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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Football

I really hate Thursday football, but whatcha gonna do?

Tampa Bay Bucs(2-4)at Minnesota Vikings(5-2)- The Bucs were close in beating the Saints, but the Vikes D is way better. On the other hand they don't have Brees......still say Vikes 21-20

Monday, October 22, 2012

Heating up in Connecticut

We have a big race for Senate this year in CT, Congressman Chris Murphy versus fake wrestling tycoon Linda McMahon. Most of the mud slinging has been coming from Linda, not shockingly. She has tried to distance herself from the WWF but uses it as her 'experience'. All her commercials say she (yeah, she...nothing about Vince and his family that actually started the WWF) built a billion dollar company here in CT and she's not a career politician like Murphy and blah, blah, blah.
She is an idiot, and just the kind of person we don't need in Senate. It really is getting to the point where I don't trust any Republican politician to not go Teabagger once they get into office. Look at Romney.
Years ago when he was Governor of Mass he wasn't some ultra conservative asswipe like he is now. That's why he can't remember where he stands on anything, because he has had to change his thoughts to appeal to the Baggers.
Anyway, in polls Murphy and McMahon are in a dead heat. This will go down to the wire. Linda has stepped down as CEO of fake wrestling and had all YouTube vids of her fake fighting taken off the internet. She made billions promoting violence and the degradation of women and now she wants to represent our state in the Senate? How would the Repubs react if a Dem did that? They'd be beside themselves with how morally corrupt she is, promoting half naked women fighting while Jerry Lawler yells "puppies! Show those puppies!" Personally, I don't care what business she does, I'd support Larry Flynn running for Pres if I liked his views. But Linda has classic millionaire mind, her first everyone else last. That's how she and Vince treat their employees and she would be the same in Senate. Screw the middle class workers and the Union, what can I do for me?
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 7

Last Week: 7-6
Season: 54-35

I can't believe the season is almost half over! The NFL has the longest off season of any major league sport and the least amount of games. We wait from February until September for a mere 16 games, 10 playoff games and a 1 game Championship but it makes every game mean so much more. There are 3 loss teams right now that are only 3 or 4 losses away from being eliminated from the playoffs, is Pittsburgh (2-3) one? New Orleans (1-4)? Green Bay (3-3)? You never know...

Tennessee Titans(2-4)at Buffalo Bills(3-3)- I don't know what to expect from either team at this point, but I picked Buffalo to be a wild card team so I'm sticking with them. Buffalo wins a close one 24-20.

Cleveland Browns(1-5)at Indianapolis Colts(2-3)- The Brown are coming off of win 1 (as I predicted) and here is win 2! I like Trent Richardson versus the Colts, this guy is a game changer 110% and in a few years could lead the Browns back to glory. Luck and Wayne can have a very nice day, but sorry Sarge I'm taking the Brownies. 27-20.

Green Bay Packers(3-3)at St.Louis Rams(3-3)- The Rams only have one thing to lean on here, defense. They cannot keep up with Rodgers and co. They need to rush, rush, and rush to eat up clock and keep Aaron off the field. Can GB's run D be good in back to back weeks? Sure, why not. The Pack is back and chasing Chicago with a 31-21 win.

Arizona Cardinals(4-2)at Minnesota Vikings(4-2)- You have been exposed Arizona! The Vikes will get to 5-2 in a defensive bounce back game. Vikes 16-10.

New Orleans Saints(1-4)at Tampa Bay Bucs(2-3)- Tampa at home against a weak Saints team? No matter, it is still Brees and the Saints. Bucs play a aggressive defense and are vulnerable down field. Saints 35-21.

Washington Redskins(3-3)at New York Giants(4-2)- The Skins put up big points against a good Vikes defense last week, meanwhile, Eli picked apart a Niners D that is better. Okay, he had help with only needing 15 yard drives two or three times, but still. Is this a let down game for NY? A perfect trap game? After a big upset and a huge trip to Dallas next week the weak opponent in between becomes a trap. Nah. Bob Griffin may put up some points, but not like Eli and Cruz. New York football Giants 30-24.

Dallas Cowboys(2-3)at Carolina Panthers(1-4)- After week 1 the Cowboys looked like title contenders, now they look like girls. Romo is in the hot seat as he has more INTs than TD's but so does Cam. Dallas can run and the Panthers don't play D at all. Ware and Lee vs. Newton? Don't think so. Cowgirls 24-21.

