"I was bitten must have been the devil"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You have been warned...

So, I guess you got the message yesterday? You know, the one God sent to Washington to say he isn't pleased that he is not allowed in schools.

The nuts came out on Facebook yesterday, there were people actually blaming President Obama for the earthquake that struck 80 miles outside of D.C and was felt all the way up to parts of Vermont. I was in Branford, CT at the time and didn't feel anything but my wife was in Wallingford and said she felt a slight tremor that she initially thought was just the car idling funny.

Here's a link to some good FB reactions. Some are funny and some are just stupid.

Facebook Reacts to Today's East Coast Earthquake

The news stations here in CT have blown this up way out of proportion, which is the media's number one goal. They are also going on and on about Hurricane Irene hitting us, which I'm also not worried about. We haven't had a real hurricane here since 1985, that was Gloria. There have been near misses of course, we had Hurricane Hugo in 89, I believe, but that was just a grazing. Gloria is the only one that hit us dead on and actually caused a lot of damage.

Despite warnings from media and the Holy Ghost, I still remain unconcerned.


  1. God has been punishing us for eons. He sent famine and Opium to ravish Asia centuries ago. He sent Gingas Kahn to slaughter people of eastern Europe, He sent Hitler to kill Jews Pols and Gypsies, He sent the US to Vietnam to kill poor people and spray the land with Agent Orange, He sends men to rape little kids. He sends Republicans to strip the safety nets from under the poor and their children. He sends preachers to build mega churches in the white suburbs. He's always letting killers lose in our schools for some perceived slight, these people aren't reporting any news. God uses evil to punish us more than the devil does.

  2. Bryan:

    Seismologists finally located the epicenter of yesterday's earthquake - it's in Washington. D.C. and it has been named "Bush's Fault." :^)

  3. Why not center it in D.C. if He's mad at D.C.?

  4. Skeeter. And He sent Rick Perry to destroy Texas first, and then spread his toxins nationwide.

    Actually, the real reason for the earthquake is in retribution for me masturbating in the shower last week.


  5. I don't think the hurricane is really supposed to hit you anyway, but trust me when I tell you that a category 4 is nothing to sneeze at. After one hit this area, it looked like a war zone. Truly, I had never seen anything like it. And these houses are built of concrete to withstand hurricanes!