"I was bitten must have been the devil"

Friday, October 19, 2012

Look who's walking

I haven't had many personal posts lately or updates on the kids. Abby Rose turned 1 on the 19th of September and although she still crawls occasionally she is also walking.
There is Devin in the background, he will be 5 on November 27th and is in Kindergarten.
Alyssa is 10 now, in 5th grade and in glasses that make her prettier than she was before. Ugh, I think I need to invest in a shot gun. I'll get recent pics of her up after this.
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  1. Red- You have a beautiful family. I only have one child, but am currently trying for a second one.
    Abby Rose shares her birthday with my sister.

    BTW- I hope Kevin knows I was joking last night. Just stupid childish rivalry talk. If you didn't know that Kevin, then I apologize and assure you, it was just an attempt at friendly ball breaking

  2. I'he had to bust his balls a bit myself at times...I'm sure as a Packer fan with the luxury of going from one Hall of Famer QB to what looks like another he's dealt with plenty of angry Chicago fans lol

  3. Thanks for the fam compliment, I still wonder how these good looking kids came from me lol they get it from their mother

  4. that is a great photo of them.