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Saturday, July 28, 2012


The predictions are coming, and I will note that for the fourth straight year I predicted one of the Conference Champions so the pressure is on.
Just looking at the NFC right now I see the Packers and Giants as being among the top teams, I do like Chicago to give Green Bay a fit and Philadelphia to challenge NY. I don't see SanFran being a 13 win team again, especially with some improvements in Seattle and Arizona but SF should still win the West. I can also see New Orleans having a down year, maybe 9 or 10 wins with Carolina getting better and possibly grabbing a Wild Card.
The AFC is wide open as there are too many unknowns. The Colts, Broncos, Steelers, Jets, and Bengals are all question marks right now. I think a team like New England or Baltimore can really be shocked by one of these teams.
I don't have a Conference winner yet, but, I will say I think the NFC has started another big Super Bowl winning streak that will continue for a few more years. The best AFC teams just aren't as good as the best NFC teams.
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  1. My early predictions have Green Bay at San Fran for the NFC Championship. Probably the Texans and the Patriots in the AFC. Maybe the Steelers or Ravens. Or who knows, maybe the Broncos can do it. Don't they have a new quarterback or something?

  2. Hi, haven't seen you post for a while. Hang in there.