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Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 Blogs in 30 days

My sister has found an idea for any struggling bloggers who just can't shake writers block. I don't often have writers block because I usually blog my opinions on current events. But these seemed interesting to me. The only hang up I may have about it is that with the new blog and new name I was trying to stay more anonymous, but everyone who reads this already knows my name and what state I am in, and kids names so I think I'm just gonna go for it. So, the theme is 30 Blogs in 30 days. Basically, you are given 30 blog subjects and you are supposed to use one everyday. Sounds simple enough. Maybe I will learn something about myself along the way...

Day 1- Introduction, Recent picture and Five Interesting Facts

Well, my name is Bryan, as you know from my former blog Life of Bryan. I have been married to my wife, Heather for 4 years (it will be 5 this August), but we have been together for almost 15 years! That may not sound like a lot to you, but keep in mind I'm only 31 so that is almost half my life. We got engaged in 2000, then two years later had our first child, Alyssa (8). It took 6 years but we finally got married in August of 2006 and in 2007 we had our second child, Devin (3). I am a sign guy (I install and service signs) at Arnco Sign Company, where I have worked full time since 1998.

I have found a somewhat worthy picture of me, I used this one on Facebook for quite a while.

I know I am making a weird face in that picture but that is what I usually do because I hate my picture being taken.

Okay, five random facts...hmmm

1.I love Chinese food and could eat shrimp fried rice and crab ragoon everyday.
2. I put A1 sauce on mashed potatoes and mac n cheese. My wife actually got me into this.
3. I have never broken a bone, altho I have taken two very big hits to my nose, as you can tell by the size of it (that's a joke, I just think my nose is very wide but that comes from my father)
4. Altho in this picture I am at a Dunkin Donuts, I do not like their coffee. I am a Starbucks or McD's guy.
5. I have flat feet. Like no arch at all. I also have to get wide sized boots/shoes. I wear 11W, but I have no bought sneakers in, well, I don't know because it has been so long. 4 years maybe. I hardly wear them, but now I am getting into a 6th fact.

So, whether or not I actually do 30 in 30 days is yet to be seen. I will cut in with my usual posts of ranting about some bullshit.


  1. All my recent pics are..well..scary. LOL

    Oddly, back in the day in Blogstream, we used to do this thing called 5 fun facts on Fridays. Fortunately we didn't have to post pics of ourselves, but this 5 fact thingy was how most of us got to know each other.

    Nice post here and of course you know I'm chair boppin to Deja Voodoo. LOL

  2. You put A1 sauce on your potatoes, but do you put pepper on your watermelon? :)

  3. Where did your sister get the idea? Was there some site with a list of 30 topics?

    A1 on potatoes is not so unusual. I knew a guy in college that put Tabasco sauce on EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING.

  4. Your nose is fine, it's your eyes that are all wrong. They're crooked, aren't they?

    Just kidding. That's an old Monty Python bit.

    p.s. Is that the Chris Aaron Band I'm hearing?

  5. Whit- No I do not put salt or pepper on fruit. I know some people put cheese on apple pie. I use A1 on steak so there is occasional mixing there and I just really like the taste.

  6. Skinny- I use Tabasco on goulash. I sometimes use it on breakfast food too, like on hash browns and rarely on eggs.

  7. Sherry- This is my favorite KWS song, I will be adding more songs soon I just haven't gotten around to it yet. That picture of me is about a year old, I have let my hair grow in a bit more since then (what hair I have left)

  8. Nota- I actually do have an eye problem that you may not notice in this picture because I have them wide open. One of my eyelids sits heavy and gives the look that my eye was recently punched. Also a trait from my father.

    This is the Kenny Wayne Shepard Band as requested by Sherry

  9. Kenny Wayne was my first thought. I think Chris Aaron maybe does it too. Have you heard of him?

    I hope you know I didn't mean anything by the eyes are crooked comment. They actually don't or I wouldn't have joked about it.

  10. Haha it would take wayyyyyyy more than that to offend me. I have a great sense of humor and I am my favorite subject with that. I also have a weight problem, stutter and am of Polish and Jewish descent....trust me I can take anything lol

  11. Think we should be "Facebook friends"?

  12. You would have to tell me your name because I have my privacy so crazy that only friends of friends can see or request me

  13. Displays as Kevin J Mack. Madison, WI. You can see some pics of me then. ; )

  14. I have tried to watch Holy Grail, I just don't think its funny. I'm sure its a generation thing, one day my kids will be telling me that Adam Sandler movies aren't funny too.

  15. You can also thank me for your flat feet.