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Friday, October 12, 2012

Tat fever

Sometimes it is caused by a friend getting a tattoo and sometimes it just comes from absolutely nowhere, but I have it. Tat fever.
I currently don't have an artist, the one we have used is missing....hmmm
I have two from another person but we have lost touch.
I do need to add one for Abby since I have one for the other two kids, and I wanted a marriage one. Lately, I've been considering another Pearl Jam one but just a quote, it is a good one to keep in mind

"They say knowledge is a tree, it's growing up just like me"

A reminder than no matter how big you are or how grown, you are still learning even if it slows as you age. The full verse is "I remember when, I swore I knew everything, they say knowledge is a tree, it's growing up just like me" but that seemed kind of long for a tattoo. The song is called "In My Tree" so maybe a picture of a tree with the words above and below it. Maybe a shoulder one...I have considered covering my first tat on my left arm. And what to do for Abby? Hmmm...

The fever grows hotter...

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  1. I have a tree tattooed on the right side of my rib cage. Arm pit to waste. In it is the name of my family members. (Family tree) Just an idea.

    My next piece will be a big Raven on the upper left side of my chest. Sort of a night watchman looking over my family. ;)

    1. I have 5. A phoenix on calf, a sun with "DC " for my son on right forearm, Celtic armband with Cancer symbol around right bicep for my first daughter, eagle on left arm, and Pearl Jam stickman logo on back of my neck.