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Saturday, August 11, 2012

NFL Predictions!!!

Okay, the pressure is on, in the past five years I have correctly picked these conference winners; Patriots, Steelers, Saints, Packers, Patriots. To go with that I have been wrong 5 times on the other Conference winner (actual winner); Cowboys(Giants), Giants(Cardinals), Ravens(Colts), Ravens (Steelers), Packers (Giants).

As I said, I had this all worked out perfectly with the schedule but lost the sheet so, the standings may not add up correctly but it will be a good estimate.

AFC East

New England Patriots 12-4 (1)
Buffalo Bills 9-7
New York Jets 8-8
Miami Dolphins 5-11


Baltimore Ravens 10-6 (3)
Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7 (6)
Cincinnati Bengals 8-8
Cleveland Browns 3-13


Houston Texans 12-4 (2)
Tennessee Titans 10-6 (5)
Indianapolis Colts 6-10
Jacksonville Jags 4 -12


Denver Broncos 10-6 (4)
Oakland Raiders 9-7
Kansas City Chiefs 7-9
San Diego Chargers 6-10

I can see Buffalo making a push for the final spot, who knows. As I have it here, here's what I have.

Wild Card

(6)Pittsburgh Steelers at (3) Baltimore Ravens Ravens win

(5)Tennessee Titans at (4) Denver Broncos Broncos win


(4) Denver Broncos at (1) New England Patriots Broncos win haha

(3) Baltimore Ravens at (2) Houston Texans
Texans win

AFC Championship

(4) Denver Broncos at (2) Houston Texans

Texans win the AFC

Now for the NFC


New York Giants 11-5 (4)
Dallas Cowboys 9-7
Philadelphia Eagles 8-8
Washington Redskins 6-10


Green Bay Packers 12-4 (1)
Chicago Bears 11-5 (5)
Detroit Lions 9-7
Minnesota Vikings 2-14


Atlanta Falcons 12-4 (2)
New Orleans Saints 10-6 (6)
Carolina Panthers 7-9
Tampa Bay Bucs 5-11


San Francisco 49ers 11-5 (3)
Seattle Seahawks 9-7
St. Louis Rams 7-9
Arizona Cardinals 4-12

Wild Card

(6) New Orleans Saints at (3) San Fran 49ers Niners win

(5) Chicago Bears at (4) New York Giants
Giants win


(4) New York Giants at (1) Green Bay Packers
Packers win
(3) San Fran 49ers at (2) Atlanta Falcons
Falcons win

NFC Championship

(2) Atlanta Falcons at (1) Green Bay Packers

Green Bay wins the NFC

Super Bowl 47

Houston Texans vs. Green Bay Packers

And of course, I have already said I like the NFC to win the Super Bowl.

There we go, no need to even watch this season, we already know what will happen.
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  1. Well I certainly like your final result. I'll probably watch anyway, though. ; )

  2. RM,
    Only 6-10 for my beloved Colts? Ye of no faith! Atone, damn it, I say atone! However, first year out with a almost totally new team - i can live with 6-10.

    The pre-season to watch is the third Colts one with them and Washington (Luck and Griffith III).

    We are debating doing the Titans -Colts game in Nashville in November...

    Oh, limp dick ended his first run with Denver with a interception. Do you know how many games and chances we lost to maybe win a Super Bowl because Manning is not a quarterback yo handles stress well.
    Okay, now I have seen him preform too..

    However, the new lead pony in INDY is Andrew Luck.
    BELIEVE, damn it, BELIEVE.

    I will give you a recap on the game tomorrow - Doing the 1st half at Hooters....


  3. We are getting a different story in San Diego about the Chargers. This is their year to go all the way to the Super Bowl. :^)