lose two in a row, but going into Baltimore on Sunday night? I'm going Ravens here, after the AFC Championship debacle and the fact that it is in Baltimore where the Ravens never lose. Ravens 30-28.

Green Bay Packers(1-1)at Seattle Seahawks(1-1)- I know Seattle looked good against Dallas last week, and made Romo look horrible but can they really beat the Pack? The Packers need another big defensive game like last week, and get that running game going. The Seahawks can run and manage the clock, and play a decent defensive game. The Packers have become one dimensional and have got to change that if they're going to succeed this year, that defense has got to stop the Seahawks on third down and get turnovers, sounds basic but that's what wins games. I think they can do it, they can carry that fire over from last week. Seattle will be good, they will fight like hell, but in the end...Packers 27-23.

There's the picks, hoping for another 10 win week if not more.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thursday Football (Week 3)

Last Week: 10-6
Season: 17-15

I just barely managed to get over .500 on my picks and it doesn't get any easier this week. Once again the NFL Network gets a good game in Giants/Panthers, these teams haven't really been rivals, but have been a thorn in each others side for a few years. In 2005 Eli and Tiki Barber led the Giants to the playoffs and lost the Wild Card to Carolina 23-0. In 2008 the Giants were 11-3 taking on the 11-3 Panthers for what would be the NFC's #1 seed. The Giants won by 3 in OT. Two years later the Giants played their last game in Giants Stadium by being blown out by the Panthers 44-6. The next year the Giants went to Carolina in their home opener Week 2 and won an ugly game. Here they are again, two 1-1 teams. The Giants a defending champ, the Panthers looking to prove they are back.

New York Giants(1-1)at Carolina Panthers(1-1) - On paper this seems like a even match. The Giants and Panthers can both move the ball and rack up yards and points. Neither defense plays the pass all that well. The Panthers have a QB that moves out of the pocket well, can run, and has a big arm. The Giants have the best comeback QB in the league, and there's a reason for that...his defense can't win for him. Eli has so many comebacks because he has to. The advantage I give to the Giant defense is they have playmakers on the line that Carolina just doesn't have. Unlike most pass rushers, JPP does not over pursue. That's what makes him the one of the best DE's in the game, he can make open field tackles.
Based on that, I give the Giants the advantage and the win. It will be close and high scoring but NY wins it 34-28.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recap and Top Ten

Another crazy week in which we saw some dominant play, upsets, and a big comeback.
First, I have to give props to my QB Eli for righting himself and after a horrendous first half just being totally lights out in the second half. That is something big brother has not been able to do consistently. We saw the Manning's throw 6 INTs this week, but only one prevailed. I was shocked by how bad the Raiders are, they just look bad. And happy to see the Bills look how I thought they would look this season. The Eagles have nine turnovers in two games and are 2-0, figure that out. The Packers seem to be back to form in dominating the Bears, and the Saints? Well, they need a coach bad.

Okay, the top ten was very hard to do this week because so many of the teams that were on it from last week lost, and I had to look at performance to figure who stays on and who goes off. I have a few teams right on the cusp too. I kinda wanted to put Seattle on there but I had to put on Arizona after a huge upset and I can't yet add the Giants or Carolina because both were dominated by Tampa Bay. They play on Thursday so one may earn a spot for next week. A few big jumps and some slides but here's what I have.

1. San Francisco 49ers (1)
2. Atlanta Falcons (6)
3. Houston Texans (9)
4. San Diego Chargers
5. New England Patriots (3)
6. Green Bay Packers
7. Baltimore Ravens (5)
8. Dallas Cowboys (2)
9. Washington Redskins (4)
10. Arizona Cardinals

Teams on the rise: Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles

Even though the Eagles are 2-0 and beat the Ravens, I can't put them on there because of how bad Vick has played. I don't expect the Cards and Skins to stay on there long, and the Steelers should be getting a spot next week. I expect the Packers to keep rising as the weeks go on,but the NFL is crazy you never know what will happen.
The top spot Niners play the Vikes next week and the Falcons are in San Diego for their third straight AFC matchup. Isn't that weird? The Falcons have not played a NFC team yet. Green Bay is in Seattle and should win that to move up, and Tampa at Dallas could be a chance for the Bucs to make the list. I know every team in the NFL is just waiting to find out where I rank them.
Oh, plus the Pats and Ravens next week. Good games lined up for Week 3.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oh, you can't get anything past those teabaggers!

