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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene is full of hot air

There is a hurricane coming up the East Coast that will hit the shores of CT tomorrow morning. They are now saying it will arrive about noon, which is bad news because we will be in high tide. Irene is losing gas though, she hung out on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for too long, maybe to get in 9 holes before she moved on to Jersey.
Irene was supposed to hit CT as a CAT 1 Hurricane, but now may be downgraded to a Tropical Storm once she hits Long Island/NYC. In order to be a cane the wind gusts have to be at or above 78mph. A Tropical Storm can still cause a bit of damage with wind gusts at 50-75mph and there will be coastal flooding, and flooding in small bodies of water.
I'm not too worried, but the first day of school in town has been pushed from Monday to Tuesday to allow for storm clean up. We shall see, but it will be the first time since 1985's Gloria that a Hurricane's Eye has passed over CT.

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  1. RM,
    You error on the side of caution with Irene. I didn't even think it would make landfall. The morning high tide will add to the storm surge maybe more than you imagine.

    Give us an after Irene report...