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Thursday, September 6, 2012


I had to take some cool off time before recapping this game. First let me put forward this one request....

Dear Victor Cruz,

Please don't be a one hit wonder. I have looked deep into my soul and forgiven you this time but you are nearing thin ice.

Thanks, Bryan

Okay. Now. What the fuck is Cruz's problem? Three passes that any NFL receiver should catch and he drops them? The next issue was the Dallas D was way more pumped than the Giants offense, Dallas was in mid season form and ready for the Giants two breakout WR's.
I'm not going to do what I did last year. After NY lost the season opener to Washington last year I freaked out, called the season over, I was obviously wrong. I did not like the confused looking offense, or the three huge drops by Cruz, or the non existent running game, but I know how this team rolls, they get better as the season goes on.
At least, I hope they will.

Tampa next week, I expect to see a much better effort against a much lower opponent.
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