Baltimore Ravens(5-1)at Houston Texans(5-1)- The black birds have had the close game mojo this year, the Texans are expected to be AFC powerhouse but looked sub par two weeks in a row against a shitty Jets team and the Pack. Ravens have no more Ray Lewis, the defensive quarterback. Do not doubt the importance of a very good LB. Texans 28-21.

Jacksonville Jaguars(1-4)at Oakland Raiders(1-4)- Well, there is no suck for Luck this year...is the suck prize USC's Barkley? Eh, we shall see...anyway, I'm taking the Raiders to build off a "good" loss to the Falcons. Is there a good loss? Yes. Sometimes. Rarely. Silver and Black is back! Not really, but they win. Jags suck. 27-17.

New York Jets(3-3)at New England Patriots(3-3)- How are the Jets 3-3?? They stink! How are the Pats 3-3?? Brady is a fag. Oh, wait...I never go with points or the spread or anything but the Pats are a 10.5 point favorite. Make that 14 for me. Pats 28-14.

Pittsburgh Steelers(2-3)at Cincinnati Bengals(3-3)- In my years of doing these picks I have never spelled Cincinnati correctly without using spell check, that doesn't mean anything just sayin'. Pitt kinda sucks this year but not because of Ben who's completing 65% with 10tds to 2ints they have rushing issues and injury problems. Mendenhall is questionable, if he plays, lights out Cinci. Rapistburger is 7-1 lifetime in Cinci or is it Cincy? Whatever. Steelers 29-24.

Detroit Lions(2-3)at Chicago Bears(4-1)- Sweet home Chicago! The Bears can stay a half step ahead of the Vikes with a Monday Night win. The problem is that shitty offensive line and a diva QB. Maybe it isn't all Cutlers fault...meanwhile, Stafford has one target and while Chicago can't shut Megatron down, they can keep the non existent running game non existing and double Johnson most of the night. Chicago can also run wild with Forte and Bush to keep the Lions offense off the field. Time management is key in this divisional game and the Bears do that. Chicago 23-17.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nothing gets by Bill

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Greatest pot roast ever

As you all know I'm a New Englander, I love autumn and classic New England food. One of my favorite dinners is New England Pot Roast or Yankee Pot Roast. Your basic pot roast recipe; cook all day with white potatoes, onions and carrots. I am now a changed man.
My wife found a pot roast recipe that I thought sounded insane, after all pot roast can only be prepared one way, right?
Here's what I was told to do...

Melt a stick of butter and put into crock pot, add a packet of Au Jus gravy mix (ok, sounds good so far), add a packet of Ranch dip mix (????), add the roast and roll in the liquid, then...ready for this? Then add a jar of pepperchini peppers! Are you kidding me??! Italian salad peppers on my pot roast! Inconceivable!! Cook in crock pot for 8 hours.

My friends, let me tell you something...I am a changed man. That was easily the most fucking delicious pot roast I have ever eaten in my life. The meat was like butter, I cut into it with a spoon! A spoon, I say! It may be the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my life. And the peppers? Amazing. It was juicy, buttery, flavorful, tender and beyond words. Dust off your crock pot and try that one!
Oh, and it wasn't incredibly spicy so don't worry about that. I don't find Italian peppers that spicy to start with but this was even less than that. Just a nice kick.
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Alyssa in glasses

Yeah, I have a problem....
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Look who's walking

I haven't had many personal posts lately or updates on the kids. Abby Rose turned 1 on the 19th of September and although she still crawls occasionally she is also walking.
There is Devin in the background, he will be 5 on November 27th and is in Kindergarten.
Alyssa is 10 now, in 5th grade and in glasses that make her prettier than she was before. Ugh, I think I need to invest in a shot gun. I'll get recent pics of her up after this.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thanks to J.O.B for the reminder...

Yeah, I know, I suck.

Seattle Seahawks(4-2)at San Francisco 49ers(4-2)- The Seahawks coming off and upset win and the Niners off an upset loss. I am going San Fran to feel the pressure to get right. Niners 27-17.

