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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Recap and Top 10

Had some expected wins and one huge upset. We are now well underway in the season and going into Week 6 the Saints and Packers are under .500 the Conference Champs are each only 3-2, and non playoff teams from last year like Minnesota, Arizona, and San Diego are leading the way.

The top ten is hard. There are teams that are 4-1 but not as good as 3-2 teams. Right now there are two 3-2 teams that may have the best offenses in the league, and are defending conference champs. But, the Giants have lost to Philly so can NY be on there and not Philly? Eh, we'll see...

1. Houston Texans (1)
2. Atlanta Falcons (2)
3. San Francisco 49ers (4)
4. Minnesota Vikings (5)
5. Arizona Cardinals (3)
6. Baltimore Ravens (7)
7. New England Patriots (10)
8. Chicago Bears (unranked)
9. New York Giants (unranked)
10. Philadelphia Eagles (8)

We have two newcomers, the Giants and Bears. The Eagles are dropping and the Chargers have been knocked off. I think the Cards will continue to drop now, and it will take a big Packer win over the Texans to even get close to the 10 spot.

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  1. Hello Red- Where are you from? I only ask because your list seems skewed in my opinion. Unless you're going by record. San Fran should be #1. Arizona should not be on a top 10 anything, no matter what there record is.

    1. I would also like to ask, did you ever think you'd see the day, where the NFC West became dominant, and the NFC South were doormats?

  2. I assure you I am not a Cards fan lol. I am from Connecticut and am a devout Giants fan. I rank by record and teams beaten and the Cards have one loss, have beaten two division leaders and play a pretty good defense.