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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fate and Karma

Okay, so, as I was saying before....fate and karma rule this world like a force of nature and I have a little story here to show both of them at work.

Now, this starts by going back a few weeks...kinda.

Work has been pretty slow lately, and when work is slow, hours are tougher to gather up. The one major advantage that I have had at my job that many businesses don't have is overtime. We have no hours limits, as long as it takes to get the job done, that's what your hours are. I could have three stops on Monday and get 9 hours and have a tough install on Tuesday and get 13 hours and when we are busy I usually get a steady 45-50 hour week; which is nice because OT pay is what makes it all worth it.

Lately, I've been ranging in the 35-40 a week area, which can make a $200 a week difference. That is a big difference. So, work has been slow the past two months and it is beginning to show. Plus, add in my car needed a new tire, back to school shopping coming up and the always rising gas prices; so I've been looking for a break. That is where fate comes in...

I pulled into a gas station to send a text to my mother about coming over to move a door (a long story) and as I'm pulling back out I see a mans wallet sitting there on the ground. So, I hop out of my truck and pick it up and of course I think "fate has left this here for me to find, because times are tough". Before you think ill of me, just remember that I also believe in Karma.
Karma has used fate to test me and earn me some good karma.
I look into the wallet and find the mans drivers license, I see there's no cash it in but a few credit cards and some gift cards. He doesn't live far from the gas station so, I decide to drive to his house and return it rather than leave it where it was.
I pulled up to the house and his wife answered the door, I gave her the wallet and she thanked me profusely. Now, I waited for karma.....nothing happened, she thanked me, closed the door, and I left.
I called my wife and told her the story, kind of bummed because I thought karma would earn me something, but I took it as I did something that most people won't do and will have luck in my near future because of it.
Not two minutes goes by and I receive a phone call from my office. Jeremy asks me if I just returned someone's wallet and I said yes I did. He says "I have a woman on the other line, said a guy from Arnco just brought her a wallet and she would like to send him a reward". Now, what happened was...the woman called her husband and told him about the found wallet, she then asked him what cards/cash he had in it, when she discovered that nothing was missing she called my work (luckily I was driving my work van which says Arnco with our phone number all over it) and asked who she can send a reward to. She told Jeremy that she didn't want to reward someone that just stole from them, so she wanted to check with her husband first.
Anyway, it has only been two days and I haven't received her card yet, but karma did find me and it used fate to get test me.

Now, I don't go doing nice things just to be rewarded, that's just the kind of guy I am, but it is nice when someone recognizes a good person and does reward them for it, I'm sure that woman will earn some good karma of her own.

Next subject you may be wondering is how I can believe that everything happens for a reason and that people can earn karma (bad or good) and I still don't believe in God, well that answer is simple....because, that why.
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