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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thursday Football (Week 3)

Last Week: 10-6
Season: 17-15

I just barely managed to get over .500 on my picks and it doesn't get any easier this week. Once again the NFL Network gets a good game in Giants/Panthers, these teams haven't really been rivals, but have been a thorn in each others side for a few years. In 2005 Eli and Tiki Barber led the Giants to the playoffs and lost the Wild Card to Carolina 23-0. In 2008 the Giants were 11-3 taking on the 11-3 Panthers for what would be the NFC's #1 seed. The Giants won by 3 in OT. Two years later the Giants played their last game in Giants Stadium by being blown out by the Panthers 44-6. The next year the Giants went to Carolina in their home opener Week 2 and won an ugly game. Here they are again, two 1-1 teams. The Giants a defending champ, the Panthers looking to prove they are back.

New York Giants(1-1)at Carolina Panthers(1-1) - On paper this seems like a even match. The Giants and Panthers can both move the ball and rack up yards and points. Neither defense plays the pass all that well. The Panthers have a QB that moves out of the pocket well, can run, and has a big arm. The Giants have the best comeback QB in the league, and there's a reason for that...his defense can't win for him. Eli has so many comebacks because he has to. The advantage I give to the Giant defense is they have playmakers on the line that Carolina just doesn't have. Unlike most pass rushers, JPP does not over pursue. That's what makes him the one of the best DE's in the game, he can make open field tackles.
Based on that, I give the Giants the advantage and the win. It will be close and high scoring but NY wins it 34-28.
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