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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Championship Sunday

The second biggest day in the NFL post season is upon us. A rematch in the AFC (first time since Broncos/Browns in 86 and 87) and the Falcons hosting the 49ers as they also make a repeat trip.

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots- I'm starting to lean heavily on Baltimore but I can't shake the feeling that New England will not be denied. I think I'm going with my gut and taking the Ravens to go on to lose the Super Bowl. There is this...John Harbaugh is 0-2 in the AFC Championship, Bill is 5-1. But...27-24 Ravens

San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons- Another Conference Championship game for the Niners, first for Smiths Falcons. The Falcons have been the #1 seed twice in three years and have been a dominant regular season team. They've been knocked out last two times by the eventual champion, and this should make three. Wilson and the Seahawks made the Falcons look silly in the second half last week, and showed a lot of guts in that near comeback. I think the Niners come out on all cylinders and wreck Atlanta from the start. 49ers 33-27.


  1. Looks about right. Though I think the Pats pull it out. At this moment I do, anyway ...

  2. I agree with your picks and think San Francisco is going to wind up with the NFL title to go with the World Series rings. By the way, only once did the same city have both the Super Bowl and World Series title at the same time. Know which city that is?


  3. Can I answer?

    (Sure, go ahead.)

    The Jets won Super Bowl III (beating Baltimore) on January 12th 1969 and nine months later the Mets won the World Series (beating Baltimore). (And seven months after that the Knicks won the NBA title, beating Baltimore in the Conference semi-finals. But by that time the Chiefs had won SB IV.) ; )

  4. I was going to say Patriots and Red Sox in 2004. Also, Colts and Orioles but that wasn't the same calendar year I believe

  5. But, that Super Bowl was in 1987 for the 1986 season. I guess the Jets/Mets one is the only one in same year....but in your example of Giants/49ers the baseball team won first, so it wouldn't be the same calendar year. In Kevin's example the Jets won in 69 then the Mets that same year in October

  6. I just thought of 1970 Orioles and 1970 Baltimore Colts too. Had both championships at the same time. And then the Baltimore Bullets played in the NBA finals, but lost. 1971 by then of course, but they would have had all three.

  7. In 1927 the Yankees won the World Series in a four game sweep over the Pirates. Later that year the Giants won the NFL title. Happened again in 1938. And 1956. I was hoping to find a year when both New York Giants teams had won but I guess that never happened. ; )