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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bin Laden

Obviously we all know now that Osama bin Laden has been killed. The question is, are you happy about it?
There are many different views all over Facebook. I've seen quotes from Martin Luther King Jr about hate breeding hate, Gandhi about an eye for an eye, Bible verses and some people just ranting.
Are we going too far by celebrating? Dancing in the streets like the Taliban did when the towers came down. Should we have just captured him and put him on trial in New York?
The cover of The Daily News in New York simply put "Burn in Hell" on their cover yesterday, a simple statement of anger. Don't the people of New York City have a right to be angry?
There were people on FB who were mad that President Obama was getting credit for killing Bin Laden. Although, I remember when he took office he vowed to make capturing him his priority. He beefed up efforts by removing troops from Iraq and putting them into Afghanistan. As Commander in Chief I think he does get the credit. If Bush had been in power I'd give him the credit too.
I think everyone has the right to rejoice in the death of Osama bin Laden. I know another whack job will just take his place, but it shows the Taliban that they cannot hide, that America will find all terrorists and kill them.
Personally, I want to see the body. Where are the pictures of him dead? I'd like a little bit of proof, but that's just me. I would have also liked to see the body strung up and burned. I really don't care about traditions of burial at sea, but I suppose that was an attempt to keep the peace.
Last night on the local news they were interviewing a Connecticut man who lost his son in the attacks and he said "I can only hope that in his final minutes he (Bin Laden) felt the terror and fear that those people in the towers felt".
I hope so too.


  1. Fuck OBL - his ass is fish food now...


    Oh, thanx for the follow me email - easy to do.


  2. That's right! A lump of shark bait. Let those assfucks know that whoever they make their leader we will kill!
    And yeah, I just made up a swear.

  3. His passing is not so important to the arab world as it is to us. He was already discredited by the democracy movements going on throughout the region. They may not achieve democracy, but they are trying to get there, they are trying to get out from under dictators. Osama had no plan for arabs to feel free or govern themselves or progress. His view was the opposite, backwards with the law, no plans for the people. He left no manifesto for the arabs. His was just the adrenalin high of hating and fighting super powers, that was the start of it and the end of it, there was no beef, it was hollow, it was killing, it was suckering kids and morons to blow themselves up while he gloated over the little victories and postured revenge for the defeats.

  4. Next thing you know, Osama will be trying to blow up the locker of Davy Jones

  5. Personally I feel like "celebrating" something like this (or actually this) is a bit odd. Maybe because I spent no effort in bringing it about.

    I want justice, always, and this is justice. I would have preferred that we take him alive but I doubt that was possible. So he's dead. If there's a God and he's our final judge then I guessing that UBL is doing some serious back-pedaling right about now. Fuck 'im is right.

  6. Whit was funny.

    My thoughts are on my blog. It was a good thing, but I'm not celebrating.

  7. good article and pretty much sums up my feelings too, although I don't need the 'proof of death' thing -- the proof will be ongoing, because we'll never see the asshole again.

    ah.... that will be the gift that keeps on giving

  8. ICE,

    the gift that keeps on giving...

    righteous, damned righteous.
    Sir, carry on.