Sharp as a tack they are.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 2

Last week: 7-9
Season: 7-9

I'm off to a better start already this week by taking Green Bay to get a win. The Pack dominated the Bears, they were still a little off balance on offense but a fake FG helped things along. Okay, here we go...

Tampa Bay Bucs(1-0)at New York Giants(0-1)- The Bucs defense looked pretty good against the Panthers, and the running game was a success too. Meanwhile, big blue looked flat and gave 0 effort against Dallas in the season opener. I have got to believe the Giants will show more fury against a highly inferior Tampa team. Could still be a defensive close game, but NYG wins 23-16.

Kansas City Chiefs(0-1)at Buffalo Bills(0-1)- Both teams expected better defense last week, both failed. I'm still thinking the Bills are the better team. Bills 21-17.

Cleveland Browns(0-1)at Cincinnati Bengals(0-1)- The Browns almost beat the Eagles, but that was more the Eagles sucking than the Browns being good. I still believe in Cinci making some noise in the North. Bengals 21-14.

Minnesota Vikings(1-0)at Indianapolis Colts(0-1)- The Vikes are not a good team, and even as a team rebuilding the Colts are better. I do like seeing how Luck handles another team that can stop the run and makes him throw. I'm taking the Colts at home 27-13.

Oakland Raiders(0-1)at Miami Dolphins(0-1)- The Phins suck, I don't expect a great fight or a classic 70's style Raiders/Dolphins game here, I think Oakland does a fair job against a weak Miami team. Raiders 28-17

Arizona Cardinals(1-0)at New England Patriots(1-0)- There isn't much to say here, except for Fitzgerald tearing up the Pats DBs I don't see the Cards giving much of a problem. Pats 31-20.

Baltimore Ravens(1-0)at Philadelphia Eagles(1-0)- The Eagles are the only team that looked worse than the Packers, Saints, and Giants in week 1 and still won. The Ravens are too much for them to handle. Baltimore 29-24.

New Orleans Saints(0-1)at Carolina Panthers(0-1)- Boy did the Saints stink last week. How do they respond without Payton to rally the troops? The Panthers looked equally as bad, and they had high expectations of themselves also. As strange as it sounds this one is a coin flipper because of all the unknowns....ugh. I'm going with the Saints, just because. Saints 33-31.

Houston Texans(1-0)at Jacksonville Jaguars(0-1)- No contest here, and let me just say there are some real snoozer games this week. I think the game of the week was on Thursday. Anyway, Texans 30-17.

Washington Redskins(1-0)at StLouis Rams(0-1)- The Skins are on my top ten right now and should stay for another week at least. Not that beating the Rams would be a big deal but they should beat up on them nicely. The Rams are a better team than last year but the Skins are more improved than them. Washington 28-19.

Dallas Cowboys(1-0)at Seattle Seahawks(0-1)- Dallas looked like the 13 win team from 2007 last week in dismantling the champs, the Seahawks looked like chumps against the Cards in letting a lead slip away in the final minutes. Seattle is a tough place to play but if Dallas carries that fire...Dallas 24-17.

New York Jets(1-0)at Pittsburgh Steelers(0-1)- The Jets don't have a good history in Pitt and the Steelers will have a slight advantage with Revis gone. Pitt still has O line issues, and maybe RB issues if Mendenhall is still out. I like the Jets secondary a lot but Revis was the key to it. Going black and gold..Pitt 20-14.

Tennessee Titans(0-1)at San Diego Chargers(1-0)- The Chargers are a team that nobody is talking about, they used to be a playoff lock every year but that has dropped off. The Titans are a team much like San Diego now, a team you expect to win 8 or 9 games and bow out after one playoff game. The Titans didn't show much last week and I know they are a better team than that but I'd still take the Chargers. San Diego 24-20.

Detroit Lions(1-0)at San Francisco 49ers(1-0)- This should be a good match, and although I expected the Lions to take a step back this year they are still a good team. The 49ers are just better. Detroit has a better QB and WR but San Fran is better everywhere else. The Lions defense should be more challenging than Green Bay, especially with that defensive line, so I expect less rushing yards from the 9ers. Stafford has a tougher challenge with that San Fran rush, and those LBs that cover the middle field so well. San Fran 20-16.

