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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week 16

As I did last week I'm only talking about games that mean something.
The one seed is still up for grabs in the AFC the NFC has the Falcons on top while San Fran and Green Bay are both looking at two. The NFC East is in a three way tie, with Washington in the drivers seat right now. Chicago has dropped from near division winner to seventh in the NFC, and the Giants have lost a three game division lead to sixth and last wild card. The Steelers might miss the playoffs, and Luck looks to punch Indy's ticket. Going to be a great last two weeks of football.

New Orleans Saints (6-8) at Dallas Cowboys (8-6)- Dallas can win the East, with help and basically need to in order to make the post season. The Saints are not playing for nothing. They don't want a losing record. I don't think Dallas is good enough or clutch enough to win this game. They are a talented team with less than great leadership. If they lose they better hope the Skins and Giants do too or they are done. Saints win a somewhat close game 31-24.

Tennessee Titans (5-9) at Green Bay Packers (10-4)- Remember when the Packers looked inconsistent? Seems like a whole season ago. Packers roll and hope for a Seahawk win (ha, imagine that) to tie for second in the NFC. 27-10.

Indianapolis Colts (9-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (2-12)- Win and you're in. A year after they sucked for Luck the Colts are looking to enter the post season. Only Sarge saw this coming. The Chiefs stink and have no QB. Colts 24-13.

Washington Redskins (8-6) at Philadelphia Eagles (4-10)- Well, Bobby has gotten his team to the top of the NFC. I say enjoy it fucker, that high school option play doesn't work forever, how does Cam look now? The Eagles have nowhere to go. Reid is out, Vick is out, defense is in shambles but they would still love to ruin the playoffs for a rival. Still, I'm taking the Skins 24-20.

Cincinnati Bengals (8-6) at Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7)- I have a real hard time picturing the playoffs without the Steelers but I think it ends here. Cinci has the motivation and the heat to win and clinch, and even play for the division if Baltimore loses today. Bengals knock out Ben 28-26.

New England Patriots (10-4) at Jacksonville Jaguars (2-12)- The Patriots have gone from near one seed to the current three, and Denver isn't losing today. The Patriots should easily handle the Jags but is a first round bye out of the cards? Could be, but after how they've handled the Texans and Broncos this year, who cares? 38-14.

Minnesota Vikings (8-6) at Houston Texans (12-2)- The Vikes could climb into the playoffs without a Quarterback, amazing. They need help, as of now the Giants are six and the Vikes are seven. While Houston is in that AFC tie up, they can lock the top spot with a win. The real story today is Adrian Peterson looking to break the single season rushing record, not happening in Houston, but he'll get close enough to finish it off next week. I'm taking the Texans to clinch home field 30-21.

Cleveland Browns (5-9) at Denver Broncos (11-3)- We've been thru what this game means already so just cut to the chase. 33-21 Denver.

Chicago Bears (8-6) at Arizona Cardinals (5-9)-The Bears are cold as ice and lack tie breakers, bad combination. For years they have needed help on the offensive line and still stink. They have to win, and should get a few good turnovers to help. Bears break slump 23-14.

New York Giants (8-6) at Baltimore Ravens (9-5)- Two cold teams. One has a playoff spot but wants to win the division, the other has given up their spot and is about to be knocked out totally. I don't see the Giants breaking out offensively today. This once explosive offense looks terrible, but so has the Ravens. I see the Ravens having more fire today and the champs hoping that Minnesota and Chicago both lose to stay in it. Ravens 27-17.

San Francisco 49ers(10-3-1) at Seattle Seahawks (9-5)- The Seahawks have a chance at more than a wild card spot but I don't know. Both of these defenses get pressure and turnovers, but SF has the better QB. I'm going with the Niners to win the West and make that wild card more interesting going into next week.

Crazy stuff. So, if the playoffs were today here's what we'd see..

1. Houston Texans
2. Denver Broncos
3. New England Patriots
4. Baltimore Ravens
5. Indianapolis Colts
6. Cincinnati Bengals

1.Atlanta Falcons
2.San Francisco 49ers
3.Green Bay Packers
4.Washington Redskins
5.Seattle Seahawks
6.New York Giants

Let's see how much that changes today....Oh, and notice the NFC wild card game Giants at Packers, how bad does Green Bay want that?

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  1. I think the Packers would rather play Seattle. But I'm sure they'll take it as it comes. ; )