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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week 3

Last Week: 10-6
Season: 17-15

I'm off to a 1-0 start thanks to an absolutely dominating performance by the New York Giants. Offense, defense, special teams; New York just kicked the Panthers asses all over the field. Its been a long time since NY has given their fans a laugher and this was a great team to have one against. The NFL Network has had two absolute non games so far and next weeks Ravens/Browns shouldn't be any different. I'm just so pumped at how has Eli continually made no name receivers look like stars, really. What is Boss doing now? Manningham? Smith? Ballard? Year after year I've seen tight ends and wide outs going for big money after Eli made them big names and they never work out on other teams. Here's a tip: it isn't you, it is Eli, stay in NY and win.
Okay, on to Week 3

St.Louis Rams(1-1)at Chicago Bears(1-1)- The Rams gave the Lions a hell of a time, then beat the Skins. The Bears are coming off a beat down at the hands of the Packers. Both of these teams were questions coming in and still are. I like how the Rams came back against the Skins, and maybe I'm nuts but I going to take them to upset da Bears. Rams 23-20.

Buffalo Bills(1-1)at Cleveland Browns(0-2)- The Browns have a shot in this game, they can move the ball with Richardson but the secondary and linebackers are sketchy at best. I'm thinking Buffalo has an offense that can move easily in the air past the Browns. Bills 27-21.

Tampa Bay Bucs(1-1)at Dallas Cowboys(1-1)- Dallas is already too up and down, per usual. Week 1 they kicked the Giants ass, week 2 they let the Seahawks beat them down. The Bucs looked excellent against Carolina and in the first half against the Giants but they do have holes. Toss a coin as to which Dallas team shows up...heads. Dallas 30-27.

Detroit Lions(1-1)at Tennessee Titans(0-2)- Remember when Chris Johnson was a great running back? The Lions haven't looked very impressive yet but they will this Sunday. They need to beat up a team and get that mojo from last year back. The Titans are rebuilding and have taken steps back, the Lions have to pounce on that. Lions 31-20.

Jacksonville Jaguars(0-2)at Indianapolis Colts(1-1)- Jags are not a good team, Colts are on the rebuild. Jacksonville can give the Colts more trouble than they should, Jags may even lead at the half or with 5 mins to play. Close game but Colts 17-14.

New York Jets(1-1)at Miami Dolphins(1-1)- Either the Phins shocked me last week or the Raiders did. I don't think this is a big game, I still think NY is at most an eight win team and Miami has already won more games than I thought they would all season. The Jets are better on paper, but Miami always gives them an absolute fit. Jets 20-19.

San Francisco 49ers(2-0)at Minnesota Vikings(1-1)- What can I say? SanFran will be 3-0, they are right now the best team in the NFL, they play all three phases better than anyone. SF 28-13.

Kansas City Chiefs(0-2)at New Orleans Saints(0-2)- Okay Brees, let me down again and I'm done picking your team. (S)aints 28-17.

Cincinnati Bengals(1-1)at Washington Redskins(1-1)- The Skins have some injuries on a weak defense right now, and it showed in the second half against the Rams. They can move the ball, Bob Griffin has shown that, but he can also be stopped. The Bengals are not a bad team, they aren't great, not even contenders for a title but they are good. I think the Skins just caught the Saints at the right time, and they have a very good coach, but I'm taking Cincy. Bengals 33-27.

Philadelphia Eagles(2-0)at Arizona Cardinals(2-0)- Neither team is as good as their record shows, and Vick looks just awful (haha). Could Philly fall into the trap and overlook the Cards in anticipation of their shot at the champs next week? I think the Pats did last week, brushing off Arizona and looking at Baltimore. The Cards have the home field and the focus. Cardinals 24-21.

Atlanta Falcons(2-0)at San Diego Chargers(2-0)- Nice looking matchup here as the Falcons continue their tour of the AFC West. I have to admit, I don't know a lot about the Chargers they were on nobody's radar and its only two games in but they look good. The Falcons seem to be as close to the full package as you can get, they have a good QB, HB, and WR plus have a pretty good defense. I think they can hang with the Niners, and San Diego? I still don't trust Norm Turner. ATL wins again 30-21.

Houston Texans(2-0)at Denver Broncos(1-1)- The Texans are very good the Broncos have not looked good defensively. Houston should be able to run very well on them and eat a lot of clock. The Texans know Manning and know how to beat him, I think Denver is just out muscled here. I expect a better game from Peyton but Houston is too good. Texans 28-23.

Pittsburgh Steelers(1-1)at Oakland Raiders(0-2)- I really wanted to see the Raiders make an impact this year but they just don't look like they are building on last year. Maybe they wake up this week looking at an 0-3 start. Pitt is banged up on defense but I think they can handle Oakland. Steelers 23-17.

New England Patriots(1-1)at Baltimore Ravens(1-1)- Both teams are coming off upsets, the Pats more surprisingly than the Ravens. Brady does not often lose two in a row, but going into Baltimore on Sunday night? I'm going Ravens here, after the AFC Championship debacle and the fact that it is in Baltimore where the Ravens never lose. Ravens 30-28.

Green Bay Packers(1-1)at Seattle Seahawks(1-1)- I know Seattle looked good against Dallas last week, and made Romo look horrible but can they really beat the Pack? The Packers need another big defensive game like last week, and get that running game going. The Seahawks can run and manage the clock, and play a decent defensive game. The Packers have become one dimensional and have got to change that if they're going to succeed this year, that defense has got to stop the Seahawks on third down and get turnovers, sounds basic but that's what wins games. I think they can do it, they can carry that fire over from last week. Seattle will be good, they will fight like hell, but in the end...Packers 27-23.

There's the picks, hoping for another 10 win week if not more.
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  1. Packers have been hard to read, so far. The defense looked crappy, then great. The running game looked worse than crappy then pretty good.

    The passing game, supposedly the one facet we could count on, has yet to play up to potential. Maybe this week.