Denver Broncos(1-0)at Atlanta Falcons(1-0)- Peyton proved he was back last week in a win over Pittsburgh, the Falcons proved they can put up big numbers. To me, this comes down to the Broncos defense and how they handle a pass and rush attack from the Falcons. Both offenses are about even, but Atlanta should be able to put up more points than the Broncos. Atlanta wins a shootout 35-31.

I'm hoping for better results this week to get me above .500 for the season.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Top Ten

I'm thinking of doing a top ten every week for the NFL. The league is so up and down I think it would be interesting to see how teams move. If I did one after Week 1 it would probably look like this...

1. San Francisco 49ers
2. Dallas Cowboys
3. New England Patriots
4.Washington Redskins
5.Baltimore Ravens
6.Atlanta Falcons
7.New York Jets
8.Chicago Bears
9.Houston Texans
10. Denver Broncos

I know Houston is low but they beat up on a crappy team and they didn't really look all that great doing it. I put SF and Dallas on top because of who they beat and how dominant they were doing it. I still have to put the Pats over the Skins, just barely. Of course we see the NFC's top three teams not in there after each one was dominated.

After Thursday's game, Green Bay will be in the top 10, and the Bears won't.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thursday Football

Last Week 7-9
Season 7-9

I don't get a very good chance to redeem myself this Thursday as we have the Bears in Lambeau. Why must it be so tough?

Chicago Bears(1-0)at Green Bay Packers(0-1)- The Bears looked great last week, but that was against a rookie QB and a poor defense. Now they face a top QB and a poor defense. The Packers looked just as off rhythm in the opener as they did when we last saw them in the playoffs. Let's just call a spade a spade; the Niners crushed them. I am taking the Pack in this game, purely for the fact that I cannot see this team going 0-2, Rodgers will not allow it. Would a Chicago win lead to the changing of the guard in the North? Maybe, but I've seen two teams start 0-2 and win the Super Bowl so don't panic. It is a moot point, Packers win 27-21.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The writers at ESPN.com are bored as hell

I just checked out espn.com for the first time today. The cover story is a cartoon of a monster wearing a 49ers helmet and the title: "After the 49ers upended the Packers, Gregg Easterbrook ponders if Green Bay is done or if San Fran is simply the next NFL beast."
It is one game! I realize going into last year the Pack have lost 2 in a row, and they have running and D issues but still....
You can also read about Joe Flacco's season of change. Again, they played one game.
They are also ready to declare RGIII the greatest rookie QB ever. They did that after Week 1 with Cam Newton last year.
I put no stock at all into Week 1. I don't think the Jets will get 4 ints and 48 points every week, I don't think the big three in the NFC being 0-1 is a big deal, and I definitely don't think the Colts will regret taking Luck over Griffin.
Everyone just calm down and rate the teams at Week 8.
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

So far, not so good

Three games left for this insane Week 1, but I have majorly missed on some picks and game predictions.

The Redskins? Really? The Niners played big offense against a still weak Packers D? And the Jets put up 48??

I suck.
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 1 in the NFL

Okay, here we go! Football came back with the Giants and Cowboys on Wednesday night, but it just didn't feel right, it still felt like exhibition. Sunday football returns and we have some great early games to kick things off.
This is the hardest week to pick games and I'm 0-1 so far, hopefully that isn't a trend.

Indianapolis Colts at Chicago Bears- I saw and liked what Luck did this preseason, he looked good, but that was preseason. Actually, my concern for Indy in this game I isn't their offense but the defense. I think Luck and Wayne can hook up against the Bears, even with Peppers ready to welcome the rookie QB with some sacks. I just think Chicago's offense will prove too much. I'm taking the Bears at home, but close, 23-17.

Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns- I hate to see Philly win ever, but, I don't see the Browns giving them any problems. Eagles should roll decently 28-10

St.Louis Rams at Detroit Lions- I don't know about those Rams, but I do know what Stafford and Johnson can do. I think with a new coach we will see an improved Rams team but that defense leaves something to be desired, and they don't have DC Greg Williams anymore. Gotta say Lions here, 30-21.

New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans- Brady and co. are ready to defend that AFC title and they have all the ingredients on offense to do it. The Titans can hang, no doubt about that but the Pats are too much for them to handle. Pats 27-24.

