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Monday, August 13, 2012

Andrew Luck

Boy, oh boy! I might have to change around my picks for this year, Andrew Luck looked like a veteran out there in his first preseason start. He read and reacted like the guy who was there before him (can't remember his name right now).
Now, the former Colt QB had to carry this team at times, and since it is only preseason and against the Rams we don't know for sure yet what Luck will be, but he gave a very nice preview.
One thing I like to see is Luck isn't afraid to throw the ball away, he took a few less completions and there are some NFL QB's that won't do that, Favre come to mind. For the past two years Eli Manning has been one of the least sacked QBs and not because of a great O line but because he would rather pass for 60% and not get hit/intercepted than pass for 65% and get rocked.
Most young QBs won't do that (Eli didn't for a few years) but Andrew Luck looked like a pro out there. I'd like to see his composure in a real game when he's down by 4 with 1:30 to go, 1st and 10 at his own 20 before getting really high on him, but, I think Indy fans may have gotten as lucky as Green Bay did in going from one franchise qb to another.
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  1. Oh boy. Now you've done it. He has big shoes to fill, twice. (Manning, Rodgers.) ; )

    1. 1. Fuk Manning! In his first posession with Denver the prima-donna broke neck zero threw and interception.
      2. I read the Star, USA Today, and the Evansville Courier praising Luck and you know I was beyond friggin delighted. However, not A damned word about what the B/U quarterback
      Drew Stauton did - two TDs and a field goal.
      The OTHER seventeen points scored in that game...

      I think this is still a work in progress and will be pleased with a decent 10-6 season.

      Colts and Steelers Sunday - the Steelers aren't the Rams...