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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wild Card Wrap-up

Wasn't a very wild weekend. The Texans, Packers, and Ravens had dominant wins (although the Colts didn't go quietly). Wildest game was the Redskins jumping out to a quick 14 point lead only to be shut out the rest of the night.
What happened to Bob?
He went out in the first quarter and I thought he was done, but they sent him back out. Only to be injured again in the fourth. Why risk your franchise player when he's so young? We quickly all saw which top pick will be more successful, the one who won't be constantly injured. Andrew Luck.
This was my first chance to see him, what a beast. Luck looks like he could pick up Bobby and snap him in half. Griffin will be injured by a Cornerback making a tackle, Luck will injure a Cornerback. The Colts couldn't get into the end zone, but I think they have a brighter future than the Skins.
The Bengals....I give Dalton another shot before he's lumped in with Romo and Rivers, QBs that can't win in the playoffs. Matt Ryan is in that club too and will have quite a challenge with the Seattle defense.
The Packers did exactly what we thought they would, no shocks there.
I'm sticking with Green Bay as my NFC pick but this next game could be trouble. Most certainly whoever wins Saturday nights game will be the Super Bowl Champ.

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