Atlanta Falcons at Kansas City Chiefs- This is a do or die year for the Falcons, and they have the fire power to do. The Chiefs do have a very good defense and an even better home field advantage. I think I like an upset here...I do. I'm going with KC to start 1-0 with a nail biter 17-16 win over ATL.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings- The only big thing about this game is one team will know they won't go 0-16. I don't think the Jags are a very good team this year, maybe 5 wins, but I don't like the Vikes and won't be picking them often. They still have some tough players on D but so do the Jags. Taking Jacksonville 20-12 over Minn.

Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints- Welln, at least NY won't be the only 0-1 team in the East. RG who? Who dat? Sorry Bobby, there's only room for one standout QB in New Orleans on Sunday and his team also has blitz happy Spags coaching defense. Saints romp it up, 30-17.

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets- The Bills are my wild card pick this year, the team that gives everyone a fit. To counter that, the Jets are coming in with a very nice looking defense. This game could be ugly. Fitzpatrick will have a fit dealing with Revis, Cromartie and Landry but what can the Jets do on offense? Maybe one trick offensive play gets things going for them but I think Buffalo will keep Sanchez and Tebow under wraps. Buffalo 13-9.

Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans- The Dolphins are going to perform an amazing act this year, something that defies physics...they will manage to both suck and blow this year. I can't see this team winning 3 games, let alone one in Houston. Texans 24-6.

San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers- Ah, the NFC title game that didn't happen. The last time the Pack stepped onto the field at Lambau they stunk, they collapsed in the second half and let a big NYG offense make big play after big play. They used their first 6 draft picks for defense and look to suck much less in pass coverage this year. I don't watch them enough, so I don't know if the issue was the db's or that they got no pressure on the QB. I do know that Eli had all day to hit wide open receivers in that playoff game so maybe it was both. The 9ers meanwhile, don't play a big offense but have the nastiest D in the NFC and they will keep it close. But, my gut is with GB in a good game. Packers 27-20.

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals- The Seahawks could be a surprise team this year and really give SF a run for their money in the West. The Cards are still looking for the QB to replace Warner. I like Seattle to start out fast this year with a 24-13 win in Arizona.

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Bucs- Many sports writers are taking the Panthers as the team on the rise this year. I've seen some pick them to win the South! Over the Saints and Falcons!? Yeah, I don't think so. I do think they are worlds better than the Bucs, who can play a very nice defense but just don't have that punch to win when it counts. The Bucs could be a 6 win team and even get a nice upset or two, but not here. Panthers 20-14.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos- The Broncos shocked Pitt in the playoffs and they no longer have the QB that did it...instead they have Peyton Manning. The Steelers don't have their explosive running back, but we also don't know the strength Manning has in that arm. Close, close game but with Peyton anything can happen. He can and has picked apart the Steelers D when needed but can he handle 50 pass attempts still? I'm going with Manning, and this could go either way because of the unknowns. Denver 23-21.

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens- The NFL schedule makers have really packed Week 1 with must see games and it continues on Monday night with two talented division rivals. I don't think Cincy was a fluke last year, they had a nice 9 win season BUT they went 0-4 against division kings Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The Ravens were seconds away from facing NY in the Super Bowl last year and they are one of those teams that dominates every year then struggles in post season, so it is tough getting a feeling on them. I do like the Ravens at home, always. They are a team that can go 8-0 at home, and I think they did last year...hmm, I'm 99% sure they did. Anyway, the good times continue but Cincy shows some muscle. If you love defensive football you must see this game. Ravens 19-14.

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders- What to say? I don't know. I just don't know. Flip a coin for me on this one, heads for Raiders, tails for the Bolts......Heads. I'm not sure about Carson tho, he didn't seem like himself but I like the Raiders D and running game. The Raiders 27-23.

I'm just hoping to get above .500 for this opening week. If the games are this good in Week 1 it is going to be a great season.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Funny, but I still don't like Leno

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I had to take some cool off time before recapping this game. First let me put forward this one request....

Dear Victor Cruz,

Please don't be a one hit wonder. I have looked deep into my soul and forgiven you this time but you are nearing thin ice.

Thanks, Bryan

Okay. Now. What the fuck is Cruz's problem? Three passes that any NFL receiver should catch and he drops them? The next issue was the Dallas D was way more pumped than the Giants offense, Dallas was in mid season form and ready for the Giants two breakout WR's.
I'm not going to do what I did last year. After NY lost the season opener to Washington last year I freaked out, called the season over, I was obviously wrong. I did not like the confused looking offense, or the three huge drops by Cruz, or the non existent running game, but I know how this team rolls, they get better as the season goes on.
At least, I hope they will.

