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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The only thing I trust is...

Can you trust the media? Nope.

Can you trust the Government? Nope

Writers? Absolutely not

Aunt Bea? Maybe

God? Yeah right

The one thing I always trust are my eyes. I know what I see, and that is all I know.

Here is what my eyes have seen in regards to the economy with Obama and the economy with Bush.

They both suck, but who sucks less? Is Obama getting a bad deal from what Bush has left him? I think in part, yes, he has.
Every Conservative goes on and on about how Obama has ruined the economy and jobs are lost and production down and yadda yadda. I do know that in 2007/2008 times were bad and even though the right denied it we were in a recession. I work in a field of construction, we install signs for major customers like AT&T, Radio Shack, Kohls and so on. During the economic crunch in 2008 work came to a halt. We had 0 installs for what seemed to be a month and survived almost purely on service calls. Even then we had weeks where start time was moved back from about 6:30 am to around 9 am and we were out at 3 instead of 5. This has not happened under Obama, and in fact work has been steady.
I have always thought that you voted based on how your situation has been under the current Government. Under Bush I had no work and under Obama I have had steady work. So, why would I not vote for him again? Do I trust him? Nope, he has given me no reason to. Do I trust any Republican candidate? Nope, there is not one good choice out of all of them.
If the Republicans came out with a can't miss candidate (can't even think of one) I may vote for them, but for now I just have to go with what I see. I see that my tax percentage has dropped and construction is still going. Good enough for me.


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  2. Obama needs more than a ladder to help us get out of the hole that Bush left us in.

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  4. Red Skeeter,
    Don't forget when your considering our condition and what Obama has not done, don't forget the Senate is blocking appointments to critical positions in the gov., 6 of the top 10 positions in the government banking and financial and commerce departments are empty, vacant, the Senate is blocking the nation from having the bosses in the very departments who could be guiding us out of this mess.
    Also know this about debt limits in history; Reagan increased it 199%, Bush 41 48%, Clinton 44%, Bush 43 90%, Obama 26%. Since 1981 this is the smallest increase needed, it's amazing he does not boast more of this.
    Additionally, much of our current shortfall is the result of the Bush tax cuts. You put these things in place and the hit comes a few years later, and here we are taking that hit.
    Up until what, 60 or 90 days before the Obama election, most of us didn't know we might hit the wall. Even until the last couple of weeks it wasn't clear how bad it would get. Obama had campaigned and planned on starting his term with an even chance at success. Instead he started being pitched into the moat, surrounded by sore looser Republicans who said from day one make him fail no matter what. Looking back, McCain set in those White House meetings with Bush and Obama, and John looked like a stunned rabbit waiting the lab experiment to start, no one believed in him when he showed up smelling of stroke, and over his shoulder was the snowbilly grinning like a 6 year 6 university journalist student who doesn't read newspapers.
    Considering all this, I wish he would do better, be tougher, but I am glad he has done as well as he has, the health bill is an amazing accomplishment, and it already gets children into insurance they could not have before, and will let my wife buy insurance in two more years, she could not without it, she had a stint a few years ago, but is trim and healthy as ever.

  5. I think Obama has done a fair job considering what he was given and the Congress that he now has to deal with.

    Work for me, has been steady and I give President Obama all the credit in the world for that. That alone has earned him trust. The Republicans knew that after Bush a Democrat would be elected, and they also knew he would come across as a failure to the masses. I believe this was the plan.
    Call me a conspiracy nut but I do believe that Bush and the Republicans sacrificed this country to make the Democratic Party look like a failure. They wanted a Dem in the White House after Bush, and they wanted to make things so bad that any Dem who got in would look incompetent. They did this to destroy the faith in the Democratic Party so Repubs could possibly have the next 12-16 years in power, like they did from 1980-1992.