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Friday, August 24, 2012

I don't give a sh*t about the RNC

Why does every news station have to make a big fucking deal about the Hurricane and the Republican National Convention, who fucking cares? Does anyone on this planet care if it is delayed a day?
How about just giving updates on Isaac and how it will affect the residents of Western Florida and the Gulf Coast. I don't give a shit about the RNC and how this will affect them, can we focus on some real news?
This is why I watch the "news" less and less, it's all bullshit.
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  1. Frankly I hope it rains pitchforks and bowling balls on em.

  2. Tampa is on a bay and the storm surge flooding could be severe enough to drown the friggin rats.

    But fuck them, let us focus on something important - How do you see tomorrows match up between Luck and RG3?
    RG3 will run the ball himself - I don't know that Andy
    Luck will do that. But, he has some good running talent so, why run it?