Tampa next week, I expect to see a much better effort against a much lower opponent.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Giants vs Cowboys

I am pumped to be putting up the first pick of the 2012 NFL season, and even more pumped that it is Giants/Cowboys. A great way to start the year. I'll have the rest of week 1 up on Saturday.

Dallas Cowboys(0-0)at New York Giants(0-0) - I have to say first, that I am very concerned about the Giants defensive back injuries. They have had to put Thomas on the IR (again) and Prince Amukamura is iffy, but, with a healthy crew of three bad ass Defensive Ends a lot of pressure is taken off the corners. Dallas also has some issues at DB, and they will have their hands full with Nicks and Cruz. The Giants have to get the running game going, they were very one dimensional last year and were not good with the run until the playoffs. If Bradshaw stays healthy and the O line plays well that should change this year. Dallas can run and pass, they can put up big yards but Romo has had a hard time pulling the trigger when the game gets close. I see a very close game here, but with Tuck,Osi, and JPP the Giants have the advantage. Oh, and they have a QB who loves pressure situations and plays better when he's down.
New York 31 Dallas 26
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Now, that makes more sense

For all those "pro-lifers" who are also "pro death penalty". Make up your mind! Either you believe in thou shall not kill or you don't! Or those who want a 16 year old rape victim to have the child because it is God's will but she's on her own for insurance, after all, it isn't our fault you got raped why should our tax dollars help you out.

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Beating the system

I was doing a job in a mall in upstate New York and decided to grab some fake chinese food (I call mall chinese places that because they are like the McD's of chinese food). Anyway, when I got to the spot to pay and get soda I noticed they were charging $2 for a large soda but the guy was filling the cups to the brim with ice first. I have seen this before, they fill it with ice so they really only give you a good four sips of soda and they get $2 for about .50 worth of soda. I don't think so.
I asked for a large coke, no ice. Yeah, that's right, no ice for me buddy. He didn't immediately fill the cup, first he stared at me for a good 5 seconds then asked "no ice"? Nope. None. Surprisingly, he filled that cup to the brim. When he put the top on some came out of the straw hole on top. That's what I'm talking about, I want my $2 worth of soda and not a drop less!
Beating the system, even the small victories are sweet.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just in time for the RNC

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The face of Jesus

I found this picture online, I like it, it looks a lot more how Jesus would have looked than the long auburn haired figure we are used to.
I'm sure many Americans would be offended if we showed Jesus as a middle eastern man, but that's what he was. He was an Israeli Jew. He had dark skin and woolly black hair.
People think I don't believe in him but that isn't true, I'm sure there was a peaceful man named Jesus who many believed to be the Son of God. That part I don't buy, but, I do see him as a good role model and good leader who inspires millions of people. You don't have to think of him as a Messiah to think of him and you can still follow WWJD even if you don't believe he is Christ.
Are there any other world leaders or people you would look to as a role model of how to act or what to do in a situation? Gandhi? Washington? Lincoln? Caesar?
The problem is we have lots of facts on many historical figures, but not so many on Jesus. We do have The Bible, but how much of that can we say is true? I'm sure some of the stories are, and some do have great life lessons, but is it 100% factual? Of course not.
I'm getting off topic here, but this is the face I picture when people talk of Jesus, a peaceful, respectable, Middle Eastern man.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh Rex, you crack me up

In three preseason games the New York Jets have scored 0 touchdowns. Any worries in Jet camp? Here's what Rex says "we do some stuff on offense that is undefendable"
They are standing by the claim that they are playing a vanilla offense on purpose and will unleash this new unstoppable offensive plan in Week 1 against the Bills. We shall see...
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's only preseason but...

I have to say, I like what I'm seeing from the Giants starting team. The team has only won one game, but the starters have had good halftime leads before the backups take over.

