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Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 3: Your first love

I have been thinking about how to approach this for a few days. I could go with the obvious and tell you about my wife, who I met in 1996 in my Biology class, or I could go deep into my past....

I've decided to open up to my readers (all 3 of you). Honestly, when I was a kid I fell in love almost daily. I remember as a youngin' around maybe 9 or 10 when Punky Brewster started 'developing'. I was in love. The same for Alyssa Milano on Who's the Boss? Then there was Jennifer Connoly in Labyrinth. I'm pretty sure at some point I was in love with our babysitter Jennifer (she was also a brunette). This continued thru Elementary school, there was a girl Heather Dow (brunette), Mindy something (brunette), Sarah Hall (also brunette) and I'm sure countless others.
Now, in my hometown of Meriden there is good sections and bad. My elementary school Nathan Hale was in a good area, but when I started Washington Middle I got mixed in with other schools and made a great discovery...Meriden has lots of Spanish girls and they are all brunettes! The biggest problem was I was not very popular but the Puerto Rican girls were always very nice to me, this did not sit well with the Puerto Rican boys. As a result, I made sure my highschool was not in Meriden.
I went to Lyman Hall High School in the clan run town of Wallingford. And of course on my first day while sitting on the bus nervous as hell, the one Puerto Rican girl at this school just sits next to me and starts talking like she's known me forever. I was sure to keep my eyes open for any angry spanish guys. She was cute, and at one point I did have a thing for her but we were better off as friends. Now, all these crushes have led up to one point....
Back to 1996, when Heather walked into Biology class and lo and behold her seat was next to mine. A very cute brunette sitting right next to me for 45 mins a day, could my luck get any better! Sadly for me, I was very,very shy but luckily for me I heard thru the grapevine that she liked me! Unbelievable. So, we started as good friends and yadda,yadda,yadda we now are married with two kids.
So, who was my first love? Well, despite the "crushes" on every other brunette in the world my first true love was my wife to be.

The End.


  1. Well that sure worked out nicely. ; )

  2. It did work out well. Its strange when you finally see the difference between a crush and love. Btw, I'm not using my profile name because I'm on my phone and too lazy to sign in as Red Mosquito.

  3. I also want to add that there is more to the story that I started about highschool. I kind of glanced over going from that girl sitting next to me on the bus and meeting my future wife. There is actually a story that links the two, but I am saving that story for another post topic coming up in a few days.

  4. Nice post, am looking forward to that link you mentioned coming up.