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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Week 5

Last Week: 11-4
Season: 37-26

Had a very good Week 4, I'd love to get 11 wins this week since there's only 13 games. Well, there are 14 but I missed the Thursday pick.

Miami Dolphins(1-3)at Cincinnati Bengals(3-1)- The Bengals aren't a great team but they always beat the teams they are supposed to beat. The Dolphins have gone to OT in two straight weeks and have played better than I expected this year. Still, Bengals beat the bad teams. Bengals 27-17.

Green Bay Packers(2-2)at Indianapolis Colts(1-2)- Luck may have some luck against the Packers defense but they can't handle Rodgers. 35-20 Packers.

Baltimore Ravens(3-1)at Kansas City Chiefs(1-3)- KC is a tough place to play but the Ravens are rolling along and continue to do so. 23-19 Ravens.

Philadelphia Eagles(3-1)at Pittsburgh Steelers(1-2)- The battle of Pennsylvania. The Steelers haven't been exactly stellar, and the Eagles are 3-1 but they've squeaked by everyone. They don't get so lucky this time. Pitt 28-21.

Cleveland Browns(0-4)at New York Giants(2-2)- The Giants have lost another divisional game and have to stop counting on Manning magic to win them a game. Even with Nicks gone the Giants should put up some points against a weak Browns defense. Giants should roll 31-17.

Atlanta Falcons(4-0)at Washington Redskins(2-2)- I am taking the upset. I just have that feeling that the Skins will be better prepared, no real reason. Skins 27-26.

Seattle Seahawks(2-2) at Carolina Panthers(1-3)- The Panthers are not building on last year, and Seattle is all over the place but they play a solid defense. Both are counting on young arms to lead the way and Newton is better than Russell but not much better. I'll take Seattle 23-20.

Chicago Bears(3-1)at Jacksonville Jaguars(1-3)- A laugher. Chicago should roll on the Jags easily. 29-10.

Tennessee Titans(1-3)at Minnesota Vikings(3-1)- These cross conference games are always tough to pick, two teams that aren't very familiar with each other and play each other only once every four years. At this point I thought the Titans would be much better and the Vikes much worse. What ever happened to Chris Johnson? Does he still play? The Vikings seem to have that defensive mojo working again after sucking last year. Vikes 20-17.

Denver Broncos(2-2)at New England Patriots(2-2)- Manning vs. Brady once again. I think Tom missed Peyton last year, and didn't like the Manning that replaced him as a rival. It seems that Brady usually wins this matchup but there is something weird happening in New England this year. Manning should have another good game but I expect the Pats to bring it to the Denver D. Patriots 38-35.

Buffalo Bills(2-2)at San Francisco 49ers(3-1)- That Niners defense will destroy Fitzpatrick, he makes a lot of mistakes, just like the Bills did in giving him a big extension. SF may have another shutout. SF 26-7.

San Diego Chargers(3-1)at New Orleans Saints(0-4)- I shouldn't but I'm taking the Saints. Coach Payton will be in the audience and that will inspire them to win. 30-27.

Houston Texans(4-0)at New York Jets(2-2)- Not a head scratcher. The Jets can't score and now don't have their best WR for the season. Texans 28-13.

Next week there are two huge games to look forward to; NY at SF and GB at Houston, going to be a great Sunday Night battle.
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  1. I'll be surprised if the Chiefs keep it that close.