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Monday, August 29, 2011

Survived Irene

Well, Irene has come and gone. Some parts of CT got nailed pretty bad. The shoreline town of East Haven lost a home that washed away into Long Island Sound, another home in Fairfield, CT slid away down a mudslide.
A major flood in Bristol, CT washed away part of a main road and will be closed for a month, making travel in that area near impossible. Over 500,000 homes lost power (not mine), and only about 200,000 have been fixed as of 5pm Monday.
The Connecticut River is out of it's banks, even at the top in Brattleboro,VT the river has flooded the entire downtown section. When that water recedes back down to CT we'll have more trouble in the CT river valley area.
I had no problems at all here in Southington, but the rest of the state took quite a blow. Traveling was near impossible today at work, with roads closed due to down wires and traffic lights out on main roads.
I was only 5 the last time a hurricane landed in CT (1985 Gloria) so I don't remember much other than staying at a hotel for a day or two. I can't compare the carnage from what that storm produced, but this one was pretty mild as far as Hurricanes go.
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  1. Remember to vote for the Republican to replace that rat-assed butt-toy of John McCain - Joe
    Liebermann - He will no doubt go along with McConnell, Boehner, and Cantor in demanding cuts in benifit programs to pay to clean up Irene's mess.
    Take care of Americans and be damned with partisan politics - Our people need help not political posturing out of Congress.


  2. PS:
    Glad you are okay.


  3. I don't remember staying in a hotel after Hurricane Gloria! I will say that you typically remember more than I do, though, so you have a better chance of being right than I do! :P

  4. I think Bryan may be mixing up weather events. We didn't stay at a hotel for Hurricane Gloria but we were without power for three days. The winter before that (when we still lived on Elliot St) we stayed at a hotel when we lost power from an ice storm. Andy was an infant at the time.