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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The face of Jesus

I found this picture online, I like it, it looks a lot more how Jesus would have looked than the long auburn haired figure we are used to.
I'm sure many Americans would be offended if we showed Jesus as a middle eastern man, but that's what he was. He was an Israeli Jew. He had dark skin and woolly black hair.
People think I don't believe in him but that isn't true, I'm sure there was a peaceful man named Jesus who many believed to be the Son of God. That part I don't buy, but, I do see him as a good role model and good leader who inspires millions of people. You don't have to think of him as a Messiah to think of him and you can still follow WWJD even if you don't believe he is Christ.
Are there any other world leaders or people you would look to as a role model of how to act or what to do in a situation? Gandhi? Washington? Lincoln? Caesar?
The problem is we have lots of facts on many historical figures, but not so many on Jesus. We do have The Bible, but how much of that can we say is true? I'm sure some of the stories are, and some do have great life lessons, but is it 100% factual? Of course not.
I'm getting off topic here, but this is the face I picture when people talk of Jesus, a peaceful, respectable, Middle Eastern man.
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  1. Oh I'm pretty sure he was blue eyed with strawberry blonde hair and would have invented the 50 caliber machine gun had he lived longer.