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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 7

Last Week: 7-6
Season: 54-35

I can't believe the season is almost half over! The NFL has the longest off season of any major league sport and the least amount of games. We wait from February until September for a mere 16 games, 10 playoff games and a 1 game Championship but it makes every game mean so much more. There are 3 loss teams right now that are only 3 or 4 losses away from being eliminated from the playoffs, is Pittsburgh (2-3) one? New Orleans (1-4)? Green Bay (3-3)? You never know...

Tennessee Titans(2-4)at Buffalo Bills(3-3)- I don't know what to expect from either team at this point, but I picked Buffalo to be a wild card team so I'm sticking with them. Buffalo wins a close one 24-20.

Cleveland Browns(1-5)at Indianapolis Colts(2-3)- The Brown are coming off of win 1 (as I predicted) and here is win 2! I like Trent Richardson versus the Colts, this guy is a game changer 110% and in a few years could lead the Browns back to glory. Luck and Wayne can have a very nice day, but sorry Sarge I'm taking the Brownies. 27-20.

Green Bay Packers(3-3)at St.Louis Rams(3-3)- The Rams only have one thing to lean on here, defense. They cannot keep up with Rodgers and co. They need to rush, rush, and rush to eat up clock and keep Aaron off the field. Can GB's run D be good in back to back weeks? Sure, why not. The Pack is back and chasing Chicago with a 31-21 win.

Arizona Cardinals(4-2)at Minnesota Vikings(4-2)- You have been exposed Arizona! The Vikes will get to 5-2 in a defensive bounce back game. Vikes 16-10.

New Orleans Saints(1-4)at Tampa Bay Bucs(2-3)- Tampa at home against a weak Saints team? No matter, it is still Brees and the Saints. Bucs play a aggressive defense and are vulnerable down field. Saints 35-21.

Washington Redskins(3-3)at New York Giants(4-2)- The Skins put up big points against a good Vikes defense last week, meanwhile, Eli picked apart a Niners D that is better. Okay, he had help with only needing 15 yard drives two or three times, but still. Is this a let down game for NY? A perfect trap game? After a big upset and a huge trip to Dallas next week the weak opponent in between becomes a trap. Nah. Bob Griffin may put up some points, but not like Eli and Cruz. New York football Giants 30-24.

Dallas Cowboys(2-3)at Carolina Panthers(1-4)- After week 1 the Cowboys looked like title contenders, now they look like girls. Romo is in the hot seat as he has more INTs than TD's but so does Cam. Dallas can run and the Panthers don't play D at all. Ware and Lee vs. Newton? Don't think so. Cowgirls 24-21.

Baltimore Ravens(5-1)at Houston Texans(5-1)- The black birds have had the close game mojo this year, the Texans are expected to be AFC powerhouse but looked sub par two weeks in a row against a shitty Jets team and the Pack. Ravens have no more Ray Lewis, the defensive quarterback. Do not doubt the importance of a very good LB. Texans 28-21.

Jacksonville Jaguars(1-4)at Oakland Raiders(1-4)- Well, there is no suck for Luck this year...is the suck prize USC's Barkley? Eh, we shall see...anyway, I'm taking the Raiders to build off a "good" loss to the Falcons. Is there a good loss? Yes. Sometimes. Rarely. Silver and Black is back! Not really, but they win. Jags suck. 27-17.

New York Jets(3-3)at New England Patriots(3-3)- How are the Jets 3-3?? They stink! How are the Pats 3-3?? Brady is a fag. Oh, wait...I never go with points or the spread or anything but the Pats are a 10.5 point favorite. Make that 14 for me. Pats 28-14.

Pittsburgh Steelers(2-3)at Cincinnati Bengals(3-3)- In my years of doing these picks I have never spelled Cincinnati correctly without using spell check, that doesn't mean anything just sayin'. Pitt kinda sucks this year but not because of Ben who's completing 65% with 10tds to 2ints they have rushing issues and injury problems. Mendenhall is questionable, if he plays, lights out Cinci. Rapistburger is 7-1 lifetime in Cinci or is it Cincy? Whatever. Steelers 29-24.

Detroit Lions(2-3)at Chicago Bears(4-1)- Sweet home Chicago! The Bears can stay a half step ahead of the Vikes with a Monday Night win. The problem is that shitty offensive line and a diva QB. Maybe it isn't all Cutlers fault...meanwhile, Stafford has one target and while Chicago can't shut Megatron down, they can keep the non existent running game non existing and double Johnson most of the night. Chicago can also run wild with Forte and Bush to keep the Lions offense off the field. Time management is key in this divisional game and the Bears do that. Chicago 23-17.

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  1. 1- I disagree with this one. I think Tennessee can win in Buffalo, just because the Bill's defense sucks so bad. Kind of funny considering they gave 100 million to Williams.
    2- Sorry Sarge, I take the Browns too. Only because there defense is better, especially there secondary. No 200 yard game for Wayne this week.
    3- Unfortunately, I agree. The Rams will shut down GB, but there Offense is offensive. I predict low scoring affair. GB 17-6
    4- Disagree. with Skelton coming back, I think Arizona has a chance, even with shitty run game. I'll take AZ.
    5- The Saints are not as good as you make them out to be. They will be missing Graham, not to mention Sean Payton, which so far this year proves that maybe HE should have gotten the 100 million contract. I'll take the Bucs.
    6- Agree...........Giants.
    7- Agree...........Cowgirls, but Romo is no homo.
    8- Disagree. After last weeks game, would not be surprised to see Torrey Smith carve up Texans secondary, especially Jonathon Joseph, if he plays. Another note, Baltimores O-Line is much better than Green Bay's. I expect much better rushing. I'll take the Ravens.
    9- Agree
    10- Agree, don't be jealous of the pretty Brady though.
    11- I disagree. Mendenhall's out I believe, but the ginger kid is no joke. Dalton can play, and w/o ball hawking Polomalu, I suspect a big day for Green. I'll take the home team.

    1. I hate Brady he's a smug ass and seeing him crying has made the Giants championships even sweeter

    2. Totally Red, I agree 100%.
      BTW- Do you do fantasy football?
      Oh, and Bills/Titans game hit the over. Still have 4th quarter to go.

  2. Looks like Houston has heard the wake-up call.

    1. AbsoFuckingLutely Kev. I can't believe that call in the Tampa game.

  3. I have tried fantasy football once but didn't follow through with it