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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 17

So, here it is, the 2012 NFL season comes to an end. We saw Peyton and Adrian make amazing comebacks, the Colts get back into the playoffs, a shocking 4-0 Cardinals team lose nine in a row, oh and the replacement refs who can forget them? Three rookie QBs have led their team to the playoffs (technically only two, Skins aren't in yet) and last years rookie sensation has dropped off. Who will be gone on Black Monday? Arizona has made no secret about firing Wisenhunt, will Reid be gone too? Rex? Whoever coaches the Raiders? Turner is finally going to be booted from San Diego, only five years too late.
The road to the Super Bowl won't involve the defending champs. They need three teams to lose to even get in. Who will jump to the front of the AFC? NFC? Ravens and Packers, Colts and Seahawks? Texans and 49ers? The AFC spots are full, just seeds on the line. The NFC is missing one division winner and has the 6 spot open. The East is coming down to the last game once again and Dallas is again in a position to grab it. The Vikings need only to beat the Packers who are hoping on the last bye spot. Let's get to it....

Baltimore Ravens (10-5) at Cincinnati Bengals (9-6)- The Ravens have the North and the four spot locked up but the Bengals can move from 6 to 5 with a win and a Colts loss. I think the Ravens carry over from last week and rock out a 26-17 win.

Chicago Bears (9-6) at Detroit Lions (4-11)- There was a point when Chicago was 7-1 and in cruise control for the division. Now, they need a win and a Vikings loss to be a six seed. One part should happen...well, both actually. Lions are done, they should bring Reid in to coach this team next year, they have tons of talent and bad leadership. Chicago does their part and gets a 24-21 win.

Philadelphia Eagles (4-11) at New York Giants (8-7)- This may actually be a meaningless game..okay, it is. The Giants need a win and three teams to lose; Chicago, Minnesota, and Dallas. They stink. From 6-2 to third in the East. They no show again 31-7 Eagles.

Houston Texans (12-3) at Indianapolis Colts (10-5)- I picked Houston to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl but I don't know, they need to show me something to prove they aren't one of those teams that are always good in season but not in post season. They can lock the top spot with a win here, lose and they could fall as far as three. Indy is in playoffs at the five spot now but could drop to six if they lose and Cinci wins. I'm taking the Colts in this rematch 28-26.

Kansas City Chiefs (2-13) at Denver Broncos (12-3)- I can't see any way that Denver isn't a 13 win team. 24-6.
Green Bay Packers (11-4) at Minnesota Vikings (9-6)- A first round bye is up for grabs and all the Packers have to do is win. The Vikes are holding the last playoff spot for now. I am enjoying this little miracle run the Vikes are on but I think it ends here. I have to say, of all the possible six seeds they deserve it the most. No record for Adrian and no playoffs for Minnesota. 23-17 Packers.

Miami Dolphins (7-8) at New England Patriots(11-4)- As hard as it is to believe the Dolphins could finish at .500. The Pats need two teams to lose to grab the top spot but they are in and that's all that matters. Pats take care of business 35-20.

Arizona Cardinals (5-10) at San Francisco 49ers(10-4-1)- A no show last week has put the Niners in a spot where they could lose the division. I don't see any circumstance where they don't come to play today. The Cards stink and have no QB. 24-10 Niners.

St.Louis Rams (7-7-1) at Seattle Seahawks (10-5)- Thanks to the replacement refs the Seahawks could be the two seed. If they win and the Niners and Packers lose the Seahawks win the West and get the tie breaker over Green Bay due to that "win". Right now they are in the five and should stay there even with a good win today.Lots of defense keeps it close, the Rams are not spineless. 20-17 Seattle.

Dallas Cowboys (8-7) at Washington Redskins (9-6)-Once again the Cowboys are playing for the division in the last game of the year, if they lose they have no playoff hopes while the Skins could still get in with help if they lose. I'm going to take Bob Griffin to win it, he's already more clutch than Romo. 27-23 Skins.

That's it, let's see how the playoff picture has changed from last week...

1.Houston Texans (South winner)
2. Denver Broncos (West winner)
3. New England Patriots (East winner)
4. Baltimore Ravens (North winner)
5. Indianapolis Colts (clinched berth)
6.Cincinnati Bengals (clinched berth)

Every seeding except the Ravens can change today in the AFC

1.Atlanta Falcons (clinched 1 seed)
2.Green Bay Packers (North winner)
3. San Francisco 49ers(clinched berth)
4.Washington Redskins(not clinched)
5.Seattle Seahawks (clinched berth)
6.Minnesota Vikings (not clinched)

Dallas Cowboys (need to win)
Chicago Bears (need win and Minnesota loss)
New York Giants (need win and Dallas, Minnesota, and Chicago loss)

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