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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back to business

I have decided to stop with the 30 blogs prompts, there is too much stuff going on in the world right now.

How about President Trump? Honestly, I don't dislike Trump as a person, I find him an entertaining character. He's arrogant, narcissistic, rude and an icon in business. I find crazy people fascinating. I could watch him all day if he had a reality show.
Trump was a frequent guest on the Howard Stern Show and I always made sure I never missed him, his interviews were always great and he tells the best stories. That said, I do not want this guy as our President and find his search for President Obama's place of birth to be a sham. Trump fully supported Obama during his running for President saying he had the potential to be a great President.
Will Trump really run for office? Will another character emerge in the GOP's parade of fools? First they send out the clowns with Palin and Trump, who's next the bearded lady? It seems they have an endless supply of joke candidates. My biggest fear is that we have too many comedy loving voters.


  1. I think Trump is the personification of what's wrong with America. Thinks only of himself. Insatiable greed and need for attention. Anything goes, as long as it promotes his selfish interests.

    If he died tonight, the world would be a better place tomorrow (at least slightly). (This might also be true of me, so yes, I'd better be careful with it.)

  2. It's time to end the silliness, the sideshows, and the carnival barking, and to start dealing with the serious issues facing this nation.

  3. Trump is getting his publicity, that's really about all he wants. (That and a new hairpiece perhaps.)

  4. Nota- I have no doubt that when it comes to business Trump is pure evil and I believe we already elected a President in 2000 that believes any thing goes, as long as it promotes his self interests.

  5. Whit- The GOP has been grasping at straws since Bush beat McCain in the primaries back in '99. I don't see them putting out a serious candidate for quite some time and if Obama is re-elected I assume they will only slip further into desperation, maybe Chuck Norris will be their next venture.

  6. Skinny- There is nothing Trump loves more than a spotlight. I don't think he'll even run.