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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's like 2010 again....

Another year the Giants have started 6-2 and are scurrying for a playoff spot. Last year they went from 6-2 to 7-7 and somehow won their last two games to eek into the playoffs as winner of a terrible division.
Now, after being 6-2 and leading the East by as much as three games they are in a three way tie at 8-6 and have no tie breakers in the division!

In 2010 this team was going to Green Bay to play for the would be tie breaker and didn't even show up. The week before they blew a 28 point lead in 7 minutes to the Eagles to blow the division. The Packers and Giants both finished 10-6 but Green Bay got the last spot as the 6th seed and won it all.

Now, here they are again..a chance to almost lock up the division and they get absolutely massacred by the Falcons. And they go into Baltimore next week to play a team trying to clinch their division, then play an Eagles team that would love nothing more than to make the Giants miss the playoffs.
At least fans of suck teams know what they're going to get, they don't have hopes and dreams of winning. But for a team with this much talent to suck so bad in the second half of the year consistently drives me nuts!
I know I'm spoiled, I've seen these guys hoist the Lombardi twice in five years but just once I'd like to see a dominant season.

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  1. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if they win out. Now that their backs are up against the wall. Maybe it won't be enough. ; )

    Sorry, ; (