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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Favorite TV shows

I am going to attempt to use YouTube to help me here. I think I'm going to do a top ten, but in no particular order. I haven't used YouTube on here yet so hopefully I can figure this out.

So, my all time favorite television shows in no particular order....

Criminal Minds- This show is amazing. If you like getting into the mind of serial killers this is for you, obviously not 100% accurate with how profilers work but I never miss this show.

Another current show which I love but usually miss is House M.D., I can never remember when it's on, but I catch the reruns usually.
A few childhood favorites....

I catch new episodes of Simpsons occasionally, but the new ones are not as good as the classics. 

This was my favorite cartoon as a kid and I watch them with Devin now....Thundercats!
I watched a lot of sitcoms when I was a kid because we had a television in our room. I watched a lot of TV, probably more than I should have. It was the main reason I didn't get much of my homework done. This was my favorite show during the week, and yes, I probably wasn't supposed to watch it as a 10 year old but I did so ha...
On Friday nights we watched T.G.I.F, the best show to come from there was a family favorite. I have gotten the first two seasons of DVD and my kids love it...Dinosaurs!
Okay, back to present times.....I don't watch a lot of sitcoms anymore, but this one is pretty funny. I catch the reruns of Fox usually...Two and a Half Men
This next show is on Tuesday night at 10 right after Criminal Minds, and after all these years still entertains. Law and Order:Special Victims Unit
The one comedy drama I always love to watch is Monk. This show is so well written and so smart, I even picked up one of the books recently. It is written by one of the writers from the show and I was really sitting on the couch laughing. If you have never seen it, I highly recommend it. This is the original theme, they changed it later to Randy Newman "It's a Jungle Out There" but I like the original

Now, the best show of all time. The best  for last. The greatest sitcom in the history of everything! The show about nothing....Seinfeld. I love this show and know some episodes and scenes by heart. Almost anything that happens to me during the day I can refer to a Seinfeld episode. Best show ever, no debate. This isn't my top ten but I found it on YouTube and went with it.
Well, there ya go.


  1. Okay, I didn't watch the SVU one before I posted it lol. I guess I should have, oh well

  2. Tomke and I have been DVRing Criminal Minds. I agree, it's a great show!

  3. I have only seen Criminal Minds a couple of times. One show that you would probably like is Justified, i just watched season 1 on DVD from Netflix and now have most of season 2 on my DVR. Way different and much better than the "normal" procedural and the characters are definitely unique.

  4. We decided about half-way into it's run that Seinfeld was really the show about everything, because, really, what did they not cover?

  5. p.s. Best Seinfeld scene was when George was explaining how he got food and coffee stains on his IQ test. Or when Kramer was telling about how he drove the bus while fighting off the mugger who was choking him, while continuing to make all the stops. Or, oh hell, maybe I should make my own list. ; )

  6. One of my favorite Kramer scenes is when he gets fired from a job he doesn't really have, or the Kenny Rogers Roasters debacle. A great George scene is when he escapes a fire by pushing kids and an old lady in a walker out of the way lol. Then when he tried to explain his actions...."What kind of topsy turvy world do we live in, where heroes, who are trying to make sure the way is clear are looked down upon".

  7. The only one of the shows you listed that I watch on a regular basis is Seinfeld. A great way to spend a half hour. Great writers.

  8. Then of course there was the famous face-painting episode. "Don't mess with the Devil!"

  9. I don't watch as much of the criminal/cop shows, seems like so many on nowadays. One of my faves was The Wonder Years. Almost always finished watching an episode thinking "that was a very well spent 1/2 hour", which is not the case for a lot of shows.