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Sunday, October 30, 2011

No power

I guess heavy snow and trees with leaves don't mix. I have no power and have to charge my cell phone in the car to have any link with the outside world.
My town, Southington, is in central CT and is color coded purple (70-80% dark). All the black area is 81-100% dark, the numbers go down as the colors get lighter. Its a bit chilly in the house but we'll head out of here soon. Hopefully power is restored for when we get home.
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  1. Snow in October? What is going on here?

  2. Whit,
    This is just the start of it. The same pattern that gave us the massive snows and cold ass temps is setting up all over again - warm air over the pole which drives the jet stream south,
    a La Nina off the California coast, and a potent
    combination of Pacific lows and Alberta Clippers - wet and cold is my forecast.

    blog meteorologist

  3. Don't you wish, Bryan, that you were "off the grid"?