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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The perfect school

Here it is, my concept to keep schools safe. High concrete walls lined with barbed wire to keep out criminals. Guards in towers to take down anyone who looks suspicious. We will also have guards patrolling the halls and kids won't be allowed to stroll the halls. Bathrooms will be in the classroom, and each room will be locked in case there is an intruder.
On top of this, I propose that every citizen is issued a gun at birth. We shall install a shoot first law, I feel this will bring crime down 90%.
I bet Daddy will think twice about slapping Mommy when Junior pulls out his Glock. People are too sensitive, I see a world where five year old Billy blows away his father with out pause, after all, it's the American way.
The only way to fight guns is with guns, just like the NRA has told us.
What a glorious world.


  1. I like it. I have just have one little 'tweak.' We put the criminals INSIDE and we live out here. ; )

  2. Don't take the double dog dare to put your tongue on the razor wire when it's freezing?

    1. There actually is a school within Indianpolis Public Schools along with the Marion County Juvenile Courts that houses school age offenders pending court disposition. Yes, it is concrete and has razor wire fences and the kids in there are tightly controlled.
      Most of these kids once released and sent back to school to offend again and then Indiana State Department of Corrections makes intial contact with them.
      The facility does remove the bad kids from the classes - Is that a deterrant? No, a kid bought a BB pistol to a high school in Broad Ripple this week.

      I do want metal detectors on the doors of every school in Indiana.