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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The writers at ESPN.com are bored as hell

I just checked out espn.com for the first time today. The cover story is a cartoon of a monster wearing a 49ers helmet and the title: "After the 49ers upended the Packers, Gregg Easterbrook ponders if Green Bay is done or if San Fran is simply the next NFL beast."
It is one game! I realize going into last year the Pack have lost 2 in a row, and they have running and D issues but still....
You can also read about Joe Flacco's season of change. Again, they played one game.
They are also ready to declare RGIII the greatest rookie QB ever. They did that after Week 1 with Cam Newton last year.
I put no stock at all into Week 1. I don't think the Jets will get 4 ints and 48 points every week, I don't think the big three in the NFC being 0-1 is a big deal, and I definitely don't think the Colts will regret taking Luck over Griffin.
Everyone just calm down and rate the teams at Week 8.
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