Lots of changes in the top 10 this week
Top Ten

1. Atlanta Falcons (2)
2. New York Giants (9)
3. Houston Texans (1)
4. San Francisco 49ers (3)
5. Baltimore Ravens (6)
6. Chicago Bears (8)
7. Minnesota Vikings (4)
8. Seattle Seahawks (unranked)
9. Arizona Cardinals (5)
10. Green Bay Packers (unranked)

I put Atlanta at top mostly because they are undefeated. I put the Giants ahead of Houston because the Texans haven't really beaten any good teams yet and failed miserably against the Packers after looking not too good against the Jets the week before. Arizona and Minnesota had big drops and I expect the Cards to be off by next week after they play the Vikes. I just didn't have someone to replace them with.
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Week 6!

Last Week: 10-3
Season: 47-29

Another good week, but I start 0-1 this week with the Titans upsetting the Steelers. After the Ravens,Patriots and Texans who is an AFC Playoff team? Chargers?? Well, they host the Broncos this week so I guess we shall see...

Oakland Raiders(1-3)at Atlanta Falcons(5-0)- The Falcons are going to blow an easy one at some point, but not against the Raiders. The Falcons have a 4 game lead in the division only 5 games in, who saw that coming? Hotlanta stays hot, White and Jones are as nasty a WR combo as the NFL has, Falcons 29-20.

Cincinnati Bengals(3-2)at Cleveland Browns(0-5)- The Bengals coming off a shocking loss and the Browns coming off 3 quarters of a beatdown. Finally seeing Trent Richardson play was a treat for me last week, even if he was killing my Giants defense. The Bengals had to score a lot to beat them the first time and division rules apply (RM's rule #1- Divisional games have no rules). I'm taking the split. Browns 24-20.

St.Louis Rams(3-2)at Miami Dolphins(2-3)- I like the Rams, not to be a 10 game winner but to be a thorn in the side of winning teams. But, surprisingly enough the Phins are being a bit of a thorn themselves. These teams can bother each other for a while but the Rams will be .500 and should win 23-17.
Indianapolis Colts(2-2)at New York Jets(2-3)- I don't know how the Colts will carry over after a huge upset last week, but they are facing a good Jets secondary (even without Revis). Meanwhile, the Jets offense stinks. They are beyond stink. I think Indy pulls out another close one 17-16 Colts.

Detroit Lions(1-3)at Philadelphia Eagles(3-2)- The Eagles have kept it close, the Lions are somehow missing in action. They look nothing like the playoff team from last year. Vick looks horrible, throwing picks and fumbling the ball. The defense and McCoy have been carrying this team but I think the Lions will have their number. Lions 27-24.

Kansas City Chiefs(1-4)at Tampa Bay Buccaneers(1-3)- The Chiefs offense is pretty crappy, and the Bucs have been non existent. Taking the Bucs just because they can score. Bucs 20-13.

Dallas Cowboys(2-2)at Baltimore Ravens(4-1)- This could be closer than it should be. The Cowboys can play and keep up with the Ravens and might even win by a FG, if the right Romo shows up or the right D shows up, or the right O line shows up. Too many questions in Dallas...Ravens 26-21.

Buffalo Bills(2-3)at Arizona Cardinals(4-1)- Traveling cross country is hard, especially against an unfamiliar team. Cards 20-17.

New England Patriots(3-2)at Seattle Seahawks(3-2)- Sure, Seattle is a tough place to win and they are a gritty team. I'm banking on the Pats experience to get this done. 28-17.

Minnesota Vikings(4-1)at Washington Redskins(2-3)- The Vikes D is back and Ponder isn't bad. I believe Bob Griffin will be playing after suffering a concussion last week, but the Skins d is a major weakness. The Vikes have also been stopping the run, a strength of the Skins, I'll take the Vikes to pull out a close game. 29-27 Vikings.

New York Giants(3-2)at San Francisco 49ers(4-1)- A NFC title rematch, a highly improved Niners offense against a not as good Giants defense. The Giants have the best D line in the league (on paper) but have failed to get to the QB this year. Meanwhile the Niners and Giants are racking up the points and NY will need all it can to beat San Fran. I see a high scoring game, not at all like the great NFC Championship. Also not like the title game, the Niners take this one. 29-27 49ers.

