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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thursday Football

Last Week 7-9
Season 7-9

I don't get a very good chance to redeem myself this Thursday as we have the Bears in Lambeau. Why must it be so tough?

Chicago Bears(1-0)at Green Bay Packers(0-1)- The Bears looked great last week, but that was against a rookie QB and a poor defense. Now they face a top QB and a poor defense. The Packers looked just as off rhythm in the opener as they did when we last saw them in the playoffs. Let's just call a spade a spade; the Niners crushed them. I am taking the Pack in this game, purely for the fact that I cannot see this team going 0-2, Rodgers will not allow it. Would a Chicago win lead to the changing of the guard in the North? Maybe, but I've seen two teams start 0-2 and win the Super Bowl so don't panic. It is a moot point, Packers win 27-21.

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