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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Week 6!

Last Week: 10-3
Season: 47-29

Another good week, but I start 0-1 this week with the Titans upsetting the Steelers. After the Ravens,Patriots and Texans who is an AFC Playoff team? Chargers?? Well, they host the Broncos this week so I guess we shall see...

Oakland Raiders(1-3)at Atlanta Falcons(5-0)- The Falcons are going to blow an easy one at some point, but not against the Raiders. The Falcons have a 4 game lead in the division only 5 games in, who saw that coming? Hotlanta stays hot, White and Jones are as nasty a WR combo as the NFL has, Falcons 29-20.

Cincinnati Bengals(3-2)at Cleveland Browns(0-5)- The Bengals coming off a shocking loss and the Browns coming off 3 quarters of a beatdown. Finally seeing Trent Richardson play was a treat for me last week, even if he was killing my Giants defense. The Bengals had to score a lot to beat them the first time and division rules apply (RM's rule #1- Divisional games have no rules). I'm taking the split. Browns 24-20.

St.Louis Rams(3-2)at Miami Dolphins(2-3)- I like the Rams, not to be a 10 game winner but to be a thorn in the side of winning teams. But, surprisingly enough the Phins are being a bit of a thorn themselves. These teams can bother each other for a while but the Rams will be .500 and should win 23-17.
Indianapolis Colts(2-2)at New York Jets(2-3)- I don't know how the Colts will carry over after a huge upset last week, but they are facing a good Jets secondary (even without Revis). Meanwhile, the Jets offense stinks. They are beyond stink. I think Indy pulls out another close one 17-16 Colts.

Detroit Lions(1-3)at Philadelphia Eagles(3-2)- The Eagles have kept it close, the Lions are somehow missing in action. They look nothing like the playoff team from last year. Vick looks horrible, throwing picks and fumbling the ball. The defense and McCoy have been carrying this team but I think the Lions will have their number. Lions 27-24.

Kansas City Chiefs(1-4)at Tampa Bay Buccaneers(1-3)- The Chiefs offense is pretty crappy, and the Bucs have been non existent. Taking the Bucs just because they can score. Bucs 20-13.

Dallas Cowboys(2-2)at Baltimore Ravens(4-1)- This could be closer than it should be. The Cowboys can play and keep up with the Ravens and might even win by a FG, if the right Romo shows up or the right D shows up, or the right O line shows up. Too many questions in Dallas...Ravens 26-21.

Buffalo Bills(2-3)at Arizona Cardinals(4-1)- Traveling cross country is hard, especially against an unfamiliar team. Cards 20-17.

New England Patriots(3-2)at Seattle Seahawks(3-2)- Sure, Seattle is a tough place to win and they are a gritty team. I'm banking on the Pats experience to get this done. 28-17.

Minnesota Vikings(4-1)at Washington Redskins(2-3)- The Vikes D is back and Ponder isn't bad. I believe Bob Griffin will be playing after suffering a concussion last week, but the Skins d is a major weakness. The Vikes have also been stopping the run, a strength of the Skins, I'll take the Vikes to pull out a close game. 29-27 Vikings.

New York Giants(3-2)at San Francisco 49ers(4-1)- A NFC title rematch, a highly improved Niners offense against a not as good Giants defense. The Giants have the best D line in the league (on paper) but have failed to get to the QB this year. Meanwhile the Niners and Giants are racking up the points and NY will need all it can to beat San Fran. I see a high scoring game, not at all like the great NFC Championship. Also not like the title game, the Niners take this one. 29-27 49ers.

Green Bay Packers(2-3)at Houston Texans(5-0)- I picked this matchup for the Super Bowl, but the Pack aren't looking so super these days. They are one dimensional and it is costing them big time. The old rule still applies, running and defense wins Championships. But, the Texans looked very unsuper themselves last week in NY and I am seeing an upset in the works. Packers air it out for a 30-28 win.

Denver Broncos(2-3)at San Diego Chargers(3-2)- These are the teams that will fight for the West and I'm giving Manning the first advantage. I just don't trust Norv to coach a win after an upset, he doesn't motivate like Fox does. To me, that's what it comes down to, the better coach. Denver 24-20.

There ya go, I'm hoping I'm wrong about the SF/NY game...
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  1. RM,
    I am a bit more opptomistic - Colts 27-7.
    This place is weird! We are like a three hour drive south of INDY and nobody wears blue on game days! No, they are not Titans fans.

    They could go even 11-5...



  2. I hope you're right about the Packers/Texans game. ; )

  3. Red- Congrats on the San Fran white wash. Just published a post that you may like.


  4. Red- I'm going with the 49er's tonight. Home field advantage + bounce back implication = a 24-16 victory.