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Friday, April 1, 2011

Day ??: Favorite Movies

I guess I'll do a Top Ten here, in no particular order because there are so many movies I like.

10. The Wedding Singer- Awesome Sandler movie. I've seen this about 100 times and its still entertaining every time I see it.

9. Private Parts- Hands down the funniest movie ever. Even if you don't like Howard Stern you will love watching him rise to the top

8. Harry Potter 6- I like all the Potter movies (and books) but this is my favorite. Best scene is when he almost kills Malfoy.

7. Ghostbusters- Classic! I was 6 when I first saw it, and lifetime views are around 1,000

6. Night of the Living Dead- The original black and white. I don't really like the remakes as much, this has no great special effects but its a great horror movie.

5. Spiderman- Anything Spiderman is ok with me!

4. American Beauty- Awesome movie, shows how fucked up the perfect little suburban families can be.

3. Wizard of Oz- I could watch this over and over.

2. Finding Nemo- The best Disney movie ever. I highly suggest everyone to watch this not just kids.

1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?- Another cartoon movie that all adults should see!

I notice my favorite movie list could easily belong to a 10 year old lol. Oh well, that's me! The thing is I like thousands of movies but these stick out because I have seen each one more than 10 times. Some mentionables include; Collateral, Casino, Awakenings, Rain Man, Billy Madison, Terminator 2...there's just too many.


  1. I like short films, such as:

  2. How about "When Harry Met Sally," "My Big, Fat Greek Wedding," and "Meet the Parents"?

  3. I'm actually sad that I forgot Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks is my favorite actor and my favorite movies of his include; Forrest Gump, The Burbs, The Green Mile, Castaway, and Big.

  4. Fringe- I suggest you watch Finding Nemo, it is a lot like that short movie but obviously longer. It is very entertaining even for a children's movie