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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coughlin vs. Ryan

I hate Rex Ryan, and living in the NY area where I have to listen to his fat mouth every day makes it worse. Okay, prime example, here's what each NY Coach said about this upcoming year.

Rex Ryan (Jets had 9 wins, no playoffs)- "I'm the best defensive coach in the league, I have the best defense and I have the best team. I'm a better defensive coach than Bellichick, just a fact".

Tom Coughlin (Giants had 9 wins and won Super Bowl) - "We sucked last year and we're going to suck this year if we don't fix our defense and running problems. Our defense was horrible, at times our team looked horrible, if we can't improve we'll struggle to win 8 games".

In three years Rex has guaranteed a Super Bowl win 3 times. He has none.

In nine years, Tom has guaranteed 0 Super Bowl wins and has two.

What does this mean? Well, maybe nothing, but Rex is still a fat idiot with no rings.

That is all.
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  1. I too prefer Coughlin. But not over McCarthy. ; )

  2. All I know is that whoever their coach, if/when the Giants reach a Super Bowl, only an idiot would bet against them.