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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have my season picks pretty much ready to go, I went through each week and marked wins and losses to get an accurate count on standings but I lost the paper. Fuck. Anywho, here's what I see with a wide open AFC this year.

I can say I don't see a dominant team, but there are so many questions in the AFC. If the Patriots defense is better, if Shaub is back to form after a season ending injury, is Peyton back, are the Bengals a real threat, is Luck going to stun everyone, are the Titans a threat, is Pittsburgh still a top team?

In the AFC East, I still see New England as the team to beat. If the defense steps up they should roll through their divisional foes. I think the biggest thorn for New England will be Buffalo who has a decent offense and upgraded defense. I think we will see Buffalo in the Wild Card race. I don't know about those Jets or Dolphins, I just can't see either being a challenger for the division, although the Jets may be a .500 team.

The AFC North is tough again. The Ravens have got to depend on Flacco picking up his game. They have the running attack but will be missing Suggs this season and have Pittsburgh and Cincinnati to deal with. This will be a true black and blue division with three good defenses. I think Cleveland could be the worst team in the AFC, but stranger things have happened. As to who wins the division?? Hard to say right now.

The AFC South should be Houston's for the taking. Luck has a rebuilding Colts team and I'm not huge on Jacksonville with Drew-Jones so unhappy. The Titans are the wild card, they could win 10 games or 7. They have the defense but who knows about Chris Johnson, he sucked last year and needs to be a major factor. The Texans could be my AFC Champ pick...

The AFC West is one HUGE question. All four teams are in the fight. The Raiders defense and running attack, the Chargers offense, the Broncos have an okay defense and Manning, and the Chiefs play a nasty D but can't score. If Manning is Manning the Broncos could win 11 games and easily take the West, but I like the Raiders as a Wild Card contender, and the Chargers. We could have both three playoff teams from the West with Denver, Oakland and San Diego but I can say the same for the North (they had 3 last year; Baltimore, Pitt, and Cinci).

The East and South probably won't be as interesting of a fight as North and West but you never know.

I'll run down the NFC tomorrow, where every division should go down to the last two weeks.
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