Green Bay Packers(2-3)at Houston Texans(5-0)- I picked this matchup for the Super Bowl, but the Pack aren't looking so super these days. They are one dimensional and it is costing them big time. The old rule still applies, running and defense wins Championships. But, the Texans looked very unsuper themselves last week in NY and I am seeing an upset in the works. Packers air it out for a 30-28 win.

Denver Broncos(2-3)at San Diego Chargers(3-2)- These are the teams that will fight for the West and I'm giving Manning the first advantage. I just don't trust Norv to coach a win after an upset, he doesn't motivate like Fox does. To me, that's what it comes down to, the better coach. Denver 24-20.

There ya go, I'm hoping I'm wrong about the SF/NY game...
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Friday, October 12, 2012

My van

Decided to post a picture of my work van, why not?
I did contact an attorney, three days after the accident. The entire engine is gone, it was pushed into the cab. The best safety on that van is the steel platform on back. It is welded to the frame and took the blow from the rig hitting me, the worse impact was in front. I was pushed into another rig. My back still hurts but could have been worse.

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Tat fever

Sometimes it is caused by a friend getting a tattoo and sometimes it just comes from absolutely nowhere, but I have it. Tat fever.
I currently don't have an artist, the one we have used is missing....hmmm
I have two from another person but we have lost touch.
I do need to add one for Abby since I have one for the other two kids, and I wanted a marriage one. Lately, I've been considering another Pearl Jam one but just a quote, it is a good one to keep in mind

"They say knowledge is a tree, it's growing up just like me"

A reminder than no matter how big you are or how grown, you are still learning even if it slows as you age. The full verse is "I remember when, I swore I knew everything, they say knowledge is a tree, it's growing up just like me" but that seemed kind of long for a tattoo. The song is called "In My Tree" so maybe a picture of a tree with the words above and below it. Maybe a shoulder one...I have considered covering my first tat on my left arm. And what to do for Abby? Hmmm...

The fever grows hotter...

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Football

Why do I keep forgetting this?

Pittsburgh Steelers(2-2)at Tennessee Titans(1-4)- The Steelers should dominate this game. The Titans are yet to do anything impressive and they can't run. I think Pitt makes this game tougher for themselves than it should be. Pittsburgh 23-17.
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What's been going on...

I never wrote a blog about what's been going on with me lately, and I'm not sure why.

I am currently out of work due to a vehicle accident at work.
On September 25, I was coming down I-95 in West Haven and traffic came to a stop. I had plenty of time to stop behind a truck but then looked in my sideview mirror and saw a tractor trailer coming up behind me and not stopping. He drove right into me and pushed me into the truck in front of me. I drive a van with a bucket on it and my cab was crunched, the van is totally destroyed.
I was somehow fine, at first anyway. The cab was full of dust from the airbags and stuff was thrown everywhere but I managed to find my phone. I called my office and my wife to tell them about the accident then tried to get out. Both doors were twisted and would not open, so I had to wait for the fire department to cut the doors open. I was pulled out and put right into an ambulance and taken to Yale to be checked out.
I was okay that day but have had a lot of back pain since. I'm out of work on comp and starting physical therapy to exercise out my muscle strains. I hope to be back in mid November.
That's basically it. I have some pics of my van but was debating whether or not to put them on here. The officer who brought my reg and license back to Yale for me said the truck that hit me never even hit his brakes, he thinks he was sleeping or something.
I guess I'm lucky to even be walking but as Ron says, shit happens.
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Recap and Top 10

Had some expected wins and one huge upset. We are now well underway in the season and going into Week 6 the Saints and Packers are under .500 the Conference Champs are each only 3-2, and non playoff teams from last year like Minnesota, Arizona, and San Diego are leading the way.

The top ten is hard. There are teams that are 4-1 but not as good as 3-2 teams. Right now there are two 3-2 teams that may have the best offenses in the league, and are defending conference champs. But, the Giants have lost to Philly so can NY be on there and not Philly? Eh, we'll see...

