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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recap and Top Ten

Another crazy week in which we saw some dominant play, upsets, and a big comeback.
First, I have to give props to my QB Eli for righting himself and after a horrendous first half just being totally lights out in the second half. That is something big brother has not been able to do consistently. We saw the Manning's throw 6 INTs this week, but only one prevailed. I was shocked by how bad the Raiders are, they just look bad. And happy to see the Bills look how I thought they would look this season. The Eagles have nine turnovers in two games and are 2-0, figure that out. The Packers seem to be back to form in dominating the Bears, and the Saints? Well, they need a coach bad.

Okay, the top ten was very hard to do this week because so many of the teams that were on it from last week lost, and I had to look at performance to figure who stays on and who goes off. I have a few teams right on the cusp too. I kinda wanted to put Seattle on there but I had to put on Arizona after a huge upset and I can't yet add the Giants or Carolina because both were dominated by Tampa Bay. They play on Thursday so one may earn a spot for next week. A few big jumps and some slides but here's what I have.

1. San Francisco 49ers (1)
2. Atlanta Falcons (6)
3. Houston Texans (9)
4. San Diego Chargers
5. New England Patriots (3)
6. Green Bay Packers
7. Baltimore Ravens (5)
8. Dallas Cowboys (2)
9. Washington Redskins (4)
10. Arizona Cardinals

Teams on the rise: Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles

Even though the Eagles are 2-0 and beat the Ravens, I can't put them on there because of how bad Vick has played. I don't expect the Cards and Skins to stay on there long, and the Steelers should be getting a spot next week. I expect the Packers to keep rising as the weeks go on,but the NFL is crazy you never know what will happen.
The top spot Niners play the Vikes next week and the Falcons are in San Diego for their third straight AFC matchup. Isn't that weird? The Falcons have not played a NFC team yet. Green Bay is in Seattle and should win that to move up, and Tampa at Dallas could be a chance for the Bucs to make the list. I know every team in the NFL is just waiting to find out where I rank them.
Oh, plus the Pats and Ravens next week. Good games lined up for Week 3.
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