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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Been bad, getting better

I finally put Blogger in my bookmarks on my Kindle (which is now my primary source of internet). I have been lax in replying to comments and visiting/commenting on other blogs that I used to read daily.

The Red Mosquito is back, and I have a lot of catching up to do...
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  1. Do you like Kindle better than a computer for internet?

  2. Sell me on getting a tablet vs another lap top. I don't think a Kindle does all that a lap top does..

    Colts 28-3 (3rd TD from the BACK-UP QB).


  3. The Kindle Fire is a tablet, which is what I use. It is way easier for me than the desktop and since I don't have a laptop this is what I use. I watch Netflix on it, listen to Pandora Radio, use Facebook, get books and movies right from Amazon. I love it, very nifty gadget

  4. And they are only about $200, got one for my daughter on her 10th birthday

  5. A tablet (this one anyway) doesn't have a disc drive, so not the same as a lap top