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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 2

Last week: 7-9
Season: 7-9

I'm off to a better start already this week by taking Green Bay to get a win. The Pack dominated the Bears, they were still a little off balance on offense but a fake FG helped things along. Okay, here we go...

Tampa Bay Bucs(1-0)at New York Giants(0-1)- The Bucs defense looked pretty good against the Panthers, and the running game was a success too. Meanwhile, big blue looked flat and gave 0 effort against Dallas in the season opener. I have got to believe the Giants will show more fury against a highly inferior Tampa team. Could still be a defensive close game, but NYG wins 23-16.

Kansas City Chiefs(0-1)at Buffalo Bills(0-1)- Both teams expected better defense last week, both failed. I'm still thinking the Bills are the better team. Bills 21-17.

Cleveland Browns(0-1)at Cincinnati Bengals(0-1)- The Browns almost beat the Eagles, but that was more the Eagles sucking than the Browns being good. I still believe in Cinci making some noise in the North. Bengals 21-14.

Minnesota Vikings(1-0)at Indianapolis Colts(0-1)- The Vikes are not a good team, and even as a team rebuilding the Colts are better. I do like seeing how Luck handles another team that can stop the run and makes him throw. I'm taking the Colts at home 27-13.

Oakland Raiders(0-1)at Miami Dolphins(0-1)- The Phins suck, I don't expect a great fight or a classic 70's style Raiders/Dolphins game here, I think Oakland does a fair job against a weak Miami team. Raiders 28-17

Arizona Cardinals(1-0)at New England Patriots(1-0)- There isn't much to say here, except for Fitzgerald tearing up the Pats DBs I don't see the Cards giving much of a problem. Pats 31-20.

Baltimore Ravens(1-0)at Philadelphia Eagles(1-0)- The Eagles are the only team that looked worse than the Packers, Saints, and Giants in week 1 and still won. The Ravens are too much for them to handle. Baltimore 29-24.

New Orleans Saints(0-1)at Carolina Panthers(0-1)- Boy did the Saints stink last week. How do they respond without Payton to rally the troops? The Panthers looked equally as bad, and they had high expectations of themselves also. As strange as it sounds this one is a coin flipper because of all the unknowns....ugh. I'm going with the Saints, just because. Saints 33-31.

Houston Texans(1-0)at Jacksonville Jaguars(0-1)- No contest here, and let me just say there are some real snoozer games this week. I think the game of the week was on Thursday. Anyway, Texans 30-17.

Washington Redskins(1-0)at StLouis Rams(0-1)- The Skins are on my top ten right now and should stay for another week at least. Not that beating the Rams would be a big deal but they should beat up on them nicely. The Rams are a better team than last year but the Skins are more improved than them. Washington 28-19.

Dallas Cowboys(1-0)at Seattle Seahawks(0-1)- Dallas looked like the 13 win team from 2007 last week in dismantling the champs, the Seahawks looked like chumps against the Cards in letting a lead slip away in the final minutes. Seattle is a tough place to play but if Dallas carries that fire...Dallas 24-17.

New York Jets(1-0)at Pittsburgh Steelers(0-1)- The Jets don't have a good history in Pitt and the Steelers will have a slight advantage with Revis gone. Pitt still has O line issues, and maybe RB issues if Mendenhall is still out. I like the Jets secondary a lot but Revis was the key to it. Going black and gold..Pitt 20-14.

Tennessee Titans(0-1)at San Diego Chargers(1-0)- The Chargers are a team that nobody is talking about, they used to be a playoff lock every year but that has dropped off. The Titans are a team much like San Diego now, a team you expect to win 8 or 9 games and bow out after one playoff game. The Titans didn't show much last week and I know they are a better team than that but I'd still take the Chargers. San Diego 24-20.

Detroit Lions(1-0)at San Francisco 49ers(1-0)- This should be a good match, and although I expected the Lions to take a step back this year they are still a good team. The 49ers are just better. Detroit has a better QB and WR but San Fran is better everywhere else. The Lions defense should be more challenging than Green Bay, especially with that defensive line, so I expect less rushing yards from the 9ers. Stafford has a tougher challenge with that San Fran rush, and those LBs that cover the middle field so well. San Fran 20-16.

Denver Broncos(1-0)at Atlanta Falcons(1-0)- Peyton proved he was back last week in a win over Pittsburgh, the Falcons proved they can put up big numbers. To me, this comes down to the Broncos defense and how they handle a pass and rush attack from the Falcons. Both offenses are about even, but Atlanta should be able to put up more points than the Broncos. Atlanta wins a shootout 35-31.

I'm hoping for better results this week to get me above .500 for the season.
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  1. That's always the key to these Cowboys, isn't it? (Your if.)

    1. If Dallas had a great coach they have the talent to be one of the best teams in the NFL.