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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Football

I really hate Thursday football, but whatcha gonna do?

Tampa Bay Bucs(2-4)at Minnesota Vikings(5-2)- The Bucs were close in beating the Saints, but the Vikes D is way better. On the other hand they don't have Brees......still say Vikes 21-20


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    1. I would assume it has something to do with usually posting from a blackberry. Go to edit your post, on the top where all the gadgets are, you should see a capital A with a bold underline. That is your text color. You can edit your post there.

  2. Red Mosquito: Man I hope you are high and dry and everyone is OK there. Got power? I assume your area got hammered. Hang in there and know that the red state senators and preachers out here assure me that your area is just catching hell 3 times a year cause you have so many liberal ideas, it's absolutely not the increase in ocean temps, more water vapor in the atmosphere, rising water level, or changing weather patterns over the poll, nope.