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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Morning Music (hurricane edition)

Hurricane Irene is in Connecticut, the eye is still over NYC as of now (9:03 am EST) but will be hitting the shores of Fairfield County soon. Not too bad up in Southington, the winds have only hit a high of about 35mph so far, just a lot of rain. The front yard is flooded and I'm sure the bottom of my street is too (we have a pond on one side a stream on the other).

There seems to be a pattern of getting rained on every damn Sunday, and autumn is coming so that means lots more rain. This August has already been very wet, which is not the norm in CT, not counting this storm, we have gotten over 6" of rain already and that is more than the month average for August.

We still have power here, but Connecticut Light and Power and United Illuminating have reported over 200,000 homes without power combined. Luckily, because I live in a complex, all of our power lines are underground.

This song isn't about a real hurricane obviously, but I still think it fits.

Bob Dylan "Hurricane"


  1. God's revenge for you Patriot fans...


  2. Well, Jets and Giants too I guess.

    You ok?