We get to see Luck vs. Griffin this weekend and enjoy the play rivalry kinda thing now. In a few years Luck/Griffin won't be a big deal...at all. These QB's who like to play like they're runningbacks who can throw never last, they'll have a good three, maybe four years but then they'll fade away. They take too many hits, and take big hits because big defensive players want to put these flashy guys down. I think 4 of the NFC's top 5 pass rushers are in the NFC East (and NY has 3 of them), that will mean pain for Griffin and lots of it. Plus, the NFC East plays against the AFC North this year. Not only will he face DeMarcus Ware, Osi, Tuck, and JPP twice this season but also Ray Lewis and James Harrison. Good luck!
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Friday, August 24, 2012

I don't give a sh*t about the RNC

Why does every news station have to make a big fucking deal about the Hurricane and the Republican National Convention, who fucking cares? Does anyone on this planet care if it is delayed a day?
How about just giving updates on Isaac and how it will affect the residents of Western Florida and the Gulf Coast. I don't give a shit about the RNC and how this will affect them, can we focus on some real news?
This is why I watch the "news" less and less, it's all bullshit.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fate and Karma

Okay, so, as I was saying before....fate and karma rule this world like a force of nature and I have a little story here to show both of them at work.

Now, this starts by going back a few weeks...kinda.

Work has been pretty slow lately, and when work is slow, hours are tougher to gather up. The one major advantage that I have had at my job that many businesses don't have is overtime. We have no hours limits, as long as it takes to get the job done, that's what your hours are. I could have three stops on Monday and get 9 hours and have a tough install on Tuesday and get 13 hours and when we are busy I usually get a steady 45-50 hour week; which is nice because OT pay is what makes it all worth it.

Lately, I've been ranging in the 35-40 a week area, which can make a $200 a week difference. That is a big difference. So, work has been slow the past two months and it is beginning to show. Plus, add in my car needed a new tire, back to school shopping coming up and the always rising gas prices; so I've been looking for a break. That is where fate comes in...

I pulled into a gas station to send a text to my mother about coming over to move a door (a long story) and as I'm pulling back out I see a mans wallet sitting there on the ground. So, I hop out of my truck and pick it up and of course I think "fate has left this here for me to find, because times are tough". Before you think ill of me, just remember that I also believe in Karma.
Karma has used fate to test me and earn me some good karma.
I look into the wallet and find the mans drivers license, I see there's no cash it in but a few credit cards and some gift cards. He doesn't live far from the gas station so, I decide to drive to his house and return it rather than leave it where it was.
I pulled up to the house and his wife answered the door, I gave her the wallet and she thanked me profusely. Now, I waited for karma.....nothing happened, she thanked me, closed the door, and I left.
I called my wife and told her the story, kind of bummed because I thought karma would earn me something, but I took it as I did something that most people won't do and will have luck in my near future because of it.
Not two minutes goes by and I receive a phone call from my office. Jeremy asks me if I just returned someone's wallet and I said yes I did. He says "I have a woman on the other line, said a guy from Arnco just brought her a wallet and she would like to send him a reward". Now, what happened was...the woman called her husband and told him about the found wallet, she then asked him what cards/cash he had in it, when she discovered that nothing was missing she called my work (luckily I was driving my work van which says Arnco with our phone number all over it) and asked who she can send a reward to. She told Jeremy that she didn't want to reward someone that just stole from them, so she wanted to check with her husband first.
Anyway, it has only been two days and I haven't received her card yet, but karma did find me and it used fate to get test me.

Now, I don't go doing nice things just to be rewarded, that's just the kind of guy I am, but it is nice when someone recognizes a good person and does reward them for it, I'm sure that woman will earn some good karma of her own.

Next subject you may be wondering is how I can believe that everything happens for a reason and that people can earn karma (bad or good) and I still don't believe in God, well that answer is simple....because, that why.
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Ignore last post

Sent that by accident....there is a story to that coming later
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Karma and Fate

I may not believe in a God, but I do believe in a higher power of some sort, and that is karma and fate. I do think everything happens for a reason and you are given tests throughout your life to earn karma.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Stand

So, I have taken on the challenge of reading The Stand, under normal circumstances this would be no challenge, BUT this is the uncut extended version clocking in at around 1,125 pages. I've read books close to 1,000 pages before...well, just Swan Song, really. The longest Harry Potter book is around 800 and I did read about half of It and promised I would finish it....eventually.

I'm not saying this because I am intimidated by long books, just because of my short attention span with books. Most that I read are between 400 and 600 pages, with a few 250's thrown in. I don't get a lot of reading time, so if I'm taking a solid month to read one book, it has to be worth it. So far...eh.

The problem I have with King is he tends to ramble on and on and on and on with tons of back story. I don't need back story, character development does not require it. I am identifying with characters just fine by skimming through the back stories. Of course, when I picked the un-cut version I should have realized I was going to get more blah, blah, blah than people who read the original....about 400 more pages of blah.
Still, I am 51% done so far, and it isn't bad but I do believe Swan Song by Robert McCammon is a better post apocalyptic tale and keeps the reader way more interested. You learn the background of the main characters immediately instead of constantly going back and droning on.

