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Monday, November 28, 2011


It seems there is a lot of old Blogstreamers on Facebook and they have started a private group. I know I haven't been on here a lot but I don't get on the computer as often lately. I did join the group but haven't really posted anything on it and don't read it too much either.
Has everyone given up on Blogger? I know Whit has been posting on FB but my timeline on here only shows Sarge and Squatlo have been posting lately. I have fallen way behind and need to make up some slack. I will dedicate some time later tonight on getting caught up on Blogger and maybe do a posting on FB as well.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Penn State

I'm sure the whole country has heard about what is going on at Penn State right now. Former Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been charged with child molestation and rape. Last I heard they have 8 counts against him, but they are looking for more victims.
I am sickened by these developments, not only as a fan of Penn State or as a father, but as a human.
What we know now is there was an accusation against Sandusky back in 1998, he was seen by a janitor sodomizing a boy in the showers. It was then reported to Paterno, who reported it to the Athletic Director, from there......nothing.
Joe let Sandusky go, which at the time seemed very strange from the outside. Paterno and Sandusky were a power duo in college football, they were known for coming up with huge defensive plans with great linebackers.
Sandusky was allowed to still work at the college in a role I'm not sure of. But, he was investigated by campus police and they gave Penn State a 30 page report of what they have found. Supposedly, Paterno never knew about such a report.
If you don't know a lot about Penn State or Joe Pa, just know that he has been there over 60 years and lives on campus. They have a statue in his honor, Penn State is a very small college and without Paterno would never have become a college powerhouse. He is to Penn what Jordan was to the Bulls.
There were more accusations against Sandusky in 2002, again, happening at Penn State.
The school decided to keep its clean image and covered up the scandal.
Could the guy who basically runs the school have no idea what was going on? Is Paterno lying about being shocked?
I think so. How could he not know?
I respected Paterno as a coach and a man, but now?
There will forever be a black mark on Penn State because the man who worked so hard to make it a reputable place, and they have lost this fan.
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Coming out of the dark...

At about 6:35 on Friday night the power finally came back on. We were at karate class and I received a text message from a neighbor that we were finally lit up. At this time I would like to send this message....


They have fucked this whole situation up. There are still about 200,000 people who don't have power a week after the storm. I went six days, which is ridiculous.

Connecticut has two major electrical companies, CL&P and United Illuminating (UI). CL&P runs about 3/4 of the state, the rest is UI or independent companies. UI had their area complete in about 3 days then started sending crews to help CL&P, we also had contractors from all over the country. The company working on our road was from Florida. I've seen trucks from Alabama, Indiana, Florida, Montana and South Carolina (I guess to work here your state has to end in an 'a'). Most of the time you saw these trucks they were idle. Why? Because CL&P didn't give them any direction for almost 2 days! The pole that fell near my house laid in the road for 3 days, then a crew came and tipped it the other way so it was laying on the grass in front of Southington High instead of across Flanders Road. It took another two days for a crew to put the pole back up and fix any wire issues. In that time, we saw at least six trucks from Florida just sitting in the High School parking lot.
News stations were reporting that CL&P had called the trucks up but gave them no direction as to where to begin or what to do.
In Meriden a giant tree fell on Colony Rd (a main road) and tore down two power poles with it. The road was closed for five days before work even began to fix it. I still don't think it is complete.
The northwest corner of CT is all rural and has small towns and villages with populations under 5,000 people, it remained 100% dark for four days. Four days before work even began to fix anything! No food, no heat, no gas. Nothing up there for 4 days.
Wallingford has it's own electrical plant, therefore they could fix their own repairs very quickly, they had no one to worry about but Wallingford's few outages. Therefore, guess what happened in Wallingford? A complete state bottleneck.
Gas stations were running out of gas daily, the lines at Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds were 45-60 mins long. Lines of cars down main roads to get into a gas station, people coming from all over the state for any shot at getting some food and gas. Towns that had partial outage were even worse, parts of the Berlin Turnpike (a major commercial boulevard running from Meriden to Wethersfield) did have power and became flooded with people worse than Wallingford. I should really post a picture of a map here, for out of staters to understand where people were traveling.

That's better.

I know it is a small state but it was hectic. A major town like West Hartford was 90% dark for five days. While at karate class on Wednesday a parent from Cheshire was telling us he saw 3 CLP trucks on his street and he watched them while they took an hour and a half lunch break. Just hanging out, sitting around, no problem, like nothing that important was really going on.

Well, that's my rant. I'm glad to be back to business and am looking forward to actually cooking food in my house for the first time this week! That was the worst part, we have an electric stove so every meal we ate had to be out, that costs a lot of money. I guess you can put in a claim with FEMA for money spent on replacing all the food in the refrigerator that was ruined. I haven't seen any info on how to do this but I will look into it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Still dark....

We lost power at 11:40 Saturday night and are still in the dark as of 2:42pm Wednesday. There were over 800,000 customers without power after this freak October snow, about 450,000 still remain in the dark. It has been a warm 55-60 degrees during the day but low 30's overnight.
Schools are closed for the whole week in most towns and Connecticut Light and Power says they will have 100% restored by midnight on Sunday.
I can't miss Giants/Patriots this week, so I may be searching for a spot to go to.
We're hanging in there....
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