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Thursday, April 28, 2011


I was going to do this on my NFL blog, but what the hell...

The NFL draft starts tonight and the one big difference this year is there was no free agency. There are still lots of good players available but can't be signed due to the end of the collective bargaining agreement. Should a team draft a WR or see if Santanio Holmes will be available? The future rookies can't even be signed by the teams who draft them. Its going to be a strange draft.

Rumor has it the Panthers will take Cam Newton with the first pick. He's a future bust QB, they are better off going with D. My question is who do you think is the biggest bust QB ever? Has it affected your team? I know Whit the Chargers fan should have a definite answer for this as most people think Ryan Leaf is the absolute worst ever. How about Tim Couch? Jamarcus Russell? Heath Shuler?


  1. Biggest ever? Either Jeff George or Ryan Leaf. Or Demarcus Russell. For the Packers, Rich Campbell.

    S, I'll go with Campbell.

  2. Ryan Leaf is still No.1 - as a loser!

    "Entering the 1998 draft, Manning and Leaf were widely considered to be the two best players available,[3] and scouts and analysts debated whether Leaf or Manning should be selected first.[5] Many advocated for Leaf[6] and his stronger arm, while others saw Manning as the more mature player. However, the differences in potential between the two seemed small enough that most observers expected it would not greatly matter whether a team selected Manning or Leaf.[3][7] The San Diego Chargers had the third pick of the draft, but traded two first round picks, a second round pick, and four time Pro Bowler Eric Metcalf to the Arizona Cardinals to move up one spot and guarantee that the team would get one of the two quarterbacks.[7]

    "On draft day Manning was selected first by the Indianapolis Colts and Leaf was selected second by the Chargers.[7] The team's other options at quarterback in that year's draft included former NFL quarterback Brian Griese and current Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. The Chargers signed Leaf to a four-year contract worth $31.25 million, including a guaranteed $11.25 million signing bonus. It was at the time, the largest signing bonus ever paid to a rookie.[8] Leaf stated on draft day, "I'm looking forward to a 15-year career, a couple of trips to the Super Bowl and a parade through downtown San Diego".[6]
    [edit] San Diego Chargers

    "San Diego's high hopes for Leaf were soon dashed, as his rookie season was marked by bad performances. Before the season started, Leaf skipped a symposium that was mandatory for all players who were drafted, resulting in a fine.[9] Leaf did well in the preseason, leading the Chargers to wins his first two games as a rookie,[7] becoming the first quarterback since John Elway in the 1983 NFL season to do so.[10] But, in the third game of the season, he completed one of fifteen passes for four yards and fumbled three times in a loss against the Kansas City Chiefs.[11] He was benched after throwing two touchdown passes and thirteen interceptions in nine games, and was replaced by quarterback Craig Whelihan.[12] In ten games that season, Leaf threw two touchdown passes and fifteen interceptions, passing for 1,289 yards and had a 45.3 percent completion rate, with a poor quarterback rating of 39."

    (Wikipedia. "Ryan Leaf.")

  3. The biggest QB bust that I can remember was Art Schlichter drafted by the Baltimore Colts out of Ohio State in 1982.

    Here is a link to his story on Wikipedia and i remember him well.


  4. I guess we should mention Akili Smith.

  5. Interesting how often Ryan Leaf's name crops up among all-time draft busts. But from what i read in an article awhile back, he has adapted to post-NFL life, even including the annual rite of journalists seeking him out to get his take on all of the "biggest draft bust" stories.

  6. So he's a well-adjusted bust. ; )

  7. The biggest bust the NY Giants ever had was Ron Dayne. He was selected with the 11th pick in the 1999 draft. Dayne won the Heisman Trophy and set a NCAA rushing record with over 6,400 yards running the ball for Wisconsin. They planned to team him up with Tiki Barber in a duo they called "Thunder and Lighting" it ended up being "Tiki and the fat man".

    I think the biggest bust this season is the Vikings taking Christian Ponder in the first round. Although, nobody expected this guy to be a first round pick, more like a 3rd or 4th rounder.

  8. We had Jim Druckenmiller, as well as a few other duds here in SF. I like the QB we got this year but I'm not sure about the others.