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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't ask me how, it was luck...

I figured out how to add a music player to my blog, please don't ask me how lol. Well, actually, I made a playlist at playlist.com and posted it to my site but I had to select sidebar posting. I then moved it to the bottom of my page where it shall live. The only question now is how long until I, or everyone else who visits my page, gets sick of this song. I will eventually add more songs to the playlist, but for now I am just using my name inspiration, Pearl Jam's Red Mosquito. If you want to pause it just scroll to bottom of page or turn your speakers off. Most likely this will be changed soon anyway. Any requests?


  1. Listened a little. If I remember, Pearl Jam came out with grunge period. This song has a little grunge flavor but also sort of a southern rock feel. Something a little unexpected.

  2. Those playlist.com widgets do fit better at the bottom. It really does need adding to, and I do have a request. How about "Deja Voodoo" by Kenny Wayne Shepherd?

  3. Pearl Jam infused a lot of classic rock sound into modern music. And I will add Deja Voodoo which is my favorite KWS song. I love when all the music comes together, I just started with this because it fits my blog and inspired my new name.