1. Houston Texans (1)
2. Atlanta Falcons (2)
3. San Francisco 49ers (4)
4. Minnesota Vikings (5)
5. Arizona Cardinals (3)
6. Baltimore Ravens (7)
7. New England Patriots (10)
8. Chicago Bears (unranked)
9. New York Giants (unranked)
10. Philadelphia Eagles (8)

We have two newcomers, the Giants and Bears. The Eagles are dropping and the Chargers have been knocked off. I think the Cards will continue to drop now, and it will take a big Packer win over the Texans to even get close to the 10 spot.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Week 5

Last Week: 11-4
Season: 37-26

Had a very good Week 4, I'd love to get 11 wins this week since there's only 13 games. Well, there are 14 but I missed the Thursday pick.

Miami Dolphins(1-3)at Cincinnati Bengals(3-1)- The Bengals aren't a great team but they always beat the teams they are supposed to beat. The Dolphins have gone to OT in two straight weeks and have played better than I expected this year. Still, Bengals beat the bad teams. Bengals 27-17.

Green Bay Packers(2-2)at Indianapolis Colts(1-2)- Luck may have some luck against the Packers defense but they can't handle Rodgers. 35-20 Packers.

Baltimore Ravens(3-1)at Kansas City Chiefs(1-3)- KC is a tough place to play but the Ravens are rolling along and continue to do so. 23-19 Ravens.

Philadelphia Eagles(3-1)at Pittsburgh Steelers(1-2)- The battle of Pennsylvania. The Steelers haven't been exactly stellar, and the Eagles are 3-1 but they've squeaked by everyone. They don't get so lucky this time. Pitt 28-21.

Cleveland Browns(0-4)at New York Giants(2-2)- The Giants have lost another divisional game and have to stop counting on Manning magic to win them a game. Even with Nicks gone the Giants should put up some points against a weak Browns defense. Giants should roll 31-17.

Atlanta Falcons(4-0)at Washington Redskins(2-2)- I am taking the upset. I just have that feeling that the Skins will be better prepared, no real reason. Skins 27-26.

Seattle Seahawks(2-2) at Carolina Panthers(1-3)- The Panthers are not building on last year, and Seattle is all over the place but they play a solid defense. Both are counting on young arms to lead the way and Newton is better than Russell but not much better. I'll take Seattle 23-20.

Chicago Bears(3-1)at Jacksonville Jaguars(1-3)- A laugher. Chicago should roll on the Jags easily. 29-10.

Tennessee Titans(1-3)at Minnesota Vikings(3-1)- These cross conference games are always tough to pick, two teams that aren't very familiar with each other and play each other only once every four years. At this point I thought the Titans would be much better and the Vikes much worse. What ever happened to Chris Johnson? Does he still play? The Vikings seem to have that defensive mojo working again after sucking last year. Vikes 20-17.

Denver Broncos(2-2)at New England Patriots(2-2)- Manning vs. Brady once again. I think Tom missed Peyton last year, and didn't like the Manning that replaced him as a rival. It seems that Brady usually wins this matchup but there is something weird happening in New England this year. Manning should have another good game but I expect the Pats to bring it to the Denver D. Patriots 38-35.

Buffalo Bills(2-2)at San Francisco 49ers(3-1)- That Niners defense will destroy Fitzpatrick, he makes a lot of mistakes, just like the Bills did in giving him a big extension. SF may have another shutout. SF 26-7.

San Diego Chargers(3-1)at New Orleans Saints(0-4)- I shouldn't but I'm taking the Saints. Coach Payton will be in the audience and that will inspire them to win. 30-27.

Houston Texans(4-0)at New York Jets(2-2)- Not a head scratcher. The Jets can't score and now don't have their best WR for the season. Texans 28-13.

Next week there are two huge games to look forward to; NY at SF and GB at Houston, going to be a great Sunday Night battle.
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Thursday, October 4, 2012


I never posted my Thursday pick or top ten, quickly on top 10. Lots of newcomers as all the division leader will be on the list and that eliminates quite a few. But how long will leader stay on??

1.Houston Texans (2)
2. Atlanta Falcons(1)
3.Arizona Cardinals (3)
4. San Francisco 49ers (4)
5. Minnesota Vikings (unranked)
6. San Diego Chargers (8)
7. Baltimore Ravens (6)
8.Philadelphia Eagles (unranked)
9. Cincinnati Bengals (7)
10. New England Patriots (unranked)

I don't expect Minnesota to stay on there long or the Packers to stay off for too long

Quick on Thursday Night, eh too late its 2nd quarter. My bad.
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