"I was bitten must have been the devil"

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Todays topic is goals. I've been thinking of this while I was driving today and I don't think I have any. I'm 31 and still not sure what my 'end game' is. I'm kind of a take it as it comes kinda guy.
I know eventually I'd like to settle down in North Carolina, but I have no real plan on how that's going to happen.
I guess my main goal right now is to raise my kids to be good people. If they grow up knowing right from wrong, and are led towards a good future I will be happy.
Okay, there is my goal. Bam.


  1. That's a good goal, for now. In 15-20 years you can think about what comes next.

    Probably have something to do with being Grandpa. ; )

  2. Bryan:

    That is a noble goal. I wish you much success.

  3. Raising kids to be good citizens in this day and age is a more than worthy goal. Remember too, life is about the journey.

  4. I will cross the bridge to Grandparent when I get to it...my daughter is 8 almost 9 so I expect to be a grandfather in 30 years...figure I'll let her start dating at 20.

  5. She may have a different timeline in mind. ; )