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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 4: Siblings

I have a brother (Andy) and a sister (Michelle). Michelle is two years older than me and Andy is four years younger. Yes, that makes me the middle child and those two definitely had it better.

My sister and I for the most part got along, altho we did fight quite a bit, as I'm sure most brothers and sisters about the same age do. Once she hit about 8th grade I was now the 'bratty little brother', no longer an ally but a pest...I played this part well. My job was to bug her when she was on the phone and attempt tirelessly to get her diary. She did get me on that big time once.
I was about to start 6th grade while she was going to 9th (she skipped 2nd grade, thus the three years apart in school). I broke into her diary and this is what I read...Mom just told me that Bryan is going to need glasses and braces before he starts Middle School. He is not going to be happy about that and she's waiting to tell him...
So, being completely outsmarted I flipped out and in turn got myself busted for reading my sisters diary, I guess I had that coming.
My brother and I were partners in crime. Altho as my sister said he was a rather benign one. I think he just liked seeing me get into trouble. My brother is wicked smart and is now an Electronic Engineer. This makes perfect sense to me because when we were kids he was always taking stuff apart to see how it worked.
One of our favorite pranks to pull was at dogshows during the summer. We would go around to all the Porto-pots and prop the door open with the lever lock so the little window read "occupied". Then we'd hide close by and watch the chaos begin! We once had 4 in a row with easily 6-10 people in each line, we were dying laughing. It took about 5 mins for the first person in each line to realize the doors were slightly open and the stalls were empty.
I have millions of stories with Andy, mostly causing random chaos at dogshows.
I don't remember Michelle and I having as many adventures, but I'm sure I'd remember some if I tried.
Well, those are my sibings, Michelle and Andy.


  1. OMG, I had forgotten about that diary thing!! ROFL!

    Too funny about the porta-potties! Can't wait to read about your other adventures in your book!

  2. You know, I distinctly remember standing in a long line for a port-a-pot at a dog show once and I could swear I heard some laughter coming from behind a bush. But every time I turned around to look, nobody was there. What a coincidence.

  3. Haha! I very fondly remember the portable toilet joke. There was one time in particular when we were hiding in the back of the van watching. I gotta say though, I was really expecting the dream team poster to come up in this post!

  4. That's an interesting website you have there, Andy.