Oh, and, surviving after a nuclear attack with everything destroyed and a seven year nuclear winter is a lot harder than living in a world ravaged by a super flu, so hats off to the characters in Swan Song for dealing with that.
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Andrew Luck

Boy, oh boy! I might have to change around my picks for this year, Andrew Luck looked like a veteran out there in his first preseason start. He read and reacted like the guy who was there before him (can't remember his name right now).
Now, the former Colt QB had to carry this team at times, and since it is only preseason and against the Rams we don't know for sure yet what Luck will be, but he gave a very nice preview.
One thing I like to see is Luck isn't afraid to throw the ball away, he took a few less completions and there are some NFL QB's that won't do that, Favre come to mind. For the past two years Eli Manning has been one of the least sacked QBs and not because of a great O line but because he would rather pass for 60% and not get hit/intercepted than pass for 65% and get rocked.
Most young QBs won't do that (Eli didn't for a few years) but Andrew Luck looked like a pro out there. I'd like to see his composure in a real game when he's down by 4 with 1:30 to go, 1st and 10 at his own 20 before getting really high on him, but, I think Indy fans may have gotten as lucky as Green Bay did in going from one franchise qb to another.
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Been bad, getting better

I finally put Blogger in my bookmarks on my Kindle (which is now my primary source of internet). I have been lax in replying to comments and visiting/commenting on other blogs that I used to read daily.

The Red Mosquito is back, and I have a lot of catching up to do...
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

NFL Predictions!!!

Okay, the pressure is on, in the past five years I have correctly picked these conference winners; Patriots, Steelers, Saints, Packers, Patriots. To go with that I have been wrong 5 times on the other Conference winner (actual winner); Cowboys(Giants), Giants(Cardinals), Ravens(Colts), Ravens (Steelers), Packers (Giants).

As I said, I had this all worked out perfectly with the schedule but lost the sheet so, the standings may not add up correctly but it will be a good estimate.

AFC East

New England Patriots 12-4 (1)
Buffalo Bills 9-7
New York Jets 8-8
Miami Dolphins 5-11


Baltimore Ravens 10-6 (3)
Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7 (6)
Cincinnati Bengals 8-8
Cleveland Browns 3-13


Houston Texans 12-4 (2)
Tennessee Titans 10-6 (5)
Indianapolis Colts 6-10
Jacksonville Jags 4 -12


Denver Broncos 10-6 (4)
Oakland Raiders 9-7
Kansas City Chiefs 7-9
San Diego Chargers 6-10

I can see Buffalo making a push for the final spot, who knows. As I have it here, here's what I have.

Wild Card

(6)Pittsburgh Steelers at (3) Baltimore Ravens Ravens win

(5)Tennessee Titans at (4) Denver Broncos Broncos win


(4) Denver Broncos at (1) New England Patriots Broncos win haha

(3) Baltimore Ravens at (2) Houston Texans
Texans win

AFC Championship

(4) Denver Broncos at (2) Houston Texans

Texans win the AFC

Now for the NFC


New York Giants 11-5 (4)
Dallas Cowboys 9-7
Philadelphia Eagles 8-8
Washington Redskins 6-10


Green Bay Packers 12-4 (1)
Chicago Bears 11-5 (5)
Detroit Lions 9-7
Minnesota Vikings 2-14


Atlanta Falcons 12-4 (2)
New Orleans Saints 10-6 (6)
Carolina Panthers 7-9
Tampa Bay Bucs 5-11


San Francisco 49ers 11-5 (3)
Seattle Seahawks 9-7
St. Louis Rams 7-9
Arizona Cardinals 4-12

Wild Card

(6) New Orleans Saints at (3) San Fran 49ers Niners win

(5) Chicago Bears at (4) New York Giants
Giants win


(4) New York Giants at (1) Green Bay Packers
Packers win
(3) San Fran 49ers at (2) Atlanta Falcons
Falcons win

NFC Championship

(2) Atlanta Falcons at (1) Green Bay Packers

Green Bay wins the NFC

Super Bowl 47

Houston Texans vs. Green Bay Packers

And of course, I have already said I like the NFC to win the Super Bowl.

There we go, no need to even watch this season, we already know what will happen.
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