"I was bitten must have been the devil"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 2: Meaning of Blog name

This one is pretty simple because I just recently renamed my blog.

I chose The Red Mosquito from a song by Pearl Jam (which is on my playlist below). In the song the mosquito is a messenger from the Devil, sent to remind the person that he is waiting for him. It seems in the song that there is a past sin that he is now paying for and regrets. The song ends with the lyrics "if I had known then, what I know now" repeated. And since I often blog from the left view and am anti organized religion, I know some people consider me a sinner. So, I play on that and now show myself as a messenger of Satan. Not that I think us leftists are evil, but to the extremely religious right wing we are, and I embrace that.
My blog used to be called Life of Bryan, which I got from the Monty Python movie Life of Brian. I actually hate Monty Python movies but I liked the idea of being a messiah, which I believe is what the movie is about.
Until tomorrow....


  1. You HATE Monty Python movies??? How is this possible? Maybe if Meaning of Life is the only one you've seen?

  2. Well I don't know about this. First you say you don't like Monty Python, and then NAC piles on to dish Meaning of Life. A pox on both your houses!

    I loved Meaning of Life, as did a few others I know. Yet additional friends hated it. So to each his own I guess.

  3. I just couldn't get into Meaning of Life, Skinny Guy. I like/love everything else they ever did. Don't know why that is; it just is. ; )