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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 4

Last Week: 9-7
Season: 26-22

Things are moving right along in the NFL, I'm off to a 1-0 start again this week and the refs are back. There was one somewhat questionable helmet to helmet call on Thursday but otherwise the refs were on.
We have three teams going for a 4-0 start; the Falcons, Texans, and Cardinals. The Browns lost again last night and are the only 0-4 team but the only other winless team (Saints) travel to Green Bay this week. Hard to believe we only have two winless teams, and after Week 2 there were 22 teams that were 1-1, goes to show you never know who will win in the NFL these days. Okay, here we go into Week 4

Carolina Panthers(1-2)at Atlanta Falcons(3-0)- The Falcons are on an absolute roll and the Panthers just don't look up to par. Cam Newton says his team is better than they looked against the Giants, we shall see. I'm liking ATL to get to 4-0 with a 27-23 win.

New England Patriots(1-2)at Buffalo Bills(2-1)- The Bills look better but won't have C.J. Spiller, Fred Jackson may be back and playing with Choice. The Pats don't look right, they definitely don't look like the AFC Champs from last year. Buffalo will give that NE defense a problem, they have a hard time holding leads. Brady will have to be on point and his receivers perfect, the Pats need 30 points to win. I'm taking the Pats to pull it out 33-27.

Minnesota Vikings(2-1)at Detroit Lions(1-2)- Have the Lions slipped back into mediocrity? Are the Vikes an upset special? Maybe both are true. Christian Ponder has better numbers than Stafford this year. Not in yards but in completion percentage and he has 0 ints to Stafford's 4, Ponder also has 4TD's to Stafford's 3. I guess the Vikes are better than we all thought. They just beat the Niners but how much trust do I put in them? I still think they can't score like the Lions can, but can play a somewhat decent defense..ugh. I'm still taking Detroit 26-20.

San Diego Chargers(2-1)at Kansas City Chiefs(1-2)- San Diego is coming off a beat down from what may be the best team in the NFC and the Chiefs just beat a former great NFC team. The Chiefs D doesn't look how it has in recent years but the offense looks better than it has in a while. The Chargers are still a question mark, and I don't really know the identity of either of these teams. Winning in Arrowhead is hard and the Chargers don't travel well, Chiefs 21-16.

Seattle Seahawks(2-1)at St.Louis Rams(1-2)- I'm somewhat impressed by both these teams. I know the Rams have just one win but they don't look awful, and Seattle should have one win but they did hold Dallas to 7 and GB to 12. I'm thinking Seattle in a ugly win. 17-16.

San Francisco 49ers(2-1)at New York Jets(2-1)- I just don't see the Jets winning this at all. San Fran had a hard time running last week but they'll be fine against the Jets porous line. The Jets don't have Revis and that's big, it changes how they can blitz and will make the LBs drop into coverage. Meanwhile, the Jets have no offense and the Niners are a nasty defense. Could be low scoring but SF won't need a lot of points. SF 23-12.

Tennessee Titans(1-2)at Houston Texans(3-0)- Texans will be 4-0, they won't get lit up like the Lions did. It is a divisional game, so rules are out the window but Texans prevail. 30-24.

Oakland Raiders(1-2)at Denver Broncos(1-2)- Manning's return hasn't been great but he's had to face three tough defenses. I like this matchup better. Meanwhile, Palmer has not delivered for Oakland. Division game..Manning...eh Broncos 28-20.

Miami Dolphins(1-2)at Arizona Cardinals(3-0)- The Cards are 3-0?? This could be a fast start/slow finish team but this defensive unit has something going. Part of me sees an upset, hey, why not? Against my gut I'll take Arizona to also be 4-0 but don't be shocked if the Cards end up a 7 win team. Cards 24-13.

Cincinnati Bengals(2-1)at Jacksonville Jaguars(1-2)- Jones-Drew is back on a roll and he has a perfect opponent to run against. The Bengals have been horrible at stopping the run but can score and fortunately for them the Jags aren't a good team outside of Jones-Drew. I like the Bengals 26-21.

New Orleans Saints(0-3)at Green Bay Packers(1-2)- Who saw this matchup being like this? We all expected to see two 3-0 teams here. The Packers did nothing on offense last week, and the Brees has had the Saints moving the ball but he can't do it all. They need a coach, a real coach, and without one they can't beat the Packers. Green Bay offense wakes up 38-31.

Washington Redskins(1-2)at Tampa Bay Bucs(1-2)- The Redskins are racking up points and yards but so are their opponents. The Bucs aren't exactly tearing things up but I saw them move the ball well against the Giants. I'll take the Skins to rack up some points and win 29-17.

New York Giants(2-1)at Philadelphia Eagles(2-1)- Vick has been his old sucky self so far this year, showing again that he's not a very good QB. Maybe hits and age are taking their toll. The Giants have secondary issues, Corey Webster will play but with a cast on his broken right hand so don't expect and INTs from him. I like the JPP vs Vick matchup, Jason is one of the most destructive defensive ends I've ever seen. I think it comes down to mistakes, and who makes the most of them. If the Giants defense plays with the same intensity they did against the Panthers they will romp the Eagles. Close game, but Giants win 28-24.

Chicago Bears(2-1)at Dallas Cowboys(2-1)- Both team have been inconsistent, both have looked great at offense one week and horrible the next. Complete coin flipper here....let's say Chicago, why not? Bears 24-20.
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